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Shaco Build Guide by lolX9J

Jungle An Actual Shaco Guide by X9J

Jungle An Actual Shaco Guide by X9J

Updated on April 23, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lolX9J Build Guide By lolX9J 5,834 Views 0 Comments
5,834 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lolX9J Shaco Build Guide By lolX9J Updated on April 23, 2021
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Runes: Alpha X9J Shaco Playstyle

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Future's Market
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Alpha X9J Way
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Ability Order Shaco Skilling is still the same.

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

An Actual Shaco Guide by X9J

By lolX9J
Threats Section
I wanted to clarify that i didnt use the "Threats" Section as Mobafire intended.
You should read it like
5 - Really hard matchup/Unplayable
4 - Harder Matchup
3 - Even Matchup, nothing to be worried about much
2 - Shaco Favored Matchup
1 - You should hardwin this matchup.
About me
First of all a bit of myself. If you are wondering who i am its pretty simple.
Im a SoloQ and competetive Player basically.
Shaco was one of the first champs i learned to play and to love.
Im still mostly known for my Lee Sin who i sadly had to drop since hes unplayable in the current league of legends meta.
However i peaked Grandmasters with a 75% Winrate in Season 9.
Before that i used to be a Masters Player with high winrates before but not as remarkable as my S9 peak.
In Season 10 i lowkey dropped League for a bit while playing competetive for SK Gaming.
In Season 11 i started to play a bit more and reached Masters with arround 65% winrate in SoloQ which wasnt impressive for me but a start.
At some point i picked up my little Demon Jester again since he was basically the only champ of my mains which was still playable.
I just loved the Playstyle but found out that the Lethality way to play Shaco seems kinda off.
For my taste the damage wasnt enough since it wont work to oneshot an adc as soon as he got his Shieldbow.
So i decided to test arround with it arround Diamond elo.
At some point ER got nerfd and i wanted to innovate something completely new again.
My first build idea was tank onhit shaco.
I went First reset for Tiamat, into Berserkers -> Bami's Cinder -> Sanguine Blade -> Sunfire -> Titanic. That build was kinda impressive but somehow had less Carry potential than the normal Lethality Shaco....
THEN after trying to make the Tank Shaco build work i got a problem since Titanic got nerfd while i was trying to figger stuff out.
So instead i decided to make a new Attempt with a new Build idea.
The runes basically stayed the same besides the offtree.
Futures market is for Ironspike whip obv to get it every single first reset.
And approach velocity BECAUSE WE CAN SLOW PEOPLE :D
And this is what the guide is about. You can flame the Design of it tho since its my first Guide i am making.
About the Guide
Im sorry if this Guide looks disgusting and not so fancy like other guides.
I am just not a professional Guide maker.
All i want is People to pick up Shaco and give this playstyle a chance since in my opinion its way more fun to play it and also way more interesting.
+ when masterd i think it can be stronger aswell.
This Guide is there to show Matchups and Items.
Box Setup

Blue Side Jungle Start:

Pretty easy to do, Place first Box when 40 Seconds are left on the Bluebuff timer.
Idealy you want to place a Box as soon as u get into game.
If you walk out of base at second 15 and you run here to place a first box it would be insane to counter invades of enemies.
While you fight Blue ur box comes up, place it on gromp.

Red Side Jungle start:

Redside is a lot harder to do which is the reason there will be a Video Showing the clear.

However because this is really hard to imagine and pull off heres a clip of me doing it.
Shaco Redside Start
First Clear

Blue Side Start:

Fullclear Bot to Top always.

This is how it will look like 95% of time you start Blueside.
You want the early scuttle 100% of games.
For More Informations about this watch the Video Guide.

Red Side Start:

Fullclear Bot to Top always.

This is the more complicating way.
95% of times you cant do gromp before Scuttle otherwise you would be too late.
However you can sometimes manage to get it in time.
Watch the Video Guide for more Informations.
Lets get to the Playstyle of this build.
Unlike the old Lethality Build this is an Actually scaling build.
Plus, you can 1v1 basically every single one.
Try to always fullclear your jungle. but always be ready when scuttle spawns.
You are the one that is getting every single scuttle. You are the Chad Jungle Player!
Every scuttle is urs.
2 Scuttles are spawning? YOU! are getting one of them. ATLEAST ONE!

Sidelane pressure is huge with this build! Anyone who wants to catch a wave on sidelane can get killed pretty easily.
If you master this build its 200 times more efficient than the Normal and boring lethality Shaco build.

Furthermore try to get most of the Drakes.
If you hit level 6 -> First drake.
There are games where u dont even need to ult. For example You can gank botlane and move towards drake with your botlane.
Invading on Shaco isnt such a big deal.
You can invade enemie Jungle almost whenever you feel like it.
In Enemie Jungle DONT use your Q to farm his camps. Use it as an emergency tool to escape.
You will get best results from Invading if you have ur jungle fully cleared before invading into enemie Jungle.
The reasoning behind that is:
"Vertical Jungling" wont be an option for the enemie Jungler.
If your Camps arent up = he cant steal them = Only Profit for you.
For those who dont know what Veritcal Jungling is check the "Vertical Jungling" Chapter.

Whenever you are done Invading give the enemie a gift.
And yes, of course i am talking about a Jack In The Box.
This will basically act like a ward for the next 40 seconds to give you and your team even more informations about the enemie jungle.
Diving as Shaco is possible.
You just have to understand how to.
For more Informations about Diving check the Video Guide.

Diving Pre6

Pre6 Diving is a bit more rough and needs a lot of skill coming from you and your Laner.
What u basically want is the one with the better aggro swap to tank first.
As Shaco you are not allowed to Q into the enemie pre6.
You will just walk up to them and hit them. If you get low you will Q out of tower range to drop the aggro.

Diving With 6

Diving someone with Shaco ult up is mostly free.
You will 99% of times take the aggro first.
If you are dropping low you will Ult to drop the aggro.
HOWEVER be careful against certain champs that will Silence you.
Garen and Cho'Gath are more complicated to dive due to their Silence for example
Heavy CC enemies can hard CC you for several seconds which would result in a death if you dont Ult in time.
Vertical Jungling

What is Vertical Jungling?

If you read this its probably because you want to find out what exactly Vertical Jungling means. Vertical and Horizontal Jungling is the difference of how the Map is getting split.
Lets get to the "normal" Way of Jungling first = the "Horizontal Jungling".

This is how horizontal Jungling looks like. Both Junglers are having their 6 camps in their own jungle.

However this is how Vertical Jungling looks like:

Basically what happens is that the Map split is different.
If both Junglers invade each others Jungle.
Lets say the enemie invades your redbuff while you are toplane.
You either predict that he is going to do it, or he got spotted by wards/boxes.
This means he will take your rede buff and theoretically there is 2 things you can do.
Number 1: You move and try to collapse on him, trying to kill him while he is doing your red.
However this would mean that u would be there fast enough to kill him depending on the enemies clearspeed of the camp.
So if you decide to move and he just gets away without you kiling him means u just gave away your red basically for free.
So this is where Option Nr 2 comes in handy.

Number 2: You see him taking ur red, and instead of moving to ur red, you decide to take his red as a trade.
In that case you will both get a red buff without any clown fiesta going on.

When to Vertical Jungle

You might now be sitting home and think "Well if vertical Jungling is so great why do i not do it everytime i get invaded?"
Well the answer is simple.
There are reasons when not to vertical Jungle in those Scenarios:
    Your Laners dont have prio and enemies tend to move (Specially in higher elos)
    You are really low health after your clear and you cant even take his Camps anyways
    Knowing His whole Jungle isnt up anyways.

Pros and Cons about Vertical Jungling

Pros of Vertical Jungling:

- If your Jungle gets invaded you will always get something back (Sometimes it happens that i take 3 camps of enemie jungle while he only took raptors or just red for example) with atleast the same profit of enemie Jungle invading me
- If Both Junglers are really dedicated of vertical Jungling, they could do it the entire game. Which would result on a map split. Since the Map is split vertically, you can completly focus on ganking one lane, since you dont have to move into your other side of Jungle that is on the other side of the map.
- This Split will pressure the enemie laners hard, since you will be almost always in range for a gank.

Cons of Vertical Jungling

- The Map split will increase your Gank pressure on one lane, but will insanely decrease it on the other side of the map. Since your botside jungle is enemie Jungle terretory your camps will probably always be gone. Which means moving to your botlane to gank will mostly not pay off. Even if you get a kill while ganking. Lets not even discuss the fact what happens if u dont get anything from the gank.
- The Risk is higher to get killed while jungling. In Higher elos its all about ur laners and prioritys. If enemie Midlane has, for example a Talon, vertical Jungling can be a real pain.
If you got any Questions about me or the Guide you can contact me through Twitter.
Same goes if you maybe consider to get coached by me.
I am also a SoloQ coach and Coach for Competetive Players up to Challenger.
Feel free to Dm me on Twitter.
Asking is for free!
Prices for coaching sessions are also discussed in my Dms.

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