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Miss Fortune Build Guide by darksplash2

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darksplash2

ALWAYS BET ON RED <3 .... SEXY REDHEAD OP.. Ranked 47-14

darksplash2 Last updated on December 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Thanks for checking out my guide! I'm super happy that you came to read this guide and check it out. Just to give you some background info I mainly play AP Mid Carries such as (Lux, Anivia, Brand,and Annie) and for AD Carries I mainly play (Corki, Sivir, and Miss Fortune). I started playing MF when i wanted to try out new champs in season 2. The main reason I play her is because although she doesn't have any good escapes or the best late game, she provides me with wins because of her tremendously strong early game. This is not my opinion, it is fact. I use my strong early game to gain good lane control and get fed early on which leads to a much shorter game than with other AD Carries. None of my wins came without playing smart which applies to any champion you play. With that being said lets begin.

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Masteries: I don't think I need to go into much explanation why I go 21/9/0, but for those beginners out there lets begin. First off going 21 in Offense provides you with many things such as: Attach Damage, Attack Speed, Armor Penetration, and Life Steal which are extremely important to your success as an AD carry.
Also, I love getting a point in "Summoner's Wrath" because as the description says after using your "Ignite" Summoner Spell, you receive 5 Attack Damage while it is on cooldown which just increases your overall Attack Damage without having to buy any item. As for defense, I believe getting these points is super important for sustain bottom especially against annoying team comps bottom. These points give you a per level health increase and a flat increase of health plus additional armor which comes in super handy.

SKILS: I recently looked at the top guide for MF and I had to disagree on this. You should almost always start off your first point in your Q(Double Up) especially because not only is it great for burst damage, but it also bounces and hits the person behind your target. Another reason to start off with it is because if you choose to invade their jungle or if they invade you and a fight breaks out this will give you the extra damage to help kill them or seriously injure them. Next, I would get a point in my W(Impure Shots) because it reduces their health regeneration and it also increases your attack speed.
I would get my 3rd point in your E(Make It Rain) because it will help secure kills using your slow. After that I recommend maxing your W because of the fact that it increases your attack speed which allows you to deal more damage via more autoattacks. I would then max your Q because of all the burst damage that it can do to a single opponent. The slow should be maxed last because you only need one point in it do secure the kills. Also, her slow reveals bushes so if your ever not sure use your slow to check it out and possibly keep you from dying!

RUNES: My runes are meant for one thing sustain, tanky, damage. These runes gives me a great early game advantage especially with my masteries that start me off with high starting armor and high amount of damage. I chose to pick per level magic resist because by the time you get to level 18 it will help alot especially against AP champs.
The flat armor runes are meant to help with sustain and with less damage being done to you which allows you to be super aggressive and take hits without being scared to die. I picked flat damage quints because like i said before, early game damage is super critical to her performance at bot lane and overall.

Summoners: Well most importantly using flash with MF is such a great tool. It can be used to escape fights, finish off kills, and to strategically place yourself to use your ult. It is probably the most important summoner spell in my opinion as it can be used in so many ways. I use ignite because it helps to secure kills by reducing healing effects on target champions and because it is especially helpful to counter bottom lanes that have a heal whether it is through an ability or through the summoner spell "heal".

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Bottom Lane Combos with MF :D

Well after having played quite a few games with Miss Fortune here is my list of personal favorites and in order of most damage by each team comp.

1. MF & Leona (Most burst damage in bot lane)
2. MF & Sona (OMG this combo is usually what gets me the EASIEST WINS bottom)
3. MF & Blitzcrank (Super fun lane and gets the job done especially when Blitz get to level 6)
4. MF & Taric (Super Tanky bot lane with great burst especially at level 6)
5. MF & Nunu (Great lane because of nunu buffs and debuffs against opponents)

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Strategy and Item Build

General Strategy: Start off with boots and 3 pots. By far the best way to start this game because it gives you options such as being able to run away from opponents and or chase down kills before going down to your lane. Once you have made it to bottom lane the farming game begins. It does not matter who I am with, I try and last hit as best as possible while hitting my opponents when they get too close or when they try and last hit.
I like to throw in my double shots at my opponent whenever they try and last hit or whenever they are standing behind a minion for protection. The best part about MF is that she is one person that you NEVER want to go 1v1 during the early game phase because 99% of the time you will lose because of her damage output. Try and use this to your advantage. Depending on which support you have, slow your enemy when he gets near so that you can use your W and Q at the same time to cause massive damage.
Always start off with your W when your fighting your opponents so that your abilities come in effect and then immediately use your Q on the closest or weakest opponent. Try and last hit as much as possible to freeze the lane and for god's sake have good map awareness or else you probably won't survive a gank from mid or their jungler. Depending on who you are with, try and take advantage of the harass that the 3 mentioned above supports can provide you with (Blitz Grab, Sona Q, and Leona stuns and ult).
You know your doing it correctly when you are constantly trying to kill them and being super aggressive. This strategy will help you get you or your team the kills you need to get ahead of everyone which will allow you to control the lane and possibly roam the map. Whenever my support such as Leona or BC engages an opponent I start by slowing them immediately and then using my W and Q at the same time to cause the most damage and keep them from escaping.

ITEM BUILD: I the recommended build mentioned above can be interchanged according to each team comp. Typically after getting an IE as my first big item, I go with a phantom dancer UNLESS the team is SUPER TANKY and then I rush a Last Whisper Immediately After. I feel comfortable and if I'm ahead enough I will get a bloodthirster right after getting an Infinity Edge because of all the potential damage you can dish out. I rarely do that but when I am dominating a game I will go that route.
Normally, I will usually go IE then Last Whisper even if the team isn't that tanky just as a safety precaution in case the game goes to a super late game or something like that. My CORE build revolves around 4 items Berserker Greaves, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper. These items are essential in every win I have ever had and will always do work for you. I have never gotten a bloodthirster as my first big item in ranked because the IE will get you a constant damage output and doesn't really on farming as its main source of damage.
Anyways, other items I would use depending on team comps, money, and situational purposes would be a Guardian Angel, Malmortus, Quick Silver Sash, Black Cleaver, or Banshees Veil. In games with a Malzahar I would definitely get a QSS after 2 big items because it will save you more times than not. Black Cleaver is useful when the entire team is stacking armor against me so I laugh at them once I have a cleaver and Last Whisper.
Malmortus and Banshees Veil is pretty useful agaisnt lots of burst magic damage which I sometimes have to resort too. When I know is going to go into a late game I will typically invest in a GA after 2 or 3 big items depending on the situation or when I am being focused down too quickly. Stick to the 4 core items I mentioned and you should be fine.

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Pros / Cons

1) Best early game damage for Ranged AD
2) Passive allows for high mobility
3) Ultimate has giant cone range and creates lots of burst damage especially when combined with other AOE ults
4) Has decreased health regeneration ability

1) No escape abilities
2) Decent/Average late game