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Akali Build Guide by BloodyNine

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BloodyNine

Akali, The Fist of Shadow (AP)

BloodyNine Last updated on June 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Hey there and welcome to another guide to:

Akali, the fist of shadow

I would like to introduce you into my way of playing her, im sure it is not the best but id say that im quite good with the way i play her.
Plz don´t trollvote, if you leave a nice comment i thank you, if you leave some critizism, i thank you too and im gonna correct it.
Im excusing myself for my language as I am no native speaker.

I have copied some passages from MY other guide, so all you see here was written by me.

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Pros / Cons

--> Very high burst damage
--> can escape very well
--> Underestimated Carry
--> Has the ability to slash the enemy carry in seconds

--> Not real form of CC
--> Quite squishy
--> Countered by Oracles Elixir and Pink Wards

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Runes, Summoners, Masteries


With the runes i use you can simply activate botch of your passives from the beginning. Therefor you can start with boots and 3 HP Potions. Some might say this is not good, but if you watch high ELO matches almost everyone starts out witch boots. The armor glyphs are choice of preferance, you may also use dodge ones.
Why do you only have 19 AP in the beginning?
Well because i think you can also have your passive activatet in lvl 2, this will not be much gamechanging, but having 26 hp more may give you sometimes and advantage about other guys


Yeah I know, standart Akali summoners. BUT they are SO good.
Flash into someone before reaching lvl 6 and do the full combo is just so epicly and if done correctly 100% Firstblood!


15-15-0 for extra defense and having both passives almost upon beginning. You just should NOT pick up masteries that do go with mana for obvious reasons.

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I start out with Boots of Speed because they give you all what you want early game.
HP, because you have the health pots and can therefor play a little bit more aggresive.
Speed, to run, chase, proc Q, everything
and you don´t have 2 waste any gold for a Doran's Blade which you want to sell later on.

The second item is Sheen because it will give you so much of damage! Try to get back when you have 1260g so you can buy it at once. else start with Amplifying Tomb

After Sheen finish your boots and your fine.
Then you have to rush Rylai's Crystal Scepter either starting with Giant's Belt or Blasting Ward, depending on whether you need HP or DMG.

The other items should be very self-explanatory. A late Hextech Gunblade for regaining health and more DMG and Banshee's Veil for survivability

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Farming/ Harrasing

Farming with Akali is pretty nice because she recovers Energy very fast and with the Spallvamp we gain little Health while farming.


When not Harrasing for whatever reasons, lasthit minions with Mark of the Assassin and Crush them down with Crescent Slash. Lasthitting with Mark of the Assassin is pretty easy and due to its low Energy cost nearly spammable. When it comes down to Harrasing, use Q for harras and Autoattack + E for Lasthitting


Akali is avery good harraser with Mark of the Assassin just throw it on the enemy and go back or try to get that Autoattack on him. Do so until the enemy only has about 350 hp left. Now you can do following:
If it does not put you under high risk, throw Mark of the Assassin on the enemy, wait till you have Mark of the Assassin again ready Flash toward the enemy Autoattack -> Q -> Autoattack -> Ignite (when not down go on with Q -> Autoattack). This is easy going First Blood.

Let Maths show you why:
lvl 1 Mark of the Assassin: 50(+13) Damage
Proc: 50(+13) Damage + Autoattack 65 Damage
Ignite: 70 Damge

So we have a total of theoretically 452 Damage, but we have to consider MR and Armor,
so just start at around 350 Health.

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Unique Skills

The Passive

This is so freaking EPIC.

When we have about 500 AP end game, our Autoattack hits deal almost 100% Bonus Damage.
We do Double Damage without doing anything. Isnt that Awesome??

Now the 2nd Passive:

We gain 15% Spellvamp out of this and together with the Gunblade we have a total of 35% Spellvamp. This does mean when doing only 1000 Damage we heal for 350 just because of ONE item and our Passive!

In my Opinion this is one of the greatest Passives to have.

Shadow Dance

This skill is also unique. It doesnt need mana or energy but a Essence which is created every 15 secs. Its so easy to chase with that and while it comes also with a decent amount of damage, it procs lichbane. When using Q -> R -> Autoattack -> Q -> Autoattack, the target will almost be done. This skill is also great for escaping as you can jump to enemy creeps which are in your way back to safety.

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Im currently playing Akali in ranked 3's, i have a 10/3 W/L ratio and a 2,1:1 K:D ratio. Though im only at ~1500 ELO but this build works wonders!
Im trying to keep this build updated with new changes.

THANK you :)