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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Lestrade

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lestrade

ADC Twisted Fate - It's all in the Cards!

Lestrade Last updated on July 9, 2014
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The House Always Wins!

Twisted Fate was actually the first champion I ever mained, and while I was a terrible player back when is started - and still am - that doesn't mean I've how to play him! Recently, after addressing his terrible scaling and general weakness in the current mid lane, I've been examining other lanes he could have use in... And so far bot seems to be the most efficient!
ADC Twisted Fate is similar to Caitlyn, where in his function is to shut down his opposition and get ahead of them. His strength with his Stacked Deck (E) and Pick A Card (W) should not be underestimated early game, and can lead to some dominating exchanges early on!
When it comes to late game ADC Twisted Fate retains his split pushing potential, whilst simultaneously keeping his map presence with strong sustained damage in ganks!

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General Tips

- Twisted Fate's early lane dominance is entirely based on the liberal use of Stacked Deck, focusing on using ever proc to harass competition. Try stacking it with a Pick A Card for even more damage!
- Due to Twisted Fate's anti-ADC nature, taking exhaust as a summoner spell allows him to act as a potent duelist at almost any stage of the game. Communicate with your support so you can take the exhaust, allowing you to control where and when you want to dive in on your foes!
- Twisted Fate has a naturally high attack speed due to the passive of Stacked Deck. As a result it is entirely unnecessary to stack large amounts of AS, allowing you to prioritise raw damage over speed early game.
- Your items should all be geared towards allowing you to keep moving and kite, as Twisted Fate's greatest weakness is his lack of mobility. A BOTRK, tier 2 boots and Youmuu's should keep you moving.
- It's a good idea to ult during team fights in the jungle, as it'll prevent any juking attempts from your foes and in turn allow the battle to flow more smoothly.
- Remember that your Stacked Deck proc falls off signficantly late game. Keep this in mind when building items, as while things such as Runaan's sound promising the damage gained is minimal.
- In most cases flat armour pen is more efficient against squishy targets than percentage pen. Keep this in mind with your choice of armour pen items!
- Remember that Twisted Fate is all about luck: In dire straits, pick your card instantly and hope for the best!