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Anivia Build Guide by Gargoyle Junior

Anivia to Diamond guide patch 8.3

By Gargoyle Junior | Updated on February 7, 2018
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Perfect Timing
Cosmic Insight


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Win 52%
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Hello, Guys, this is Gargoyle Junior bringing you the "Anivia to Diamond" guide. I've been playing Anivia for over 3 years now, I've reached Diamond 3 in NA only by playing Anivia. So i kinda know the champion by now. I hope that this guide will help you understand Anivia's kit and playstyle. Let me know what you think ;)
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Arcane comet is like bread and butter for Anivia, I can confidently say there is no better rune for her.
The reason beyond taking Manaflow is obvious, You suffer from low mana early on. and when the game starts, you have a free stack on Manaflow, Which means you can either get 3 melee minions with your Q, Or get a free trade with the enemy while they try to Farm.
Well... Anivia loves CDR, And this will keep you from wasting an item slot for another CDR item. Just keep spamming that E.
a great trading tool.
you will really enjoy this stopwatch, Getting ganked? Turn your R on and Q E The enemy, And then stopwatch, They will either die in your ult or will back off and have to recall.
CDR my friend... CDR.
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You will almost always have to take Rod of Ages as your first item Since this item gives you a lot of ability power and Mana, Just what Anivia needs.
So I haven't seen many Anivia mains buy Morellonomicon these days, Which is a mistake, This item will give you an easier time, The CDR will get you to 35% with your Transcendence rune, Which means that you won't overcap the CDR and you will have 45% by buying Zhonya's. Great item overall, You can also go Void staff if you find it more useful but i personally prefer Morell.
Zhonya is one of the best items for Anivia, You are the dominant champion in team fights, The only thing you have to do is put your ult either for zoning the enemy or crushing the tanks in the front line, Just pop zhonyas if they want to all in you or stun you.
Well, You haven't been stacking that Tear for no reason right? This may not be my favorite item of all time but the shield will keep you alive and the Ap is high and the mana is great.
and Well at this point you've got your defensive items and your team fight items, Now you're gonna need to oneshot those adcs and crush those tanks, So this two items will do just that ^^
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some of your Q combos will need flash, And you have no escapes. Flash is necessary for Anivia

I almost always take Teleport, Not because I can teleport back to lane. Because I can tp top or bot and surprise the enemy, or counter gank the enemy jungler.

I only take ignite against easy matchups like Yasuo and Karthus and Katarina, But still Teleport is a better option.

Take this against Zed/Fizz/Syndra and other burst champions.

Take this against Twisted Fate/Zoe/Annie
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Pros / Cons

+Very high damage output
+One of the best mid laners for teamfighting
+Can outplay the opponents
+High rewarding champion
+Good for catching people and blocking paths

-Very immobile
-Item/Farm dependant
-Can become useless if behind
-Can be countered by certain champions
-High skill cap
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How to play Anivia

Early Game
In the early game, your goal is to get your Catalyst and Tear as soon as possible, So you can either farm for the first 1850g or be a bit more aggressive and go for risky plays and earn some money that way. Other than that, You shouldn't try to do much else.

Mid game
You're a little stronger now, And you most have your Morell by now, so that means that you've got some damage, Try to get someone team fights rolling in the jungle/River (Since you can block pathways with your W and catch the enemy) And also try to separate the front line from the back line using your W And then Q the way that the enemy is running for a free kill.

Late game
You are now the beast that you're supposed to be. You can oneshot the adc if you get a Q off, So that's something to look for. You want to do everything you did in mid game, But now you have your zhonyas so you have to be more careful on where you place your R so it wouldn't go to waste when you're in zhonyas
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Your easiest combo would be your Q-Q-E which is your Trading/Catching combo.

Your all in combo is going to be Q-W-R-Q-E this one is a little harder but puts out a lot of damage, try to force them into your Q with your W.

In teamfights you should be looking forward to W the front line from the back line in order to get some time and kill the tanks in front. So R-W-Q(Toward the place they're forced to)-Q-E-Zhonyas if neccessery

You can Also Q-E-Q But you have to time it right in order for your E to do the double damage.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Gargoyle Junior
Gargoyle Junior Anivia Guide
Anivia to Diamond guide patch 8.3