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Twisted Fate General Guide by Kalaaver

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kalaaver

AD Twisted Fate - Oh' How The Cards Turn

Kalaaver Last updated on December 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Twisted Fate AD? Are you Crazy?

No i'm not crazy haha, many people used to play Twisted Fate AD and some still do. (Mostly players Gold and above, Silver sometimes too.) I actually play better with Twisted Fate AD then i do AP, and its a nice change from the other Adc's that play bot. He is extremely fun to play, and its so gratifying to carry or just kill that guy with 3 auto attacks. Though it is a bit difficult the skill it takes makes him so much fun to play; from quickly dropping towers to ult-ing into a team fight and getting a double or triple, he is just all around fun to play AD :)

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Twisted Fate - AD (Counter's And Countered)

Twisted Fate is a great adc BUT he does have counters bot i will admit, here is a list of counters that you SHOULD NOT play against.

#1 - Lucian - He is a lane god and will destroy you he is the number one counter.
#2 - Sivir - She will "Q" you all day and probably kill you.
#3 - Kog'Maw - Has to much range and damage.

This next list is champions that Twisted Fate is "Decent" against.

#1 - Caitlyn - Surprisingly Twisted holds his own against cait even though she out ranges you, if you have a support with a stun you should be fine.

#2 - Ezreal - Not much to say besides avoid Ezreal's early damage and you will be fine.

#3 - Draven - Draven has a little more range but that's about it, his early game damage is really good but if you can stun him you can push him back or even kill him.

#4 - Graves - Pretty even in lane, i'm not going to lie though he can destroy you in lane, only those skilled enough with Twisted own him. (BE Careful)

This list is champions Twisted Fate is good against.

#1 - Ashe - Has a great "W" and Ult but i've found myself defeating her again and again.
#2 - Corki - Get your stun on and you should do well.
#3 - Miss Fortune - You are weak to her "e" but she is weak to your stun.
#4- Twitch - Careful with twitch though, you need decent Attack Speed before trying to kill him.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing Damage
Has a Stun
Good Attack Speed
Great Carry
Can Push Effectively
Counters Invisibility
Mana Sustain with Blue Cards
Ability's Don't scale AP
Low Range
Very Squishy
Drawing Stuns Can Be Difficult
Extremely Low Mobility
Applies Very Little Pressure in Lane

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Masteries & Ability's

Fury is needed very much on adc tf because he needs that extra attack speed, and with his attack speed runes which add to 5% and the 5% from Fury he gains 10% bonus attack speed, which i believe gives about 70 or so (Maybe lower) attack speed at level 1. Sorcery gives a nice little cool down reduction, Blade Weaving is important because damaging a enemy with a spell increases basic attack damage. Obviously Warlord is good because it gives bonus attack damage, and as for Veteran Scars & Block you might be wondering why there on there? Well that extra bit of health and armor might just win you a level 2 or 3 engage and get you first blood ;)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You want to max your "W" first which is Pick A Card if you are playing the ap/ad hybrid max your "Q" which is Wild Cards. Why not max Wild Cards on ad? Well because unfortunately it does not scale ap which makes it useless, though it is good to poke early game with it but not much else, but that is why some debate ad tf is bad; THEY ARE WRONG! His Pick A Card has a great stun, slow, and Mana replenish and his "E" Stacked Deck grants addtional damage every 4th attack and also give bonus attack speed so why wouldn't he be great as a adc? Truth is Riot made him to be built either way or to build him a ad/ap hybrid which is becoming more popular.

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Lane Phase

Don't try to engage at level 1, unless the other champ is almost dead and you have a tanky support. You should wait till you have at least one dagger, you need the attack speed.

Play easy, don't get all excited if you own you're first Twisted Fate game then the next game you attack to early and feed. He is what i like to call a opportunist champion, be patient wait for them to make the mistake and take them out.

You want to get your stun on as much as possible and get them down then when it goes away back away and repeat, unless they are almost dead.

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Good and Bad Supports for Twisted Fate

Good Supports:
Taric - Double Stuns with Twisted

Leona - Double Stuns with Twisted

Zyra - Double Stuns with Twisted

Thresh - Grab and Stun

Morgana - Double Stuns with Twisted

Sona - Double Stuns with Twisted

Bad Supports:
Zilean - There both are to Squishy

Nami - They don't work that well together and they are both to squishy.

Karma - She has great damage but Twisted can't keep up or follow with her.

Annie - They don't do well together and they both are quite squishy.

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Team Fights

Consider these three factors (you may want to think of them as guidelines) when team-fighting:

1) Composition of each team. Examples of questions to consider: Do we have a tank? Who initiates? Who can peel for our carries? How should we fight (poke, keep spread out, chain AOE, constant engage and disengage)?

2) Threats on each team. Examples of questions to consider: Who do we protect? How do we protect? Who must we target? How can we get to their carry?

3) Position of allies and enemies. Examples of questions to consider: Do we have stronger teammates in position to fight compared to the enemy? Is a key enemy out of position? Where is best for us to fight? Should we just zone an enemy carry rather than try kill him?

Constantly adapt to these factors to win each fight. There is never one thing to always do in a team fight other than win it.

It may help to think of these factors in a formula. When you are better in each, you generally win:

(ally composition + ally threat + ally position) > (enemy composition + enemy threat + enemy position) = win a team fight

When you are worse, you generally lose:
(ally composition + ally threat + ally position) < (enemy composition + enemy threat + enemy position) = lose a team fight

The simplest purpose to understand yet a difficult one to execute. An AD carry should attack the most dangerous target he can without being killable. The second part is key to understand: without being killable. Most AD carries make the mistake of attacking the nearest target thinking that's their purpose. Sometimes you can completely ignore an enemy attacking you, like an Alistar who has ulted and blew both his CC abilities, because he is no threat.

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Twisted Fate AD - Mid (Will not work if you have no AP caster's)

Only have done this a few times, once with the standard AD build and a few times with the hybrid and i did alright but this is up to your decision, i am not responsebile if you do bad. I have not done this enough times to say whether AD Twisted Fate is good mid. You will have to test yourself.

Counters to Twisted Mid

Champions Countered By Twisted Fate Mid
Aatrox (Debatable)


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