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League of Legends Build Guide Author tajatysz

AJYB(Another jungle yi build)

tajatysz Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Hello to my another jungle build(yeah, i really like jungling ;D) this time it's Master Yi, in the description i will explain my jungling route item choices and stuff.

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Pros & Cons

+Naturaly fast champion.
+Self heal.
+Immune to slows when ult is on.
+Gets easy kills in Mid Game.

-VERY Squishy.
-Loses mana quickly.

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Summoner Spells

A spell needed for jungle Yi.

Bonus MS for 10 seconds? Perfect combo with Highlander, perfect for ganking.

In some situations it may be better for chasing/escaping than ghost, in some it will be worse, and ghost also fits perfectly for Yi.

- Highlander should get rid of most of the annoying CC, excepting those stuns and blinds...

- Not needed for Yi, even if you think mana is REALLY important for you, Blue Buff should get the job done.

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Build 1 - Jungle: Items

] - Perfect item for a jungler, passive from Madred's Razors, AD, Armor, Lifesteal, free ward every 3 minutes, and it's CHEAP!

- Very good boots for most of AD champs.

- Old good yoyo, Crit, AD, ArP, CDR and VERY good active effect.

- 20% Lifesteal, 40% Attack Speed, 30 HP/5 and lowering armor of nearby enemies, nuff said.

- One of my favourite items, and of best items for Yi, ton of Attack Speed, much Crit and some MS.

- One of best AD items in entire game, 60 AD, 15% Lifesteal+Passive

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So, in every of my build i separated gaemaplay for 3 phases, early mid and late game, this time im gonna make it shorter and fit everything in single chapter.

As the game starts get your and . Head to the twin golem camp. on one of golems and mash them to death with your attacks, if bonus damage procs on one of them, the stronger one, if on both, or on none just one of them and target the smited one(or the other if it proced on both and killed one of them). will be needed unless will proc on both(you can also save your but use if it procs on both, but i prefer to save potion). After killing the Golems, head to Wraith camp, , then turn on and focus the Blue one, after the Blue one dies, just finish off smaller ones, starting from those with less HP. Head to the Wolf Camp, and focus the bigger one, then, head to the Blue Golem Alpha Strike, Enable Wuju Style and keep slashing him, drink when on about 3/4 of HP, make sure to last hit with Smite, to avoid getting it stolen. After beating the Blue Golem recall, and buy as much items needed for as you can, then go to the jungle, and keep killing random mobs till becomes available again. When is ready to use, head to Red Lizard. There, do same as you did at Blue Golem, just , , finish off with , use potion if needed. Keep killing Jungle Monsters till lvl 6, you should have your Red Buff still on, time to gank then, hide in the grass on Mid Lane, be sure to inform Mid player about the gank, wait until the target gets far enough from their turret and then enable , rush at him with , enable and keep slashing him, Red Buff will slow him but if he's close to turret you may need to use to slash faster, and prevent the target from escaping. After ganking mid head to the solo lane(usually top) and try to gank them same as you did on mid, if they went away alive it's okay, then just help the one on solo lane till lvl 9. After getting lvl 9 head to dragon, do same as you did with the buff mobs, , , when on low HP. After killing the dragon recall to heal yourself, head to solo lane, help there a bit and then keep Roaming(walking across the map helping on all lanes, never staying on one). Kill the dragon whenever he is alive, keep getting your buffs from the jungle, and of course, keep roaming, these are the three keys to get advantage in mid game as a jungler.

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If the enemy team also has a jungler, you can counterjungle him to make him lvl up slower, which means they won't gank that early.

My favourite way to counterjungle is to head off to enemy jungle after killing Wraiths, and then head to HIS wraiths, and kill ONLY the big one, the enemy will have to kill the 3 remaining if they want the big one to spawn, and they will get less experience that way. After stealing the big wraith, head to the twin golems, and again kill ONLY one of them, then just go back to the jungle, after recalling it's a good idea to buy a sight ward and ward his red buff, so you can steal it when he's trying to get it, and then easily kill the enemy jungler.

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Countering counterjungle.

The enemy jungler may also counterjungle, the best way to protect yourself from it is buying sight wards, the mobs most probable to be stolen are Wraiths, Golems, Blue Golem and the Red Lizard, it's often a good idea to use the at Red Lizard as it may be warded.

Luckily, Master Yi is one of the champions that don't jungle in the usual way, so you kill your Wraiths and Golems early, making it harder to Counterjungle.

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#1 After getting remember to have Dragon, or later Baron always warded!

#2 Getting Red Buff often leads to succesful gank.

#3 Don't stay in the jungle forever, you should also help your team.

#4 Later you won't need for killing jungle mobs, save it for stealing Dragon/Buff Mobs/Baron