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Ahri General Guide by Liandrieldar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Liandrieldar

Ahri Soloing Mid

Liandrieldar Last updated on December 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Table of Contents
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Well, this is my guide to play Ahri mid lane. Over the past week, i feel i have got the hang of her playstyle and thought to share my successes and fails for other people. i will be adding more and more to this guide as i go along, so please do not moan about it being unfinished. Believe it or not, i play a lot of League of Legends, so there isn't much time to write this guide. At the min so far, i have a good mastery page, a decent item build, a standard rune page and a good skill lvl order. Now, you may moan and say that some of my ideas and builds are bad. well if you think so, just give them a go. if you don't like my playstyle, then don't read the rest of the guide, and i would reccomend searching for someone else's. i shall never during this guide put down another person's guide, or say it's bad. i shall try to only emphasise the good parts of their guides. This is my first time writing a guide, so please be patient, and most of all, write a comment telling me how i can improve. i shall be welcome to new ideas and i shall try most of them, but obviously not in ranked games. If this guide isn't good enough and you need some help in game, then add me as a friend and i will be willing to play a few custom games with you. Most of all, have fun when reading. if you are going to criticise, please be good enough to put a reason and a way i can improve. Thanks.

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Well, in my opinion runes are vital to good gameplay. they give you everything you need to start the game. AP, Mana regen and Magic pen. i shall list what runes i take and why you should take them.

Take these because every AP caster needs these. Magic pen will help you overcome any Magic resist your enemies might have, or if they have put MR in their rune page to stop you doing damage to them. combined with and and will give you mega magic pen

Take these just for the extra 'oomph' on any damage you do. these combined with will make sure to destroy almost any opponent you come across. just be wary of Veigar's .

Take these for the much needed Mana Regen you need. I take these over Greater seal of replenishment because as soon as you hit lvl 7/8 you get the same and more after. Because you are in mid lane, you should be hitting this in the first 10 min or so.

Take this just like you took the other Potency runes. just for that extra damage at the start, maybe leading to first blood. with these and your masteries, you should be getting 30 AP at the start, 20 magic pen and a lot of mana regen.

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Masteries, Masteries, Masteries..

In my opinion, these are very useful. they pretty much give you everything that you will need for your start. Extra AP, CDR, Mana Regen and other shiny stuff. I believe that these are vital to get right. i have lost count of the times i have screwed myself over, if i have accidentally taken my AD mastery page instead of my dedicated Ahri one.

Well, let's get right to it.


This is reccomended simply for the extra 5 AD and AP when is on cooldown. AP will help with damage (No Duh!!) and the AD will help with last hitting.

, and are pretty self explanatory. Bonus AP, what could be better?

is just for the cooldown reduction. every bit helps and when you get blue, you will be getting 24% CDR. very useful.

is for when you get that 5 sec of freedom to push. An extra 10 damage for every hit is very nice. Will bring it down that much faster.

is for Magic pen. Who doesn't need magic pen? Every point you get is useful. Combined with , and you will have a mighty store indeed and even tanks shall fear your name!

is just there to make up a point. but, it is also useful just for an extra 0.5% damage on someone. now whilst this may not look like very much, it sometimes means the difference betweed life and death for you or your opponent.

is pretty obvious. an extra 6% damaage, who would want to pass this up. in my opinion this is really what the entire thing should build up to. this is what all of those points add up to.


This further backs up your mana. it gives you that extra bit and allows you to cast an extra spell before being OOM (Out Of Mana).

This backs up your runes for your mana regen. With this as well, you should be getting alot of Mana regen. The way i use it, is for every two spells i cast, i wait until 60 mana has recharged before using another. This process takes about 25 sec. This way, you will keep a steady stream of barrage at your enemy, and a long time before running out of mana, which by then you should have blue from your jungler.

This is pretty self explanatory. Cuts down on your recall time. This has saved my life so many times. Also anything that helps you get back to lane faster, as you have no teleport, is worth it.

Well... I mainly take this just so i can take but, the extra 0.5% move speed can help to combat Ahri's low move speed anyway.

This is what the entire utility section builds to. That extra 20% on Baron and Blue comes in very handy. it allows you to spam spells for that much longer. I know that some people like to take a 1% spell vamp but to be honest, i never really saw the point. If you use a spell, you get 5 hp. Congrat's. IT's not very much.

After a lot of experimentation, these are the best masteries i could come up with.

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In this section, i shall be listing Core items and Optional items. this allows for flexibility depending on your enemy team.


, and whatever potions you feel comfortable with. i usually take 2 health, and 1 mana. This is if you are fighting someone like Xerath, Karthus or Brand. People that rely on constant harrass rather than burst to take you down at the start, or if they have to combo in order to stun you. It allows you to very effectivly dodge most of their skillshots. i would also reccomend these if you are fighting an enemy Ahri. Just keep running around, last hitting and poking with

This i would reccomend for enemies like Veigar or Annie. People that can stun you just with a click of a button. If you get then you will just get torn apart as you don't have enough hp. i found this out the hard way when fighting a Veigar in ranked. 0 14 :(. gives you HP, AP and Mana Regen. This is the better choice, as you can hit harder, and survive more. Moving fast doesn't help if you are dead. The only downside to this, is no potions. This means you have to be that much more careful, or maybe go back more as you can't outlast an enemy. This is one of the reason's why i almost always take boots first. if you screw something up, you can just heal it away.

Catalyst the protector This should be your next item. it gives you lane sustain with it's brilliant passive and bonus health and mana, something you might be missing if you took the boots. You instantly become a lot more tanky. Also this is good as it build's into a .


This should be bought possibly alongside with your catalyst if possible. if not then try to buy it when you buy a . If you started with boots, then it should only cost 750. if you started with a then you should buy rather than your shoes and no wand. You can always come back later when you come to buy . These are vital as they give magic penetration. Considering that you won't be getting any more until the end of your build, you should always take these over . The extra CDR isn't really nessecary if you have blue or the blue elixer.

THIS IS YOUR BEST ITEM!!!. Never ever leave it out!!. It gives Health, Mana and AP. It is better in every way to a Rylai, other than the passive and is a lot cheaper. This enables you to actually take damage, as you may get focussed if you are too awesome and are fed. Even if you aren't fed, take this anyway as you use every single stat it gives you. it sorts out your mana problem. Although unless you know it's gonna be a long match, never ever buy it after the 25 min mark as it needs 10 min to fully charge.

This is your second most important item. It really gives you the damage you need to call your self an assassin. When you can kill a squishy before they can even hit you, you are doing the right thing. This item gives the third most AP in the entire game!(Discounting the passive). With the passive though, it far exceeds anything else, even a . With this, you can kill someone with a single combo, even tanks, as you have your Magic Penetration. Although you have to be wary of being jumped after your combo is down, because you will have no defense.

This is your third most important main item. This will double all fo your damage. I may post a video where i had the three items listed above, plus this, and got a triple kill with pretty much my ult alone. Yes i was fed. If you aren't fed then yo have to use your combo, but that shouldn't really be much of a worry. This truly makes an Assassin, but you need your Rabadon's in order to make it work, otherwise the damage is pityful :( I think that this about covers why you should have a lich bane, just because it is so awesome.


With two item slots free, this is a list of items that you should decide on, depending on your enemy team, if you are getting focussed and if you want more sustain or more damage.

This is if you are fighting an AD heavy team. E.g Graves, Ashe, Xin, Yi. The extra 50 Armour will come in very handy and the 2 second passive is even better. 9 times out of 10, this will be my 5th item. I would reccomend this in most circumstances if the enemy team is balanced as your gives Magic Resist. This enables you to take an extra turret shot, or maybe survive on 10 Hp from that cait ult, although why you would leave it to chance i don't know. Just press the active. I would also reccomed this item if you are fighting enemies with Abilities like Karthus's or Caitlyn's or even a DoT (Damage over Time) effect like Ignite or Mordekaiser's . This is very important and i would take it over Abyssal Sceptre anyday. Also, during all of this, i have forgot to mention the 100 AP. Very nice to add to your pool.

This is if you are fighting a Magic heavy Team. E.g Ahri(i hope you have figured out you are doing magic damage by now), Brand, Annie, Katarina, Kassadin. The extra 5 Magic Resist is very handy and will allow you to take more damage from them. considering you should be spending half the game fighting them, on mid lane, then it's an item you might want to consider getting. It also gives you 70Ap and a nice passive, although it can be used against you. Yes, your enemies lose 20 Flat Magic Resist. BUT!! Your opponent's will get a little icon inder their status effects. This is bad. It means that they know a gank is incoming, if you are ganking someone else's lane. This is why it is good to get this lategame as ganking has pretty much stopped, and only Team fights occur now, other than the occansional split push. This item gives good stats for money.


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