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Ahri Build Guide by Sumanke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sumanke

AHRI PLATIUM - In Depth Guide. [7.13]

Sumanke Last updated on November 28, 2016
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Threats to Ahri with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Karthus Very squishy. and u can dodge his q easily if u cant dodge stay between your minions to take minumum damage when he comes close to q you. just poke back with your q.
Ziggs Easy matchup because your damage is higher in all in one and you have nice mobility to dodge her abilites. just do not stand in his ultimates center and u will win all in one.
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Hey Guys! I was main ahri since the beggining of S5 recently i play everything but i think im still good at ahri i had %70 win rate with ahri but i stop playing her like 2 months so i lost my experience and now i have %60 win rate on her but do not worry now i play ahri at least one time per day because she is my main and she carry me through to diamond.


My name is Omer i live in turkey and im 18 years old. I play league of legends since end of s2. i have so much game on ahri in s5 i was spam pick her in normal games because at the time i was only playing normal games. recently i have like 20 main champions :D (Ahri, Lux, Riven, Twisted fate, Vayne, Yasuo, Fizz, Graves, Wukong, Zed, Zac, Leblanc, Lee sin, Fiora, Rengar, Kha zix, Shaco, Master yi, Ekko, Akali, Azir, Darius...) i try to play all of this champions every day but its impossible. Actually 20 main more like no main because i never play a champion two times in a day.

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So lets talk about runes. If you are just going to play ahri 1-2 time you can use classic ap runes. However if you are going to main ahri you need multiple runes because you want to have perfect runes for every matchup.

There is three run pages im using right now one of them against AD one of them against AP and one of them against YASUO because yasuo counter ahri really hard.

But i will talk about more run pages here if you want to be only ahri player.

So this rune page for Against AD
Marks:9x Magic pen Because its best choice for reds
Seals:9x Flat armor Because you will need armor to survive in the lane or get deleted by zed mains.
Glyphs:6x Scaling CDR and 3 Scaling ap.
Quintessences:3x Flat AP
When to pick This runpages:if you feel like that will game last long you should going with this runes but its your choices to use this runes because you wont have %40 cdr until you hit 18 level so you should pick these runes when you see that enemy team comp can't finish game fast even when they have lead.

This rune page for Against AD
Marks:9x Magic pen Because its best choice for reds
Seals:9x Flat armor Because you will need armor to survive in the lane or get deleted by zed mains.
Glyphs:6xFlat CDR and 3xScaling CDR.
Quintessences:3x Flat AP
When to pick This runpages:If you want that %5 cdr in early game to push lane faster i can reccomend you this runes its better than the first one because has no risks.

This Rune Page Against only Yasuo.
Marks:9x Magic pen Because its best choice for reds
Seals:9x Flat armor Because you will need armor to survive in the lane or get deleted by yasuo mains.
Glyphs:6xFlat CDR and 3x Flat AP
Quintessences:3x AS

This is the only way to stand against Yasuo With masteries for against yasuo but in this build you won't reach %40 cdr but you will have %35 cdr almost same thing. Attack speed because you want to push lane as fast as you can or yasuo will push lane really fast and you will stuck under turret. AS runes can help you cs under turret

This runpages Against Heavy ap matchups like Leblanc, Lux, Syndra, Viktor etc..
Marks:9xMagic pen runes for more damage
Seals:9xScaling health because you won't need armor in laning phase
Glyphs:9x Magic resist because you need mr to survive in the lane.
Quintessences:3xFlat AP

Glyphs MR because you won't need %10 cdr abysall scretper will give you %10 cdr istead of. And you need This mr because there is a needed time to buy abysall screpter before that you don't want to deleted from game.

This run pages Against Light Ap
Marks:9xMagic pen
Seals:9xScaling Health
Glyhps:3xScaling AP 6x Flat AP

You don't need normal ap Runes because you won't need any damage until you hit 6. Scaling ap help your late damage as well so i reccomend it buy Flat ap runes might help your wave clear and poke damage so you can go 9x flat ap or 9xScaling ap Your choice.

Also you can go %10 AS runes 1xQuintessences AS and 3xMarks AS an only ahri player goes with this runes on every his runepages he said that i can't cs without AS runes this is the reason why he pick AS runes.

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There is 3 masteries and i recommend first one %60 of the time.

1:This masteries for mana sustain in lane and some extra damage. Also you don't need extra damage on ahri so you can go like this in everymatchup

You want to go mana regen especially against heavy AP and Yasuo because you don't need extra damage against this matchups all you have to do is pushing your lane and roaming.

2:This masteries full sustain masteries im rarely using it but sometimes its perfect to use it if enemy jungle has something like nidalle, zac, shaco which creats high pressure on mid and your enemy is yasuo or something like ziggs and if you cant dodge ziggs, lux etc.. abilities you should go with this one.

You Don't need extra damage as ahri your damage will be enough but if you are good at dodging abilities DO NOT go with this mastery page


3:This mastery page is against enemies that can one shot you such as Leblanc and Syndra

You need Screat Stash because it will save your life most of the time because of instant healt try to use it before enemy ignite you. Even it save you from ignite's last proc.

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Against heavy ap i always reccomend you to rush Abyssal Mask. Against light ap such as lux karthus ... You don't need to rush Abyssal Mask but if enemy junglers and/or your jungler is ap you can rush Abyssal Mask but Morellonomicon is still viable. Against ad matchups you always need Seeker's Armguard it gives you nice amount of armor and a little bit ap if you are against champions like Zed, Talon Who can assasinate you in easily you MUST Rush Zhonya's Hourglass but if you are against warrior type champion like yasuo, wukong you don't need Zhonya's Hourglass all you need is Seeker's Armguard Then Morellonomicon.


If you didn't buy Morellonomicon as your first item then rush Morellonomicon as your second item if you have Morellonomicon as your first item rush Abyssal Mask or Zhonya's Hourglass.


I always reccomend you Sorcerer's Shoes since most of the time you reach %40 CDR with your items but if you want early %40 CDR Go for it MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE DO IT!


If 3 or more enemy has more than 85 MR Rush for Void Staff if they don't Go for Rabadon's Deathcap or Luden's Echo. Rabadon's Deathcap when you are ahead and Luden's Echo when behind.


If you didn't buy Void Staff as your 3rd item RUSH Void Staff because it gives you so much magic pen. think that enemy has 200 mr it will count as 70 Magic pen. and its so big advantage against tanks. Even they have 100 mr it will count as 35 magic pen so its still fine. If you buy Void Staff as your third item im mostly reccomend to go for Rabadon's Deathcap because you need something to penetrate.


Most of the games you don't even have enough time for last item but if you do there is some nice items for you

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: If enemy has Strong frontlines and you need more kite power.
Liandry's Torment: If enemy don't stack so much mr you can go for this item (Sometimes i have more pen. than Enemy Adc's MR)
Luden's Echo: If enemy do not stack so much HP and if you need more AOE damage
Hextech Protobelt-01: If you are the only one who can deals so much damage in team you need this item because its like one more ability. You can have this item if you are winning game easiliy Just for fun.
Zhonya's Hourglass: Enemy team Has so much CC ?
Hextech GLP-800: I don't really like this item but if you have trouble catching enemy backlines you can have this item.
Lich Bane: Snowballing hard? Snowball harder.
Tanky items: If you need tanky stats.

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Skill Sequence

Max q first because its your only wave clear ability. Second w for more burst damage to your enemies. And ult whenever you can.

You should start with q to control wave better and follow up with e because you need that Charm pressure on lane. and you don't need your w in 3 level because its waste of mana so go with your q in 3 leven and open W in 4 level because you can need your passive stacks to sustain.

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Go withEvery time.

Your secondry ability can be or to survive in laning phase

I usually go with ignite because for more and more burst damage but if you have problems in laning phase you should go with exhaust i pick exhaust against Syndra, Zed, Talon and Yasuo.

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Laning Phase With Ahri

Pre 6 you are unable to kill your enemy but you can poke your enemy with your q. You can all in one most of midlaners after you land your q one time. Try to outfarm your enemy and zone them with your q range if it is not possible push to lane to the enemy turret to regain your control on minion waves. You should avoid using your level 1 q on last hitting minions because it cause you lose so much CS.

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Roaming With Ahri

Wait for a cannon wave if you have full mana use your q on wave and keep using it untill cannon wave died now your lane should be pushing hit turret a few times and do the same for next wave (clear the wave as fast as you can) then you are have some free time you can roam bot lane without losing a single cs. Sometimes you should'nt push the lane when they are equal and your enemy laner is roaming you should leave pushing cs and help your teammates.

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Win more in Solo Q

Try to have 180 cs by 20 min mark it shouldn't be that hard with my masteries but if you have to sacrifice a wave to roam a lane do not hold back because it would be much worser if your bot lane is feeding and to avoid that sometimes you should ignore some cs. When you hit 6 level and if you have any global ult in your team like gp or ashe ask from them to using their ulties to your enemy laner because when you all in one you won't be able to kill your enemy without a little bit extra damage like and if you can land your charm and q you will only need 50 more damage to kill your enemy.

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Pros / Cons

+High mobility
+High poke damage
+Safe poke damage
+Decent wave clear
+Strong all in one
+Counters every all in one champion in all in one because of her ultimate.
+Strong roam with her ultimate
+Safe laning phase its really hard to die with ahri
-Reliant on your charm
-So much skillshot
-Not have the best wave clear so against taliyah you Won't have so much luck
-In teamfight one cc could kill her since you should focus enemy backline in the middle of teamfight.

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Avoid using your 1 level q on minions. If you have problems with CSing you can go AS for quintessences. After your second Doran's ring and lost chapter do not hold back using your q on minions (when they have full hp) Your w is best thing for last hitting minions and do not use your charm on minions never except enemy mid laners and junglers are dead and there is no threat to kill you.

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Team Work

If you play correctly you can counter everything in Teamfight with ahri. You can charm enemy assasin so your adc can survive you can go and kill enemy backline with your R W E Q combo and you can easily kite enemy front liners because of your e and q ability. Be carefull about yasuo's windwall and Braum's E ability they both counters you pretty hard.