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Ahri Build Guide by AmaDeusXII

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AmaDeusXII

AmaDeusXII's Ahri Build (I am still relatively new to LoL)

AmaDeusXII Last updated on November 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my guide to a mid lane Ahri, I'm still relatively new to LoL, but I felt like putting up a guide would be beneficial to people who are either new to League or are getting Ahri for the first time and have no idea how to play her. **DISCLAIMER** I am not the best Ahri player out there, I do well with her, but I don't put up monster scores like 17/0 consistently. This is by no means the only way to play Ahri. This build is simply what works for me and what I've found success with. If you don't agree with my ideas that's fine, you don't have to follow my guide, I'm just trying to be as helpful as I can towards new Ahri players or new players in general.

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General Tips

1. Ahri is a mid-lane champion, so wards are a must, because when playing mid-lane you can be ganked from either side of the river.
2. Ahri is a difficult champion to play if you can't land her E and Q consistently. Both of those abilities (E and Q) are skillshots (manual aimed abilities) that are very rewarding if you can hit them.
3. Ahri's base speed is very low (330), which is why I recommend buying boots early game/from the start.
4. If you have a nice jungler, try to get them to give you Blue Buff, Ahri + Blue Buff is like Anything with Nutella. It just makes her so much better.

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If you don't know what last hitting is, read on. If you do skip to the (*XII). Before I talk about last hitting, I need to mention the fact that you only get gold when you kill a minion. And I mean getting the killing blow, not just damaging it and letting your minions kill it. Getting the killing blow is called last hitting. A good player is able to last hit every minion in the enemy's wave, resulting in more XP and more gold, leading to you leveling up faster, getting better items, and taking a huge lead over the opposing champion in your lane. (*XII) Don't be afraid to use not just Ahri's, but any champion's abilites (except for their ultimate, unless you're in the late game using Ezreal) to get the last hit. It is very important to know how much damage your champion (in this case Ahri) can deal, if you misjudge or mistime your last hit, you will miss out on cs (creepscore/how many minions you've killed/how much gold and xp you've received from farming) which is very important early game. Ahri's Q is great for farming, because it deals Magic Damage as it moves forward, and deals True Damage as it returns. In addition, Ahri's auto attacks and Q are both ranged, giving her a better range for farming.

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Skill Sequence

Ahri's Q ( Orb of Deception)is her highest damage dealing ability, because of it's range and the way it deals damage. Ahri's Q is a skillshot (manually aimed ability) in which she shoots her orb forward, dealing magic damage when it hits, then recalls it when it reaches a certain distance from her. On the way back, the orb will deal true damage to the enemy unit it hits. Ahri's Q is also good for farming, as it hits units twice. I like to get Ahri's Q as my first ability, for poking and for farming. Once you hit level 2 I like to upgrade her W, Fox-Fire. Fox-Fire is an ability that I find kind of weak early game, but is very effective once you get high AP. It's a good ability for clearing minions, because it can hit up to three different targets. Fox-Fire is also pretty good because it has a low mana cost (50 mana). When reaching level 3, you should get Ahri's E, Charm. Charm is a really good move with a good amount of range. If you manage to land charm on an enemy champion (it's a skillshot), then that champion will be drawn to you for a short amount of time. While they are charmed, they cannot attack or use any abilities. Landing an EQ combo with Ahri is a great way to deal a lot of damage. After level 3, I recommend maxing out Q, and then W, and then E (upgrade your ultimate whenever you can however, meaning that if you have a choice of upgrading your ulti vs your Q, always upgrade your ulti). Ahri's ultimate (hot-key R) is a great ability called Spirit Rush. Spirit Rush has three uses before it goes on cooldown. What Spirit Rush does is that is dashes Ahri in the direction of your cursor, letting loose an essence bolt when the ability is activated. This ability is very versatile, and can be used to either escape from enemy champions, or to chase an enemy that is running away.

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Check the notes I've written about my item build. Just hover over the words titled "Notes" that are next to the item build title.

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Flash is a pretty standard summoner spell, and Ignite is as well. Personally I like to run Ignite and Flash over Barrier and Flash because Ahri's ultimate is a great way to escape from potential fatal situations. Heal, Clarity, Clairvoyance, Cleanse, Revive, Smite and Garrison are all unnecessary on Ahri. Instead of having Heal or Clarity, just buy health and mana potions. Clairvoyance is completely unnecessary because wards exist. Revive isn't really needed, there won't be many situations in which you find yourself needing to immediately go back into the fray if you die. Smite is awful on mid-lane Ahri because she's not jungling. Garrison isn't necessary or needed to take down enemy turrets, or to defend your team's turrets. Personally I don't find a lot of situations in which I need to use Cleanse, so I don't think it's that good of a summoner spell. Eliminating all of those spells leaves us with Flash, Ignite, Barrier, Exhaust, and Teleport. Flash is a standard spell, as I've stated earlier, Ignite is great for getting off that last bit of damage that kills and enemy champ. Barrier can be a lifesaver, but as I've said not really necessary on Ahri due to her ult. Exhaust for chasing down enemy champs that are running away, but Ahri has her E (charm) as well as her ult to catch up to people or force them to come back to you. Teleport is a good summoner spell and can be extremely helpful when trying to either defend or cover either your or a fellow teammate's lane, however I still think that Flash Ignite is the best summoner spell combo for Ahri.

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All in all, Ahri is one of my favorite champions to use in LoL, she has great abilites, and is one of the strongest Assassin mid-laners in the game. I would recommend trying her out when you can. If you liked this build, make sure to give it a +1 rating because that would help it get more exposure and as a result help more people! Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have any more questions about Ahri or the game in general, just send me a message, or leave a comment in the discussion.