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League of Legends Build Guide Author FerralOne

Anivia made easy

FerralOne Last updated on June 21, 2011
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(I tried to color code things, for those who say TL;DR. Red is important, green is recommended, white is helpful, and blue is unnecessary)

Hi there! So if your reading this, it's likely your one of those people who either wants to use Anivia, or already has and didn't do so well. If so, you came to the right place. With this build, you can increase your kills and assists, while also decreasing your number of deaths.

Build 1: Ability Spamming Anivia
This build is mostly built on top of large amounts of mana, some cool-down, and plenty of mana regeneration, allowing for long maintained periods of your ultimate, as well as spamming of your abilities and longer periods spent laning/farming.

Build 2:DPS Anivia
Maximum Damge per Second.

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Pros/Cons of the builds

Supportive Build
Pros of this build:
[*] Lots of mana regeneration allows for long maintained periods with your ultimate
[*] The increase of speed over magic penetration makes up for Anivia's slow nature
[*] Lots of mana allows for longer amounts of time laning
[*] Great farming capabilities
[*] Some defensive capabilities provided, over the usual AP spam.

Cons of this build
[*] Less ability power
[*] Less overall defensive capabilities than could have been possible with an AP/HP/Armor build (Your squishier)
[*] Almost unnecessary amounts of mana by the end of the game.

Nuke Build
Pros of this build:
[*] Insane levels of DPS
[*] Great magic penetration
[*] Early and late game OP

Cons of this build
[*] Lackluster farming abilities
[*] Super squishy
[*] Not much mana; you can't hold your ult very long without the golem buff

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Anivias skills, and some of their uses

Anivia has a pretty unusual skill-set that can sometimes be hard to use and master. Lets look at them one by one.

Passive: Rebirth
This is one of my favorite passives on a champion. When Anivia is slain, she reverts to an egg, with fully restored health. If Anivia can survive for 6 seconds as an egg, she is reborn! Careful though; at earlier levels, Anivia's armor and magic resistance as an egg is reduced, so you are abit squishier. Not only that, but this passive has a four minute cool-down! I cant say how many times I've pretty much commit suicide as Anivia because I forgot my egg was still on cool down. Watch the icon aboth your abilities to see how much longer before you can rebirth again.

Q Skill: Flash Frost
This skill is fun. Anivia launches a ball of ice in a straight line. Every enemy this ice ball passes through takes damage. Also, once the ice ball reaches the end of its path, or once you hit Q again, the ice ball explodes, not only dealing additional damage, but stunning enemies caught in the small blast. Try to detonate right behind your target for maximum effect The damage this causes can often be fairly serious against squshier champions (Or if your fed ^_^), and the stun is an awesome extra effect. Plus, the stun effect can be used to flee from enemies, or to save an ally from certain death. Use it wisely, and use it often.

W Skill: Crystallize
This one can be fun. Anivia will create a wall off impassable ice that will melt after several seconds. This is a very useful tool. These are the uses I have found for it so far
1) Use it to slow down enemy champions while you are fleeing. This can buy precious time, especially against faster champions (Anivia can be quite slow)
2) Slow or prevent enemy champions' escapes. This one is quite obvious. Trying to escape? I don't think so; Use Crystallize, then Glacial Storm, then Frostbite, and follow up with a Flash Frost if they still aren't dead.
3) Block off jungle entrances and exits. This one can be very fun. For fleeing, you can run into a jungle, and by its later levels, the ice wall can easily block most of the small entrances (At least on summoners rift). Great for escaping. However, this can also be used to trap in enemy champions and prevent their escape.
4) Funneling. By using this to block part of a lane, you can funnel minions and champions straight into your Glacial Storm or Flash Frost skills.
5) Sight Ward. Instead of face checking a bush, you can place your wall inside it instead.

As you can see, this is a useful and versatile skill. Its major downfall is its fairly long cooldown. Consider this when you use it; if you think wont need it more soon, go ahead and use it. Otherwise, save it for a more dire situation. Also, be weary of the Flash summoner skill; It will ruin your day when you walled off the jungle, thinking your safe, just to have a carry flash through your wall.

E Skill: Frostbite
This is a nice follow up attack, and is great for getting kills early game and late game. This skill will deal DOUBLE DAMAGE if the enemy unit is frozen (Either by Flash Frost, Glacial Storm, another champion (Like Nunu), or an item effect). I usualy get my level 2-10 kills from this move in combination with my Q. Outside of sheer damage potential following up a freeze, there isnt much to explain with this skill, However, do know the range of Frostbite is within your auto attacks range, so always throw in an auto attack for a little extra harassment if you aren't going to follow up with another skill.

R Ultimate: Glacial Storm
With her ultimate, Anivia will launch a storm of ice in a circular radius marked nearby. She can maintain this ultimate as long as she has mana, and it will deal damage per second. It has a relatively low cast cost, a lower maintenance cost, and can be canceled by either moving to far away from it, or by hitting R again after about 1 after casting the ultimate. I would be especially wary with its use early game, as its a big mana hog. Late game, it doesn't matter that much. This skill can be used for the following
1) Damage. Self-exlpanitory
2) Slow down enemy progress. Usefull for fleeing and slowing down a lane push.
3) Minion farming. My personal fave. This is also good for the end of the game when minions are at the door of a nexus, whether it be yours or the enemies, it can be used to clear minion masses easily.
4) Zone control. Many champions would rather traverse around the storm than through it
5) Bush check. Most of the time, a champions will run from the bush when you ult it. Because of its nature, its easy to do this often.
6)Preparing the enemy for a Frostbite or slowing them down to land a Flash Frost

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Tips and Tricks for using Anivia

*Anivia is squishy. Dont chance a death or wasted Rebirth. Take your life over a chance to get a kill
*Use your Crystallize skill as a ward to check bushes
*While fleeing, make use of Flash Frost's stun effect
*If you flee into the jungle, use Crystallize to block the entrance. This also applies if you are running behind your turret to b and you think a champ might pop out and turret dive to kill you.
* Frostbite does NOT cause freeze effect on the target; don't launch it in an attempt to get a slow on the enemy champion.

*In team fights, use the wall to try to break up clusters of enemies,particularly trapping the melees behind the barrier and getting the ranged guys to the front, as opposed to the other way around. (Credit to Pipboy)
*At the begining of the game, if your feeling lucky and bold, you can lead a stupid champion to your turret when your very low on health, and they decide they can finish you can live, you can purposely take the hit at your turret, and initiate Rebirth (MAKE SURE ITS NOT ON COOLDOWN BEFORE DOING THIS) They enemy will take at least two or three hits from the turret, and even if they live and flee, you can either go finish them off if they are dumb enough to stick around, or push the lane to their turret if they had to go back.
*Make use of Glacial Storm's slow effect while fleeing if your Flash Frost is on cool down and you need a frost effect for slow or Frostbite
*Use crystallize to funnel minions and champs into your ult
*Getting blue soon after you get your ultimate will dramatically improve your ability to lane, especially in the side lanes. See if somebody is willing to help you get it

*Don't be discouraged if you aren't good at aiming Flash Frost at first; It will take some practice.
*You don't need to place the center of your Glacial Storm directly on top of the enemy to get effectiveness out of it; Sometimes the slow and frost for a Frostbite is all you will need to score a kill.

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Q-Q-E: Damage
Launch your Q ( Flash Frost) and at the right moment (You want to utilize Flash Frost's stun, and ideally, pass through the enemy first to get both pass and burst damage). After they have been stunned, launch Frostbite to receive its double damaging effect. This is especially deadly early and late game.

R-W-Q-E: Nuke
Start with Glacial Storm to slow them down (Try to get the center ahead of them so they are forced to walk through longer), and follow up with your Crystallize to wall them in. Continue with Flash Frost to do damage and stun them. Hit the fleeing enemy with Frostbite to get the double damage effect. This very often results in a kill, especially on squishier or already fleeing champions.

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Problem Characters

Yes, he is a problem for alot of characters in general, just because he can carry so hard, but the biggest problem with facing Tryndamere is that he can Spinning Slash right through your ice walls, and out of the way of both your ice ball, and through your glacial storm with minimal damage. Here's what I would do when laning against Tryndamere:
*Wait for Tryndamere to use his Spinning Slash before attacking, forcing him to wait for cooldown
*Always keep your distance, and be weary that he will spin through your walls while chasing you (If he is smart)
*Try to suprise stun him with Flash Frost if he you think he may try to spin away from your glacial storm. Predict which way he may try to go (Often you can find preferred patterns aswell) and send off Flash Frost to try and intercept his Spinning Slash
*If he gets to close, clothesline him with Flash Frost (Beware of the fact there is a very short cooldown between launching Q and being able to detonate it) to stun him.

Vladimir is another character that is a pain because he can pass through your walls with Sanguine Pool. In addition, this same ability can be used to avoid Flash Frost. He is also an overall annoying harassment champion, constantly using Transfusion to tear holes in your health and heal himself. Here are some tips for facing Vlad:
*Try to keep a good distance from him. Farm over harassment, he is a far better harassment champion then Anivia
*Don't get caught off guard by Sanguine Pool. It will not only pass through your Crystallize walls and dodge your Flash Frosts, it will slow you and do damage as well. This is lethal to an already sluggish character such as Anivia
*If your laneing with somebody who has crowd control abilities (Such as Alistar), who is a tank (Such as Taric), or is fast with a high DPS (Like Master Yi), have them initiate Vlad. If you are midding, don't be afraid to ask for ganks.

This one is a real annoyance. He will constantly harass you with silences from Null Sphere, and teleport through your walls with Rift Walk. Here are some tips for dealing with Kassadin:
*Keep your distance. Getting silenced from Null Sphere can be bad, but not as bad as if he gets close enough to crank our Force Pulse to slow down the already slow Anivia, and then follow up with his melee attacks and ability.
*Don't waste time with putting up alot of walls with Kassadin after he hit level 6 and has mana; However, if you desire, and you went with build 1, you can use it as a strategy to burn his mana pool.
*Early game, Kassadin will seriously harass you with Null Sphere. If you have to face him on the middle lane, either swap with somebody else, or call in ganks to help you.

If you think a champion that isn't listed is a problem champion for Anivia, let me know in the comments and I'll add a section for them

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Why did i pick these runes, you ask? Most of them are Mana/Mana Regen, and its pretty much already been stated why these are good, aside from the fact the additional mana stacks on your AP with the Archangels Staff. However, as for the ones involving movement speed and cooldown reductions:

Cooldown: This adds to her ability to spam her skill. With this builds insane mana late game, this is good.

Speed: Anivia is a slug. That extra 5 speed in conjunction with her slowing ice can make the difference when fleeing from speedy characters like Garen

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Change History

I appreciate any feedback! This is my first time posting a build to mobafire, so I know it could use improvements. Also, this is a work in progress, more is coming!

Version 1.0
*Added the guide! More coming soon!

Version 1.1
Added a second build (Nuker) and a combos section (With more to come).

Version 1.2
Updated some parts of the build to match the addition of the nuker build; Made the titles and such more readable

Version 1.3
Updated pretty much everything down to the end of Problem Champions