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Alistar Build Guide by Arvak

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arvak

Alistar The Beast Cow Tanky/Ap

Arvak Last updated on June 8, 2012
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Hi, I'm Arvak and welcome to my Alistar guide
Sorry But i dont speak a lot of english ......
This is my number 3 build....

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Alistar History

As the mightiest warrior to ever emerge from the Minotaur tribes of the Great Barrier, Alistar defended his tribe from Valoran's many dangers; that is, until the coming of the Noxian army. Alistar was lured from his village by the machinations of Keiran Darkwill, General Boram Darkwill's youngest son and commander of the Noxian expeditionary force. When Alistar returned, he found his village burning and his family slain. Bellowing with rage, he charged an entire regiment of Noxus' elite, slaughtering them by the hundreds. Only the intervention of some of Noxus' most skilled summoners checked Alistar's rage. Brought in chains to Noxus, Alistar spent the intervening years as a gladiator in the Fleshing, pitted in endless battle for the entertainment of Noxus' wealthy leaders.

Alistar's once noble soul slowly became twisted, and he would have been driven to insanity if not for Ayelia, a young servant girl who befriended him and eventually arranged for his escape. Suddenly free, Alistar joined the newly formed League of Legends to fight as a champion, hoping to one day exact his final vengeance upon Noxus and find the girl who had renewed his hope. Initially unwilling to cater to his celebrity status as a champion, Alistar has since discovered that there is power in fame, and he has become a vocal advocate for those whom the Noxian government treads upon. He also calls to light things that the Noxian military would prefer remain hidden -- something that has made him very unpopular with Noxus' nobles. His charitable work has earned him several philanthropic awards, which serve as an interesting contrast to the rage and destruction he brings to the League of Legends.

"If you intend to grab the bull by the horns as a summoner, Alistar might have something to say about that."

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Champion Spotlight

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetrationx9 = For More Magic Attack These are great marks there are for champions that deal magic damage and I use them in all both builds. With the extra mPen, your abilities will pack a bit more punch. These marks also compliment Abyssal Mask quite nicely.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetrationx3 = For More Magic Attack The same with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resistx9 = These inexpensive glyphs will provide a helpful boost to your magic resistance. The scaling glyphs will give you a lot of helpful survivability for when you need to tank the enemy team late game.

Greater Seal of Armorx9 = These seals are really useful against the AD in lane. The early boost to your armor will allow you to be aggressive combo.

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Early game is really "hard" farm but in mid game will be really easy just use Pulverize plus passive Trample wait 2 secs then use Triumphant Roar and again the passive Trample and repeat the process ... kill the minions mage first more easy.

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The following is a very quick warding guide taken from Soraka - The Babysitting Queen. Thanks Summoner for letting me use this section! It is the responsibility of everyone on the team to ward the map, but it is especially important for supports to do so, in order to leave as much gold as possible for the carries.

Buy wards whenever possible, and watch for when allied wards by dragon or baron are going to expire. Make sure that dragon is warded once it has spawned, and ward baron constantly late game. Warding allied buffs is a good way to prevent counter-jungling.

Note: This is assuming you're purple. Simply mirror the positions if you're on blue side.

These show the best, non-situational (i.e no lane brush wards) positions to place wards, assuming you are winning as the purple side.

Mirror the positions of the wards if you need defensive wards in your jungle as well.

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Situational Items


Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the classic support boots. These will give you a nice amount of early CDR, allowing you to replace Spirit Visage with another item.

Mercury's Treads are strong boots on any champion and come in handy against teams with a lot of CC. If you can live without them and rely on Unbreakable Will, it's usually better, but there will be some games where these boots will be necessary.

Ninja Tabi are a fast, cheap counter to teams with a lot of strong physical autoattackers. If you notice that the enemy team has three or more champions that rely on autoattacks, pick up these boots for a fast lane advantage and more survivability in team fights.

Defensive Items

Banshee's Veil doesn't fit very well into either build, but it's still a good option if you need some survivability against magical damage. If you get CDR boots, you can replace Spirit Visage with this item quite easily, though it's more expensive.

Force of Nature is a great MR item, but its heavy price tag makes it a difficult buy for a support champion. If the enemy team has a lot of magical damage, DoTs and/or poke spells, you may want to invest in the high amount of MR and health sustain. Most games try to opt for a cheaper item if you can; you shouldn't need to build FoN very often.

Frozen Heart gives a ton of armor and CDR, which means you must remove some CDR from your build to fit it in. If the enemy team has a huge amount of physical damage, you can combine this item with Randuin's Omen to seriously cripple their damage output. I wouldn't build it unless absolutely necessary since it doesn't fit easily into a support build.

Quicksilver Sash is a very situational item on Alistar. Unbreakable Wills performs a very similar function, so most of the time this item should not be necessary. If there are several strong CCs or other debuffs on the enemy team that you can't cope with, you can pick up this item to remove all debuffs once every 60 seconds.

Offensive Items

Abyssal Mask is occasionally seen near the end of support builds due to its mix of AP, MR and an aura. It works well if there are a lot of casters on either team and the AP will give your combo a bit more punch.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is another AP item with a utility passive. The health and AP will improve your survivability and damage in team fights, while the passive slow procs on Trample and Headbutt, giving you a bit more disruption power after initiation.

Utility Items

Morello's Evil Tome is a fairly situational support item, but it can be necessary if the enemy team has a lot of health sustain with champions like Warwick, Dr. Mundo and Vladimir. If your team doesn't have enough Ignites or other healing debuffs to deal with their sustain, you can help using the active Grievous Wounds debuff.

Will of the Ancients is a great item to have on a team with a lot of spellcasters. The spellvamp applies not only to AP mages, but physical spells as well. If your team needs a WotA and no one else will build it, you can pick it up to give your team (and yourself) some more spell damage and sustain.