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Blitzcrank Build Guide by SpicySkelleton

Support An Old school Sup Blitz build with a new paint job

By SpicySkelleton | Updated on December 6, 2018
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Runes: Your go to Supp Biltz Runes

1 2

Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
If you have good teamwork and survivability
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Support Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

An Old school Sup Blitz build with a new paint job

By SpicySkelleton
Hi there Everyone!

I'm SpicySkelleton,an old time League player back in about Season 4, which now I'm at mastery 6. This is my first guide so feel free to comment to share your opinion it. I decided to choose blitz Support because he was my first main in league, back when runes and mastery pages were separate things and entirely different. And no you cannot find my name in the players list in Oceania because that isn't my summoner name there. (Well... Not until I change it that is).

Anyway, the reason I consider this an "Old school" Build because, If you go blitz support, you realise not a lot has changed for him over the years. Perhaps a few new champs have been put it to counter him, but still as long as you can land your Q's effectively it's still the same old blitz. I'll tell you the pros and cons while explaining his abilities and spells to you newer players interested in Supp Blitz.
Abilities and Spells Back to Top
Your Passive can get your out of trouble and any point in game if you have enough MS to escape. However its on a cooldown once it's used so you can be pretty vulnerable to you enemies if it goes off early game.

Blitz's Rocket Grab is your standard go to for him in any lane (except Jungler if your not thinking of invading at the start). It pulls your enemies close for you to combo your abilities to either kill or seriously damage them so you can push lane. However keep in mind your Q can pull all enemies, such as minions jungle mobs and Objective mobs (Drake & Herald). So aim carefully, also to note. It takes about 100 mana to use and Blitz is generally pretty mana hungry if you got nothing to sustain that, so don't spam it and conserve your mana when you actually need it.

Overdrive is a good ability to have you move around the map better while you chase down enemies or run from them. It costs 75 mana and which you can spam once your lvl 5 or higher to move back and forth to the different lanes, I recommend maxing it last because if you build right it wont be 100% necessary unlike you E and Q.
Powerfist is should always be your choice when you hit lvl 2. It allows you to knock up enemies for your adc to have enough window time to try and kill them. Always combo it with your Q, then R once you go past lvl 6. Power fist can also stop enemies like Junglers fro chasing down and killing your adc. and if they're doing that under your tower if can secure you a tower kill.

Static Field is a great Ultimate to use in your Q + E combo. It can also silence enemies like Fiddlesticks and Swain's Ultimates. However it's passive can end up you stealing your adcs farm so be careful of that, and it's cost is the same for your Q so don't waste it randomly.
Flash and Ignite are standard go to's as a support. Not much to say here.

Heal and Exhaust are great to slow down you enemies and to keep you and your adc healthy. Also Heal can be used as a slight speed boost if you need it. So if you go heal, convince your adc to go ignite.

Teleport is mainly used for more roaming if you're confident your adc can hold lane while you baabysit your other degenerate teammates that need either a gank or a save.
Pros and Cons Back to Top
  • Nice tanky build to mid and late game.
  • Decent damage to secure kill assist or kills if your teammates can't pull their weight.
  • Great speed to roam around the map when out of laning phase.

  • Can be squishy early game if your passive is on cooldown already.
  • Requires teamwork with your adc to secure kills to feed them.
  • requires you to have enough skill to land your grabs. If you miss a lot of your grabs early game your lane will suffer.
Epilogue Back to Top
I hope that explained everything for you. Keep in mind this is my own way of doing support blitzcrank, there may be better builds for him, but for me this is enough. Also if you wanted explanations to the item choices I put in, just hover your cursor to the notes icon near them. With that I hope you have fun with Blitzcrank Support!
League of Legends Build Guide Author SpicySkelleton
SpicySkelleton Blitzcrank Guide
An Old school Sup Blitz build with a new paint job