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Akali Build Guide by Quornslice

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quornslice

Akali: Designed for Dominance

Quornslice Last updated on January 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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1.0.0 - Guide Created
1.0.1 - Quick Build Fixed
1.0.2 - Runes Section Fixed
1.0.3 - Changed Boots to Swiftenss after testing against original boots
1.0.4 - Changed a bit of the text to make it clearer, and explain things about recent patches
1.0.5 - Re-vamped Masteries

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So guys, this is my first guide, and i've been playing Akali a lot on dominion recently. She is a great champion for dominion, though when I play in Draft pick, she is usually one of the first to be banned. This guide is aimed heavily at running round the map completely destroying enemy champions, so don't expect many points to come out of this. You will usually end up 4th or 5th on your team points wise, but you are playing a valuable role none-the-less - The Disruptor! This is not the only way to build Akali in Dominion, but it is by far my favourite, and all of the information in this guide is personal opinion derived from personal experience.

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Disruptor, you say?

Your role as a disruptor is to stop people taking points, and making sure your enemies are out of the game for as long as possible. The best way to do this? Kill them fast, and kill them hard! As I have said already, this guide will NOT get you the 1st place on your team, so if you want that, go somewhere else. This guide is for keeping the enemy team at bay, and making sure your team can take and hold points with ease.

The main thing you have to do, is hit it's (the enemy team's) weakspot for massive damage. I'll go more in-depth into this in the strategy section, so keep reading!

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Pros / Cons

Amazing burst damage
Get lots of Kills
Very mobile
Easy to get away
Helps the team, a lot

Useless against CC
Get not many points

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x2 - These are for slightly more damage from your abilities, especially if someone is building Magic Resist. You can replace them with another two but I wouldn't reccomend it, especially as if the enemy tank/defender is sensible, they'll build Magic Resist as soon as they see you and what you can do with Akali.

x7 - These are what help you damage people when your Q & E are on cooldown. I'm not sure there really is anything you could replace these with, because without them you just don't do as much damage as you should.

x9 - I take these to give a bit more survivability, so that you're not quite as squishy, and so that it is a bit harder to keep you away from enemy champions. You could replace these with the health per level ones, but I believe these are more beneficial because of the greater ammount of health you het early game from them, helping you survive and keep your points in action.

x9 - This is the bread and butter of an Akali build - Ability Power. This will give you a large ammount of burst at early levels, especially with your Q, because it will add just that bit more damage to your abilities. I can't persuade you enough not to switch these out, because they are the best Glyphs you could want as Akali, even just for that early game burst.

x3 - There is only one way to go with quints for Akali, and that's more Ability Power, which is going to be mainly what you are building. There is no other set of quints you could really use with this build, except maybe Fortitude, but then you wouldn't have the damage output you sacrificed for a bit of survivability, which you already get from your Seals.

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Pretty standard 21-0-9 masteries, with insight in the utility tree because flash now has a longer cooldown, and insight reduces that. I take both the 10% Armour pen and Magic pen in the offensive tree, because this build uses a lot of AP and AD at the same time. I don't think there's much else out of the ordinary there.

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Starting Items
Start out straight with and a Health Pot, so that you can get places fast, like you should be doing as a disruptor

Core Items
After that, I usually take a , to build into a , both of which have a great synergy with because of the added massive damage it gives. After that, I go for a for the Health and Ability Power it gives, which increases your success even more. The last of the items I always get is a . This choice should be fairly self explanitory now, aka massive damage. Usually, i've kept them off our points enough for us to have won the game by now, but just incase my team doesn't have very good members, there are some situational items down below.

Situational Items
If you find that everything is running smoothly, and you kill people so fast that they don't know what's hit them, before you've disappeared, then you'll probably want to go straight into a for even more crazy damage, followed with a just incase they manage to get your health down before you destroy them, so that you can get right back up again, and kick their arse for it.

If the whole enemy team suddenly builds Magic Resist to counter you, you'll want to take a instead of the gunblade, so that you can ignore their defences and get their health right down.

If you feel that nothing can touch you, swap the Guardian's Angel out for a for even more damage with all your abilities.

If you know of any other good items for these last two slots, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments, and if I try it and decide it works, then i'll add it into the guide.

NOTE: If you're thinking that Hextech Gunblade is ****, it isn't, Riot have just taken away the ability to stack, and nerfed it's numbers a little bit. It is still an extremely viable item on dominion, and definitely my favourite on akali because she uses physical attacks and magic, so it super buffs her in both those areas.

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Summoner Spells

The two summoner spells I always take are and , because they are the ones I find work best, and I can't see myself playing Akali without either of them. Flash is useful for some amazing Jukes, especially when used in conjunction with so escaping (something you will need to do well) becomes a lot easier. Ignite is useful, because quite often Akali will be fighting a Tanky DPS character such as Wukong, and he'll have taken heal so that if both people's health gets low, he can just top his up a bit and win the fight. Not with Ignite around though. If you pop this when he's at around half health, he'll wonder what use his heal was in the first place.

Other viable spells:
instead of flash, but if there is CC involved, flash will just get you to that brush in time, wheras ghost will take longer.


Everything else. I removed Garrison from that list, because there was never ever a time I used it with Akali. Not even when tower diving, because she can get in and out so fast that there was no point wasting a summoner spell over it.

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As a disruptor, you're going to be running between points stopping people from taking them when your defender isn't there. You're going to do this really fast, because of the ammount of damage you can get out of this build. The skill order I usually use is:

You can also slot in somewhere, but that changes each time to as and when you need it. I usually use it as an escape mechanism afterwards, but that's purely personal preference. This makes for a good "Get in, Get out" method of disrupting, just as an assassin should be.

At the very beginning of the game, you will want to go to the Windmill, as your teammates will need you there for the extra damage. Make sure to run through the speed shrine to get there faster. After that, you'll just be running around to wherever you are needed, and if you are about to go into a big teamfight, it might be wise to take storm shield, so that you're a lot more likely to escape after gaining a double kill off those oh so tasty squishies.

NOTE: In teamfights, you should only run in, pick off their squishiest champion, then run out again. If you have enough health left, rinse and repeat until your team has destroyed theirs, and then go help capture a couple of points.

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This is Farewell

As I said in the first section, anything in this guide is my personal opinion of what you should do, and in no way am I forcing it upon you. I may write another guide sometime in the future, depending on if I have the time or not to do so. I hope you have many fun-times with this build, as it is very rewarding when you silently carry your team without them noticing that enemies never seem to turn up. Farewell for now. Here are some final words from the Lady herself - "I suggest you run... I want to savor this."