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Quinn Build Guide by 69blazingtaco69

AD Carry ADC Quinn Guide

AD Carry ADC Quinn Guide

Updated on March 24, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 69blazingtaco69 Build Guide By 69blazingtaco69 15,839 Views 1 Comments
15,839 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 69blazingtaco69 Quinn Build Guide By 69blazingtaco69 Updated on March 24, 2015
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Why I Choose To Main Quinn [This guide is still a work in progress]

When I look at Quinn I see three things...

-1. Amazing kiting potential Vault Harrier

-2. INSANE burst potential Vault Blinding Assault Tag Team

-3. Great Roam and play maker. Tag Team

With that in mind who wouldn't want to main this beautiful goddess.

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Choosing If Quinn Is Right for you

-If you are going to choose to main Quinn it's usually for a few key reasons. However first you have to ask the bird if she will take you in as her mate for life. Just like Valor and Quinn co-exist you must do the same with the champion. Now the reason I'm stressing this is because when you take on learning Quinn you must forget almost EVERYTHING you know about playing ADC's. Quinn is not your traditional ADC, she takes a great deal of discipline to learn her place and in my opinion is why you don't see her in professional play very often! She's just too hard for those baddies to learn! Now let's take a look at what you will be doing as Quinn in an ADC role and we can decide if it sounds like your bag of tricks.

-1. You will be dominating baddies in early game and lane phase.

-2. You will be playing safe behind your team until you see easy targets.

-3. You will constantly be a high value target for the enemy team causing you to kite very often and sometimes even just run in team fights until you can do damage from a safe position.

-4. You will be making other ADCs cry when they think they can 1v1 you.

-5. You will often be an assassin in the back lines swinging fights for your team.

If these sound like qualities you would like to extort then buy a ring because you're going to be in love.

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Understanding Quinn's Skill Set

-In my opinion there's not a single ADC in this game that can 1v1 a good Quinn. There's many reasons for that mainly it's due to her gap close, blind and insane burst.

"If you read nothing else here, read the last paragraph on vault!"

-So what exactly is Quinn's kit oriented around? Well I've already touched it a couple times; it's kiting your foes until you can burst them OR playing a sneaky back line assassin. So how does this play out in team fights you might ask. We'll get to that later but for now you should know what your job is. The thing that's so great about Quinn is even though most people only see one way to kite with Quinn she actually has three kiting options in just her kit alone! This is the reason I prefer to build Quinn with insanely large amounts of raw damage items because if you're smart with her then you won't need defensive items. Now yes there are some teams you just MUST have defensive items into like; Vi, Zed, Warwick, etc... But for now we're just focusing on Quinn's kit.

- Harrier this right here is Quinn's money maker. By this I mean your CS reminder. Valor (that sexy bird) comes down and if no enemy champions are in range, marks the lowest health target. This is great for getting the most CS you can every game because it makes for super comfortable last hitting. Additionally once you get a point in your Heightened Senses it will increase your attack speed allowing you to comfortably get minion after minion. Outside of last hitting this passive will allow you to deal maximum amounts of damage in and out of lane. When you're trying to quickly trade damage with out of position enemies the idea behind this is to auto attack the target you want marked once, valor will mark them with Heightened Senses because you prioritized them, then you auto attack again, immediately after you pop your passive on them use your Vault on them and this will mark them with Heightened Senses again, then auto attack quickly again to pop the passive and throw your Blinding Assault at them and back off. This is the best way to quickly trade damage with your enemies. In Prolonged engagements your tactics will be fairly similar. Only instead of instantly using your Vault after popping your Heightened Senses you will save it until the attack speed boost from the first mark by valor runs out then remark your target to make the most out of her attack speed boost and get the most amount of attacks possible in on your enemy.

- Blinding Assault This is that ability that gives Quinn the edge over other ADC's. Yes this is that ability that makes other ADCs say "that stupid blind". The thing that is so far over looked on this ability is the amount of kiting potential it gives. For instance lets say this guy Udyr comes and ganks your lane. You've already used your Vault and at this point you're at a dead sprint to run back to your tower. You can actually use your Blinding Assault to blind Udyr just as he's about to hit you to negate some damage and buy your self a little time for your vault to come back up. Doing this can potentially save your flash and even your life in lane! Blinding Assault is a very difficult ability to poke with in lane. The reasoning behind this is because it has a very large hit box and can hit enemy minions very easily. You should always be saving your Blinding Assault until you have a clear line of sight at your target otherwise you could miss your blind and it could cause you to lose a trade and even a lane. It seems strange to most people but you should be doing most of you lane trading with your Harrier and Vault. This requires you to be very close to the enemy ADC because your attack range is very short. So you must become good at learning to poke after the other team wastes abilities that can CC you like Death Sentence. Other than that her Blinding Assault is fairly straight forward, Just use it when the other enemy uses their attack speed buff or attack damage amplifier to minimize the damage they will do to you.

Now let's talk about Vault. This is by far Quinn's best and most useful ability. Her ENITRE kit revolves around this ability so you must learn to use it effectively. Other than the gap close and kiting potential Vault is the most important ability becuase it will instantly remark your Harrier on the target you Vault off. You can use this to your advantage to stack the maximum amounts of damage possible with Harrier. This is accomplished by activating your passive on your first auto attack, then proceeding to vault again and auto attacking to use your passive again.
This is how the most effective way to stack damage and make the most out of Vault in trades. so let's talk about useful tricks that can separate you from other Quinn players.

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Pros / Cons


-Extremely strong early game.

-High burst potential.

-Great chase and assassination potential.

-Great kiting in combination with ability interrupting potential.

-Strong lane combination potential.


-Extremely low range.

-Has very difficult lane counters.

-Ultimate has high cool down.

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Lane Synergies





Supports To Avoid




Nami and Leona are probably the two best supports with Quinn in my opinion.

Nami more so due to her heal which is very nice on Quinn because you're a close ranged champion, and the large amount of cc you can both put out with her E Tidecaller's Blessing on your E Vault.

Leona is another great option with Quinn. Her overall "tankiness" combined with her great burst damage, creates a great front line for Quinn and in turn takes a large amount of pressure off you. This allows you to focus on properly using your kit in the correct order to maxamize damage "which is insane with leona passive" Sunlight.

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Tips to separate you from standard Quinn Players

Let's talk about useful tricks that can separate you from other Quinn players. One of the coolest things about vault is that it's not limited by terrain, meaning that if you have your back to a wall and your target is closer to you than your maximum auto attack range then you will continue the extra distance to your maximum auto attack range. This can be most easily seen in this short video...

You need to understand what abilities Quinn's Vault CAN'T interrupt. Essentially they are anything that make the champion immune to crowd control effects, like Vi's Cease and Desist. A short list of the major ones that might catch you off guard are; Body Slam, Bandage Toss, Shifting Sands, Devastating Charge, Cataclysm, Zenith Blade, Twisted Advance, Fling, Elastic Slingshot, and Heroic Charge.

One the least well know Quinn combos is combining tag team with Vault to nuke and distance yourself from enemies at the same time. You do this by going into tag team and becoming Valor. Once you're Valor you Vault to your target, and while you're preforming vault (before you reach your target), cast tag team again. This Finishes Vault in Quinn's form and lands you away from your target, instead of right next to them like you would have if you stayed as Valor. This is useful for hunting low HP targets when all you need is the second cast of tag team to kill them, but you want to distance yourself from the target immediately after.

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Finally this guide is still a Work In Progress if anyone would like me to answer specific questions or cover anything further please feel free to comment or add me in league.

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