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Ahri Build Guide by Thebigmcghee

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thebigmcghee

Ahri and the Fox Trot

Thebigmcghee Last updated on January 13, 2012
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I am assuming that you have done just like every other person that looks at any guide... they look at the percentage of the votes and then look at the skills and items I chose. After that you want to read in. Not to disappoint, READ these paragraphs. Before you up vote or down vote I want anyone to fully understand this build and also be able to give good input. Ahri is a DUMB character and I want to make the dumbest build for her. Don't dislike my build before you read this guide and try it out.

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Pros / Cons


-Easy to pick up kills.
-1v1 can harass as well as dominate very easily.
-Ranged Taunt... OP
-Good fight starter (surprisingly) with taunt.
-Good farmer due to Orb
- Ultimate has low CoolDown and can be used to pick up kills as well as run away.


-If Ultimate is down doesn't have much of a get away.
-Two skill shots you have to master.
-Charm is a skill shot that hits minions.

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In-Depth look at [[Ahri]]

Although you can just hover over Ahri's moves in order to know her abilities, but this section is where we get to to learn about them and how they effect the game play that any Ahri player should know.

When you first read Ahri's passive a lot of people that have never played her think that you have to have 9 separate spells to activate it. This is a common misconception. Each spell has the ability to get 3 marks onto the stack. So one Orb of Deception (as long as it hits 3 targets) will get you 3 stacks on to the 9 needed.

Without a doubt Ahri's main damage spell. If any other guide tells you different they are lying. This spell works a lot like Xerath's Q. It hits everything it goes through. Use this spell to harass early game. If you set up your rune's and items the way I do you should be able to take out chunks of your opponents life. Not only is this you damage spell, but your farming tool once you get to be a high enough level and can support the Mana usage.

Ahri's other damage spell. Nice if you need just a little bit more to pick up the kill. Some builds I have seen max this ability 2nd. I disagree. Although it is a nice spell and always helps having the extra damage I find maxing charm 2nd more beneficial. If you max charm 2nd you get to taunt the champ you hit for 1.75 secs rather then 1 sec... although this isn't to much longer the burst from your Spirit Rush and Orb of Deception is more then enough to beat them down. I find myself only using this ability so I don't have to auto attack to pick up the kill.

Oh how I love thee. Although not her best damaging spell this is how you pick up 99% of your kills. Playing other champs other then Ahri, I am often sad because my enemy's wont walk towards me. This isn't a spell you spam and is the skill shot that needs to be mastered. If you land this spell pretty much all the rest fall into place. We will learn more about this as we get to the skill sequence.

This is where Ahri hits her peak of awesome. This move is 3 flashes with damage added to it. Enough is said just to make you cry. Even though the damage isn't crazy, it is more of a quantity rather then quality. You pick up so many close kills and use this spell to GFO (or just get out of bad scenarios. Another good aspect of this skill is it targets 3 champs every jump and targets the champs with the lowest life (if they are within range). This allows you to pick up double and triple kills very easily. Wonderful. Another thing that is nice about her ultimate is the low cool down. Most Ahri players are afraid to bust this move when they are in trouble or getting ganked. DO NOT BE. Its okay, the spell will come back shortly and its better then picking up the death. Now don't be a scared little dear and leap whenever they come at you, but know that its just an ultimate and you don't need it to still do well and also pick up some kills.

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Skill Sequence

Once you play Ahri once it is not hard to figure out how she runs and how she combos off. However there are some tips and tricks that many help you along the way.

Charm---> Orb of Deception---> Fox-Fire---> Spirit Rush---> anything else if you haven't picked up the kill.

Team fights/Late Game.

Team fights are a bit more tricky. Ahri defiantly excels at 1v1 fights, but she still impacts a team fight. Here's a little bit of a guide.

First thing is first. I see so many Ahri players either never get into fights or use there Spirit Rush to dash in the middle of team fights and get melted. This is not your style of play. You are a ranged DPS champ. Stay out of the middle of the fight and spam your ranged spells. You should dash in only to finish off the fight, finish off the runners, or to run away because your team got raped and you and the tank are the only ones left. A lot of player don't like this because either they call you a noob because your the only one that made it out of there alive or they get mad because you cleaned up. They fail to see how you charmed a squishy into the fight and how your Orb of Deception Owned everyone it came across. None the less this is her role in a team fight. There is no real set sequence, but just advice that needs to be given.

Orb of Deception spam this spell a lot. This spell does tons of damage and hits everyone. All five people will fell this spell. I throw it in as soon as I see a fight brewing.

Charm once again is just dumb. You have a couple of options here. You can Charm the other teams tank so that he is out of the game for 2 seconds (and maybe stop their whole team from fighting) or hit the squishy DPS like yourself and make them walk right to you and right into battle. I usually go with the second option. Taking a Brand, Vayne, Morgana, or any other squishy out of the game is always a team fight game changer.

Fox-Fire not much to say about this spell. Does the extra damage and just hit it whenever it is available. The bits of fire will do the rest.

Finally Spirit Rush Most of this has been described earlier. You shouldn't dash in right away. Use this awesome move to score an Ace or finish off the team. I am not saying this because I am a kill hungry player, but because that is the way Ahri operates. She cant use this spell in the beginning of a fight and burst down all the champs, but can use it to finish off an entire team.

Another strategy that almost goes without saying is the abuse of Charm. Whenever an opposing champ get near your turret, Charm them into the turret. Let the turret do what it does best; then pick up the kill.

The final skill sequence is one that few Ahri players use. One that I feel picks up a kill almost 90% of the time. Its a bit risky and requires you to know Ahri and be comfortable with her.
When in the lane with opposing champ look at their life and debate if can do enough damage. If you think yes... here is your move.

Spirit Rush---> Charm---> Orb of Deception---> Fox-Fire---> any thing else you need to pick up the kill.

A lot of people are scared to lead in with your ultimate, but you shouldn't be with Ahri. You jump toward your opponent they will run. Opening them up for a clean shot Charm and a clean kill for you. If you mid this is a wonderful way to pick up a kill if you hit level 6 before your opponent. Its risky because if you fail or get ganked you have no way of getting out. Like I said its a bit risky, but is often well worth the reward.

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Simple enough. The Orb of Deception will provide you plenty of damage and opportunity to farm. Also Fox-Fire will allow you to pick up any creeps that were not raped by your Orb of Deception. Another hint is make sure that you are well farmed. As Ahri you can be to concerned with your skill shots hitting and you picking up kills that you forget all about farming. This is bad. Every champion needs creeps to kill too.

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When it comes to runes most people that are AP characters revolve around the same kind. These are just suggestions. If you like to build the majority of your AP champs different; go for it. These Runes just produced the best results for me.

Greater Quintessences Of Potency

This allows Ahri to do the most damage possible. Just like most Ability Power characters you want to pick up a few kills in the beginning. Plain and simple. You get fed you sweep up. This flat ability power lets you.

This is just the standard almost for any AP champ. You have magic and you need it to penetrate.

Greater Seal Of Replenishment

With Ahri her you want to spam Orb of Deception that as much as possible. Not only should it be the first skill you level, but it is your damage as well as your farming tool. Early game throw that ball all the time. Hit the opposing champ and laugh about how you farmed at the same time. You will learn more about this on the skill sequence. These Runes let you do it longer.

More Ability Power! Simple. These Runes give you more then enough AP early game to get first blood or to grab some kills in the early game. As you will learn Ahri is all about the early game. You win and lose within the first 10 to 15 minutes of the game.

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There isn't to much to say about the masteries really. I usually find this part a bit redundant. You are an AP champ and you need anything that allows you to do more damage with your ability power. Not to be rude I just don't see how you could stray to much away from this kind of mastery build and still play a successful Ahri. As you can see if you review my masteries set up I take a point in anything that allows you to do more damage. The reason I only put 21 in Offense is simply because any more and you cant get the wonderful add on of 20% longer any buffs you receive. If you play Ahri right your team wont have any problem letting you have the blue buff.

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Summoner Spells

When playing Ahri there are many summoner spells that seen to work with this champ so my best advice is to use whatever spells you feel are the most beneficial. As for me I choose these two

This is a great spell early game to pick up the needed kills that Ahri needs to be successful. I often find my game play needing the extra tag of damage just to finish off my opponent. This also helps with troublesome characters such as Tryndamere, Ignite him as he is toward the end off his endless rage. Also it helps late game with healing champs such as Sona that will reduce there healing in a late game battle.

Alot of players dont agree with this spell. They say that Ahri already has 3 flashes built in with her Spirit Rush, but I find that this spell helps a lot early game as well as late game. Even though Ahri has a wonderful cool down on Spirit Rush it is not always up. You some times need this to get your squishy self out of situations. Also Flash comes in handy late game if you were to Spirit Rush into a team fight to early and need a way to get out. It also helps picking up kills that you wouldn't want to bust your Spirit Rush on. I have tried replacing this spell many times, but find that it is to necessary for this character.


Not a bad spell, but if you build Ahri the way that this guide advises you wont need it. I don't use Lich Bane and most of the time the opponent is dead before they even know what happened.

Zipping around the map is always a good thing and being that Ahri often mid's it is good to always be in the lane. However, with Ahri's passive kicking in to gain you life and all the mana being produced from Doran's Ring and your runes, you shouldn't have to get out of the lane much at all.

This is the only spell that I seem to think might replace flash. Being that you have 3 flashes with your Spirit Rush the speed over time could be very beneficial toward Ahri. The only reason I don't pick this one up is because its lack of ability to help you get out of turret range if you dove with your Spirit Rush to pick up a kill. Regardless I think this is a respectable spell choice it just depends on your play.

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This is where a lot of Ahri players differ. Now at first glance you will notice that my item sequence seems to be a very large and expensive build. THIS NOT WHAT I ALWAYS BUILD. I have a core build that I always stick to and then branch from that in order to get the best results.

My Core Build:

A lot of people are very indifferent towards starting a game with this item. They often complain that the item doesn't build into anything else. Which is true. On the other hand I have to reiterate that Ahri is an early game champion. You need to pick up kills. That's just plain and simple. Doran's Ring gives you the AP boost to do more damage and the mana regan to spam your Orb of Deception even more. The more mana the more life you can gain and the longer you are in the lane. Plus the extra 100 life allows you to gain even more life back. Getting a Doran's Ring and selling it sucks, but if your fed do to your early game domination, it is well worth it. On another note, I dont always get 2 Doran's Ring's. If I have already picked up a couple kills its time to move on. One has done its job.

Not much to say about this item. Like I said Ahri is all about doing large amounts of damage. I have seen some builds involve the Ionian Boots of Lucidity, but I feel Ahri's cooldowns are not in need of much help. Although it is nice to spam your Charm I think that it pointless if you cant take down the champion.

If you haven't picked up the hint. You need AP with this champ and this item provides plenty of it. I pretty much rush this item after I get my shoes and being that you should be picking up some kills, it shouldn't be a problem. Ahri has plenty of chase as well as decent cool downs, the only thing that she lacks is the bite. Deathcap FTW!

This is an item that alot of people I feel pass up with some AP champs, Ahri is not one of them. Since she already has a built in she can amp this up by having this item. Let me give you an example:
Say you pick up a kill, but get ganked after. You are at 1/3 of your max life and your opponent is at full. Shocked; you Charm him throw an Orb of Deception. If you take a second and look you will see your ganker at half life right next to you ... and you will be at full. This is what I call a shift in power and it all happened because of Will of the Ancients


In this section this is where your build will go from the "core" items. All these items are situational and don't always get made because you more then likely already raped, but none the less they are here and should be explained.

I find this item almost going into my main core build. Now this whole time I have screamed how you need AP and to not worry about Cool Downs, but this item does have it's bonuses. Not only does it help you spam your dumb spells but it also provides you with... guess it! More AP! By now you have enough AP to melt almost everyone but the tank and this Tome really comes in handy with team fights. Lets you throw out your Orb of Deception and other things a lot more.

This is a pretty simple item as well. I usually get this if the other team is AP Heavy. This item provides more Ability Power for you and helps block any coming you way. I have to say I do not get this item a lot, but on the occasions I do it has made all the difference. Like I said before this is not in the core build, but something you have to mid game.

This weapon comes in handy when you realize that the other team cant handle you. A lot time I find that the other team will try to find ways of slowing you down. Some people will do like I have advised you before and get an Abyssal Mask. This item helps you break through there defenses and allow you to rape anyone who doesn't have any magic resistance. I find myself going to this item in a lot of late games.

This is another item that used to be in my core build, but seemed to loose its magic over time. I do not think that this is a bad item I just find that the game is over or I have to be building a Void Staff or an Abyssal Mask before I can get to this item. The item allows you awesome amount of chase, but Ahri is a beast at that anyway.


Why do I not use Lich Bane? To put simple. You just dont need to. Ahri is more of a ranged mage then an assassin. The only time I auto attack is to farm or because the person is a 5 life. If you build Ahri the way this guild shows her I promise you wont need to auto attack. Now I know the item also provides movement speed and AP, but in my opinion it just seems a bit expensive for what Ahri would use it for. Buy it if you want, but Ahri is not like a Lux who uses the auto attack. Its just a costly item.

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Thank you so much for you time and reading the build. If you have any comments please leave them! I am not perfect, but I do think that this build is the best I have seen. I have played a lot of Ahri and used this build. I have even seen may other ranked teammates/opponents use the same core items and the same summoner spells. Once again please leave comments and I plan on updating after I get some info and get a few pics up. I hope you enjoyed and I hope to be the newest top guide for Ahri vote now!