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Alistar Build Guide by JChanceH9

ALISTAR: All Star Support

By JChanceH9 | Updated on February 2, 2017

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This build offers high mobility, durability, peel, and engage/disengage. W-Q Combo for a mini Malphite ult, slow their team with Iceborn passive, peel with frozen slow, and lock down key enemy members as W and Q come back off cooldown. Clean up with Talisman active, or use it to disengage if you or your team is in deep water.

I repeat, you have a mini Malphite ult AND Sivir ult on a small CD. What's not to like?

Early game is spent allowing your ADC to farm and healing with your passive to keep you both at high health until you have the opportunity to engage or react to snowball the lane. Alistar is a kill lane champion, so if you are against a poke support, stay back until you either get a gank or have won enough trades to feel confident going for the kill, or assist in this case. Once you hit 6, your ult offers an insane level of damage reduction. CC any enemies taking turret shots if they get cocky, or knock them into the turret for a good laugh and free assist. Be careful not to knock enemies away from damage.

Mid game you will have Talisman and finished merc treads or ninja tabis, which will make you insanely fast in lane. This is your biggest opportunity to make plays to put your team ahead. Use the Talisman active wisely. Without map awareness you can get yourself and your teammates hot water fast.

Late game you will be peeling and soaking damage primarily. You're fast as hell between Talisman and Dead Man's Plate. Use this to keep your DPS teammates alive or you will lose the fight and spend a long walk being poked to death back to base. Make sure you use the Talisman when your team needs the speed, not just you. Stay focused on objectives and you will be flashing your banner at the victory screen.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment with any tips or questions.
League of Legends Build Guide Author JChanceH9
JChanceH9 Alistar Guide

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