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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grimyripper

Akali has Attitude =Þ

Grimyripper Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1


-Deals massive damage
-quick cooldowns
-Energy not a problem!!
-Portable Brush(twilight shroud)
-Amazing ganker!
-Can score Pentakills!
-Stay in lane for long time
-Squishies are Akalis *****
-Late game tanks are also Akalis female dog!

-Squishy first 5 levels!
-Tired fingers
-Bad against AOE chars mid/early

And thats it folks, thats all I can come up with right now.

Now, I made this build for Akali for best survivability and a decent amount of AP that will make Akali hit hard and fast and be able to run when time comes.


Now my summoner spells explanations. is a must have for Akali. It is an amazing spell when combined with Twilight Shroud. How so? Well you twilight shroud into a brush, than make your way as close to the edge as possible, and than to the other side of the wall, your enemies will be waiting by your shroud while you are on your way back to a turret or base. Best juking available.

-I choose because while I am in twilight shroud i like to put the on pesky DPS'rs like WW or YI(AD YI), Sion, that lifesteal from hits, this way you can make the enemy not gain much lifesteal and do loads of damage at once and pwn straight!

Because of the Rune setup, you should already have 20 Ability power thus activating your extra damage. Buy the long sword as your first item, this will allow you to get both passive abilities that Akali has which makes her unique. After you buy your long sword you want to farm until you can buy the phage, Phage is a great item for Akali as this will allow you to slow down your enemies and keep barraging them early game and get some early kills, plus the extra health isn't so bad :D. Try not to gank before Akali is level 6 and gained her ult. Once you are level 6 and gained your ult, don't immediately try to gank, wait till you have 3 stacks of your ult than you can gank.

This is important for two reasons, 3 stacks conjure more damage of course thats obviuos, it will also help to serve to catching up to enemies that are running, and its a great running defense too. You can use you're ult to almost flash to an enemy creep if available and than flash out of there quickly if twilight shroud is unavailable. So its like having flash with no cooldown, isnt that great. teehee

Early game you might wanna grab and a . This is all you need to stay in lane for a long time!!! Wait till you are level 6 or 7 to port back since Akali can stay in lane thanks to the life steal :D!! When you port back you should have enough money for and and possibly a . Once you have these three items, raping is never easier. You not only have fast movement but theres a chance of a slow! Start Ganking until you have enough for port back and buy that item. Once you have that than gank gank gank gank gank, you will stack absolutely with a character like Akali.


Now after all those ganks or if you were not successful with many ganks than Akali still will be able to have farmed allot since Akali is a good farmer as well. By now you should have worked for your 4th important item(including phage) which is Now you have a great bonus ability power, great amount of health for survivability and whats that? 100% chance for slow!! WOOT. During mid Game you should have these items!! , , , , and


Okay if you have been successful with AKALI than you should have these main items by late game , , , , and once you have these core items, your unstoppable, you will be able to deal massive damage, HEAL massively, I think it capped around 500 HP Lifesteal for MARK OF ASSASSIN but thats just that ability, using all your abilities together you never lose health, I did score a pentakill with this build. NOW if the game drags even longer, work your towards



NOW if you are fighting a really long range unit like idk TWITCH(hate him but akali loves him) it would be better to right to twitch and get past the tanks that will try to protect him. Once you ] to him, use to hide yourself from the tanks or DPS that will try to attack you to protect that RAT/trist/kog/ sona/ and so on! SO now the enemy cant focus on you since you will be going invisible here and there, and than just finish the squishy in seconds because that is what akali does best!

Item Explanation
To activate your passive so you heal for 10% of the damage.
This is good because not only do you get a tad bit more attack, but it boosts hp which is essential for survival since you are squish without your shroud, it will also later build in your .
I see a lot of Akali's getting Sorceres boots, I dont think thats the best because Akali is more hybrid and sorceres will benefit a tad but just not too extreme. Swiftness on the other hand will give you speed to chase down enemies.
Amazing earliest item, now im not a big fan of snowball items, but Akali is a special character that can get kills and assists regardless of the team failure. Trust me, you will gain stacks, and if its more than 3, than the item pays for itself :D.
This item will give you massive hp, which i cannt stress is so amazing for akali, you also get 80 AP making your attacks more lethal, you will see that all good akalis have this item early!!.
What more to say? This is ultimate hybrid item. You get attack speed,damage,AP, the attack speed is also a big help because even akalis auto attack does a great deal of damage that most people overlook.
Again, another amazing hybrid items, it was clearly designed for hybrids, massive attack damage, massive AP, amazing lifesteal+spell vamp, and an active that slows!!(and deals damage but thats not too important). Good to catch those buggers. I cant believe an item like this isnt nerfed :D
Now here comes the decider, you actually have two choices, you can either sell your Phage and start building towards Lich Bane which will dish out more damage, HOWEVER Trinity Force and the build has enough damage in my opinion. Trinity force has great survivability as you get HP, Attack Damage, Ability Power, Great 13% Movement speed, Health!!. The active will also synchronize with your attack, you frequently use abilitys with Akali so therefore your active will activate more often. Again i choose Trinity Force over Lich Bane because i dont need to deal that much more damage, i need to have a powerful late game and i think the better one is Trinity.


*****IMPORTANT- LET yourself BE INVISIBLE Before you flash, this way your enemy wont know you flashed and you can than walk back to your base or hide in brush and blue pill.

***IMPORTANT- If you FLASH into a lane brush! DONT GET OUT and let minions see you, just blue pill right in that brush since enemy wont have time to get around the map or by the time twilight shroud wears out most of your blue pill will be over!!! :D


I love Akali and I hope you do too, good luck and make sure to have some fun because thats what the game is all about if I remember correctly :D

^^ I ACHIEVED A PENTAKILL AND ONLY WITH AKALI DID I DO THAT! I tried to take a screenie in game with my keyboard but it always comes out just black so i was dissapointed but otherwise it was so beast!