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League of Legends Build Guide Author rawranator

An Awesome Guide About Galio

rawranator Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Core Items

I always get these 3 items. I don't even think about it or question if I should change it. This are the 3 main items that make up Galio. Every item after this will complement whichever playing style you prefer. You definitely want Banshee's Veil. Your ultimate, like Nunus, can be interrupted. Went through an interesting experience with Xin Zhao where he activated his three talon strike before I did my ultimate ... before my ult could finish, he sent me flying in the air, canceling the rest of my ult and doing less damage ... it was lame.

Item Build #1, Balanced

With this build, I can tank fairly decent and still be able to deal some good damage with my skills. A healthy mix of Tank Items and AP items. This build is ment to take advantage of Galios passive, Runic Skin.

Item Build #2, Tank

This is my tank build for Galio. With the extra items in defense, he stands up very well against other players, including strong DPS characters. Thornmail works excellent with his ultimate. The last item can be replaced with whichever other item you desire, but it has worked well for me. I think we all can agree that Guardian Angel is a no brainer for most tanks, even better for Galio because the Magic Resist that converts into AP, woohoo!

Item Build #3, Mage DPS

This is my Mage DPS build. If you already have a tank and it's not necessary to tank, and you don't want to be an off tank or is not needed to off tank, then try this build. I had a lot of fun with this build, not a lot of people were expecting me to deal as much damage as I did... BUT you will take more damage from your ultimate than in the previous 2 builds. I knock out the 2 AP items that give me magic resist, then I work on getting the daddy of all AP items, Zhonya's Ring. You could use Zhonya's after you have used your ult to stay alive long enough for your team mates to pick off the other baddies, just be cautious of your health.


Core Spells

Exhaust iis great for slowing down those damn cowards who try to run from you, and if they still aren't that slow, then shoot out a Righteous Gust to catch up to them. Fortify is my way of getting cheap-o kills. Get a group of baddies attack a turret, run up to them, taunt, fortify, one should at least die, the rest almost dead. Oh and its good for defending turrets too.

Useful Spells

These spells compliment all 3 of my builds. Clairvoyance is great for revealing areas in the map, avoiding ganks or setting up a gank. Clarity is also good if you want to have plenty of mana early in game. Cleanse works great along with your core items. Ignite to kill off the stragglers. Teleport to assist or defend your teammates. Heal for those tough spots.

Not so Useful Spells

Never used these while playing Galios and I don't see a reason why to use them neither. You on the other hand might find some use for these guys ... I don't.

Playing as Galios

Using my Balance build to explain MY playing style. Feel free to take some liberties in my build. For example, if you want more point in Bulwark early on in the game, go for it. It's an excellent ability for tanking and protecting others.

Early game

Early games, I try not to be the aggressor till at least level 3. If I have a good person on my lane that deals good damage, then I play more of a support role for them by speeding them up with Righteous Gust, slowing down the enemy with Resolute Smite, and shielding them with Bulwark. Bulwark is great because it also heals you. If you have an aggressive fighter on your lane, cast it often on them and you won't have to worry much about hp. By level 6 or 7, you should have the chalice and your boots. If you don't have these items, you messed up!

Order of attack

1. Resolute Smite
2. Righteous Gust
3. rinse and repeat

Mid to Late game

You should have your ult at this point, if not ... you messed up! It will be easy to take control of your lane if the other team is pushing hard. Like most characters with Taunt, wait till their close to the tower, use ult, watch their life go down by the towers hand, and if that doesn't kill them ... throw your Righteous Gust at them.

By level 11, you should have Abyssal Scepter and you should be working on Guardian Angel. I usually don't get passed Guardian Angel in most game. If you get your last item, this game has gone on for too long.

If you're doing the balance role or Tank role, keep in mind that the other players might need you. Once take down the enemy tower, get on going assisting other players. Remember that your Bulwark shields a friendly champ and heals you. You want to keep your peeps alive, right?

So in team battle, and in most encounters this is what I do ...

Order of Attack

1. Righteous Gust (get in close)
2. Idol of Durand (if up)
3. Bulwark (on self, only if your heavily dmg after ult)
4. Resolute Smite
5. Righteous Gust
6. not dead?
7. Exhaust
8. Resolute Smite
9. Righteous Gust

Closing Comments and tips

PRACTICE! don't come to me after you went straight to a normal match expecting to win because of my build ... get to know your champs before taking them into a real match.

Resolute Smite shoots off slow, Righteous Gust shoots off fast ... trying using them in sequence and you can hit someone with both moves at the same time.

His ultimate can be canceled, be careful. You can die while in your Ultimate, be careful. Your Ultimate is not god mode.