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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Anivia Build Guide by midoriiro

Anivia ~ Feed the bird

By midoriiro | Updated on March 5, 2012

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Welcome to my first build ever on mobafire. I'll be talking about my personal favorite champion,
anivia, the cryophoenix. I played over 200 games with anivia and she's one of those champions that are easy to play, but hard to master. keep playing and you should get the hang of it. I hope this guide will also help you play better than ever ^^
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Pros / Cons

-Has a great stun.
-The wall is possibly one of the best spells.
-The passive makes ur enemy nerdrage :)
-Great AoE with her ult, and low cooldown.

-The stun is one of the slowest skillshots in-game.
-Hard to farm without ult.
-pretty slow ... :/
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater quintessence of fortitude: Anivia has pretty low health early game, this should help for a little extra survivability.
Greater mark of insight: The magic penetration will help you deal more damage mid/late game.
Greater glyph of potency: A good early game, and you're almost certain of a victory. these runes will help you with that ;)
Greater seal of potency: same as your glyphs, this helps you early game :)
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These are all pretty self-explanatory. the masteries are +/- the same for all AP caster champs. I like to put the 9 last points in utility, for the extra mana that'll scale with the achrangel's staff, and especially the extra movement speed comes in handy.
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Summoner Spells

I'll keep this part short, because this part is different for each and everyone of you.
though i do advise you to take flash , but for the 2nd spell i'd choose either ignite, exhaust, and if you really like it Heal will also work on anivia.
I dont advise taking teleport because that's something your solotop should take.

for the other remaining summoner spells ... no.
Just ... NO.
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Doran's ring: Good first item due to the extra health it gives, next to ability power and mana regen.
Boots of speed: A bit extra movement speed early game can really help. anivia deals tons of damage without needing any AP.
Tear of the godess: This will help you with mana problems. pay attention to your ult usage, for it uses ALOT of mana early game.
Sorcerer's shoes: Try to build these as soon as possible. once you get a bit movement speed it'll become easier to hit your stun.
Rod of ages: get this one right after your boots, it'll increase your survivability and give you a nice ap boost.

If you got fed, then buy rabadon's deathcap, if you didnt get fed then complete your archangel's staff.

Finish your build in any order that's best suited for the match.
If the enemy team has a strond ad carry, then you'd better get Zhonya's hourglass
If the other AP champs are pwning you, then you'd better get the Banshee's veil first. the passive works well against champs like Warwick and Malzahar, while the health and mana give you more survivabilty and AP (thanks to Archangel's staff
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Situational Items

: If you feel like you don't need the Magic penetration from your sorcerer's shoes, i strongly suggest these for the extra movement speed.

: if you feel like you're gonna get fed, then get this one.

: The cooldown reduction on this item is pretty good, more skill spamming = more mass stun, and more frostbite spamming.

: this item is really hilarious to buy if you're fed. the most times you die with anivia is because your skills are on cooldown. if you die, and guardian's angel revives you, your skills are up again, allowing you to stun and use your wall and ult to attack or escape.

: the spell vamp will heal you alot, get this if you want to stay longer on your lane.

: get this item if the enemy team has alot of magic resist, it'll help you get through that and deal alot of damage.

: I don't really like this one. the extra health is nice, but the slow isn't really needed. if you want more health you could get a 2nd rod of ages, but with the above build you should have enough health.

: Extra movement speed, ability power, magic resist, more mana AND an awesome passive ! although this isnt that good on anivia as it is on fizz, it would still help dealing more damage. If you want to get this one, i'd switch it for zhonya's hourglass or banshee's veil.
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Skill Sequence

Take one point in Flash frost At level 1, to be able to stun the enemy champion.
For level 2 and 3 getFrostbite, this will be you main damage output for the entire game, alongsides your ult.
At level 4 i take one point inCrystallize , this is a very versatile skill. you could use it too keep your enemy in range of your ultimate, or you can block the path so you can escape. either way this skill is really usefull and worth taking at lvl 4.

Always level your ult at lvl 6, 11, and 16.
Frostbite should be maxed out at lvl 9, after that level Flash frost first, and max Crystallize as last.
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Skill combo

You can start harassing the enemy at lvl 2, stun the enemy with flash frost and hit him with frostbite. this will deal at least 50% of your enemy's health as damage. just stun the enemy and fly in for a frostbite. the hardest part here is aiming your stun wich just needs practice practice and practice :)

Once you get your ult, harassing gets easier.Just cast Glacial storm on the enemy champ, if he's in the middle of the ult try to stun him with flash frost, if he isnt, try to hit a frostbite before he gets away.

In teamfight try to hit as many enemies as possible with your ult, and also stun as many as possible. for your frostbite, always focus it on the most squishy enemies. If you're fighting in the jungle, use your wall to either seperate an enemy from his team, or block the route between your teams to escape.
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How to lane

Ok so in this part i'll give you some tips on how to lane in mid. anivia should always be mid !
You HAVE to be lvl 2 before you can start harassing. try to last hit minions, it's hard to time your autoattack since the animation's slow, but it'll easier the more you play her.

Now once you become lvl 2, you have your stun and frostbite. shoot your stun at the enemy, and detonate it AFTER it passed him for double damage ! when he's stunned get closer and shoot a frostbite at him. and BOOM there goes 50% of his health. You can also use frostbite now to last hit minions, although i'd only do this if you have blue buff.

at level 6 you should have at least 1 point in each of your skills.
now the trick for easy kills. first get closer to the enemy and try to dodge the spells that he shoots.

try to place him in the ult so that he'll have to walk a long way.
shoot your stun at him, wich should be easier to hit now because of your ult slow.
get a frostbite in, and when he nearly gets out of the ult, place a wall there.
by that time, if your frostbite is availlable again shoot it, and the enemy should be close to death.

If he decides to stay at the turret with low health, initiate with stun, try to hit a frostbite and move out of turret range. repeat till he's dead ^^
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Change Log

-5/03/2012: Added "Situational Items" and "How to lane"
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Thanks !

Thanks for reading this build! it's the first I ever wrote, so I hope it's decent enough ^^
Don't hesitate to give some criticism on how i can make this build even better !

thanks for reading !!!