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Akali Build Guide by dippyboy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dippyboy

Akali Build Season Three, No Runes/Masteries or GUNBLADE Way

dippyboy Last updated on February 8, 2013
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No I'm not insane, I just really don't like gun blade. I prefer going items like death cap, zhonyas really early. This build also allows low levels, or people without runes to get both their Akali proc and still do a lot of damage a lot earlier then if you went gun blade first. This build also entirely glass cannon too, you can use this in level 30's game. (not sure about ranked thou) Not saying gun blade is an bad item overall, the active is really nice but I never felt I needed the active in order to secure a kill. Maybe I'm just facing too many noobs :D (jk)

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TWIN DISCIPLINES- The reason you might want to follow this build, is that you can get both part of this passive without getting gun blade, or having runes and masteries. I would suggest this for lower levels or if you want to go full ap rune page.

MARK OF THE ASSASSIN (Q)- This is your main poking skill. I see a lot of Akali players ONLY uses it to farm. That's really bad because it's good to get free damage off and the enemy will less likely attack you if they're afraid of being killed. Not to mention when you do go in, that's possibly one less q you need to use for the kill.

TWILIGHT SHROUD (W)- There's not a lot to say about this but only use it when it's NECESSARY. I can't count the number of times I put a w down just to go invisible to touch myself and not have it when I really need it. Like when a gank comes!

CRESCENT SLASH (E)- This is a really good skill, make sure you use it well! Remember that it will proc the mark of the assassin's secondary damage so best case scenario use q and e right away. It's not always possibly so auto's will do the job just fine. (This does more thou)

SHADOW DANCE (R)- This skill is a beauty, this is what allows Akali to get penta kills really easy! You can use this to go over walls, minion juke and of course getting all thoses kills. Every kill gets you a reset but try to save atleast 1 incase you need it. Most of you will be using all 3 strikes to get a kill anyways, but just remember what will you do if you dont get the kill.

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Nothing special hear, except you don't need to go into the AD part of the tree because this build is meant for those who don't need the 2 passive proc coming into game. The entire offence tree is really good for Akali, never tried 30-0-0 before but I just might :D

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As I said before, this build is for those who are low levels, and maybe they just don't want to invest into the runes for Akali. If you do have runes and maybe just 2 rune page, a common ap page will do the trick just fine. I really like the magic pen reds on Akali, flat armour, ap per level (roughly 3 ap per level?), and flat ap quints. Try it, it isn't bad I don't think. Could be wrong.

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Situational items

By the end of the build, you should have a bit of both damage and survivability. There are other items you go into but just make sure you really need it. These are situational items because you might not need it or it might drag you down! Just think about what you need, is it armour? Is it MR? Is it more AP? Is there a 19-0 yi on the enemy team? Stuff like that.

Like I said before, I don't like this item but it's really good if there's an enemy ad or ap who you really need to kill in team fights. It's also good for slippery champions like Nidalee. Just don't waste it!

This is a really good item, if you want to fit it into your build I suggest you replace the Zhonya's with it so you get it relatively early. Just remember to use your auto with lich proc between your skills. Something like q > auto > ulti > auto. It's not up every time you use your skills if you spam it too fast but just throw some auto in every once in a while and you'll be fine.

I highly discourage you to buy this item if your either a new player or new to Akali. This is a huge waste of gold if your not getting fed, which might be easier for some and harder for others. This is really cost effective only if you can get a lot of stacks.

It's not bad to go some ad in your build. If the enemy is stacking mr, then you'll still do decent damage with a maw or trinity force. Hopefully.

I love this item, if you want to fit this item with your build. Screw the will of ancient and put this baby in. Get haunting guise when you normally would have gone revolver. I wouldn't suggest getting both revolver and haunting guise because that's a lot of money you could of started saving for say death cap.

You know thoses games where your carrying the team and the enemy knows how to actually focus you first? This item allows your team to do so much more if the enemy actually does get you down, and you can have an extra life to come back! The armour and mr is really nice too if you dont have zhonya or abysall.

I can see why you need this item, but I prefer other items. If you really need the mr or mr shread, get it.

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Early game play style, Mid game play style, Late game play style

This is the part for completely new players. If you played Akali before gtfo :D. Just gtfo of this section thou, not the guide.

Early game play:

In the early game, if your against a really tough opponent that you just can't or don't know how to beat, just farm with your q. It has really short cool down so even if your getting zoned, you can still get some farm in. Best case scenario you harass enemy with q. Remember to get in the secondary damage of q if you can help it. Don't do it if you lose more from it. Try not to do anything risky until 6, only go in if you know for sure you can get the kill. Keep in mind if the enemy flashes or heal, you won't get screwed over. Being set back really sucks for Akali. It really does.

Mid game play:

At this stage of the game, you might have some items, might not it's fine. People will be roaming now or even grouping so make sure you ward and don't get caught out. Right now your looking for objectives. That's towers, dragons, and maybe baron. Remember the goal of the game is to knock down your opponent's nexus. You want to catch an enemy out alone, Akali has really good 1 v 1 skills. Watch out for any lee sin or garen's in a brush. You don't do the best against them. At this stage, getting kills is more important then farming. Sometimes.

Late game play:

This is where you need to focus. This is where one death can lead to the end of the game. This is where you MUST stick together. This is the late game. By this time you might have the full build or close to it. Make sure you know your role in the team fights, and who your're going after. Akali dies really quick, so don't go in alone. One team fight will spell the end of the game. Usally your going after the most dangerous person on the enemy team, usually the ad carry. Keep an eye out for opportunities, getting a really easy kill on an ad carry can win you the game. One more thing, make sure you make the most out of your items whether it's zhonyas or ga or whatever.

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Akali Tips Against Tough Opponents

If you played Akali before, you would know anyone who has vision skills or long duration stuns/suppress is really good against Akali. This is just some of the people she is bad against
This guy has 2 skills that gives him vision. If you need to use the shroud, your probably dead any ways. What you want to do is dodge his q's and poke him down. It's going to be annoying when he shields himself but its better then using his w when fighting you. He has really high burst potential so don't underestimate him. it's also really common to shield to his own minions and use e. (the slow). When poking him keep a safe distance!

Akali's q is not the the biggest range skill. Cass preys on those who are me-lee. What you want to do is farm using your q's and if you need to auto attack for a creep. Go in and go out, don't spend any extra time. If possible when you think she's ulting. Turn the other way! If you turn away, she can't turn you into stone. Only a massive a slow, still dangerous but not as dangerous. Stopping akali in her tracks is really deadly since she can't spell vamp or life steal.

I hate this guy, every single champion I like to play top Darius smashes. If you see him get close to q or e, move back immediately! Darius does massive damage early on and you can't fight against that. He also gets a 100% power boost when he get's 6, he can 1 shot you really easily. I suggest you stack up on pots and farm as long as possible. If you don't give him kills you will be more useful than him. Tell your team to not feed him too, its so annoying when he's fed.

Garen is really good against Akali because of his silence, spinning (when your in shroud too) and the fact that your squishy. Like Darius, Garen does a lot of damage only if he hits you. What you want to do against any Garen, is to keep a safe distance and make him waste his q and e. You can avoid at the least a portion of his damage. When get's 6 he also has a huge damage boost so be careful. He can easily 1 shot you.

I bet half of you are laughing right now on why he's here. I'm putting here because most Akali gets so overconfident, they forget karthus actually has damage. And probably a exhaust if he good. He will most likely just farm but just remember he has a few seconds after death and an ultimate. Don't dive if your going to die right afterwards. Karthus out scales you so don't get cocky.

Your worst nightmare, silence AND burst. Always be aware of when lb can kill you, it's better to just recall than die getting a minion. you know what I mean? She out pokes you really hard, and you can't out push her so just survive! It's better than feeding.

Riven has huge damage potential, and she also blasts through the entire game if she gets early kills. Don't let her farm too. What you want to do is coordinate with the rest of your team to keep her down. A snowballing riven is a good riven. :) She has a really good gap closer so try to juke some of the damage out. She also has 3 skills to kill you when your in your shroud. Save your flash for when you really need it.

I hate teemo. I get hit by like 5 mushrooms in less than 5 seconds every time I play with him. If he's really close to you and you go for an auto attack to get a minion. Watch out, 4 of his hits is like your entire life early game. I suggest a haunting guise or a revolver to just keep up. The trick to killing teemo is to invest in pots and hope for a kill. Staying health is a really big part of facing teemo.

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Thanks for reading!

Peace out, this is my first build hope you like it!