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Lux Build Guide by Savaz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Savaz

(Ap carry) Lazer 2 Win

Savaz Last updated on July 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Detailed Guide to Playing Lux

The first thing you need to know when playing Lux is how to land skillshots if you know how to do this you will be lazering faces off before you know it. At the start of the game choose mid lane and harass by landing a Q Light Binding then throw your E Lucent Singularity then auto attack detonate your E Lucent Singularity then auto attack again this should take down nearly 1/2 of the enemies health if landed correctly. If your laning faze isn't going well just sit back and get lasts hits with you E Lucent Singularity. Because of Luxs spell range she is a great harasser early game and because of the AOE on her E Lucent Singularity she is also very good at last hitting. Once you hit level 6 look to either kill your lane using a combo this time including your ulti or if you see a battle in another lane you only need to walk a short distance before you lazer can reach their lane for easy kills, as a side note always make sure you passive is active on a person before you ulti them as it will activate it dealing extra damage. Try to stay in lane as long as possible because of Lux’s extremely good Creep farming abilities. Once your laning phase ends your job in team fights will be to deal damage and protect your ad carry. To do this use your E Lucent Singularity into the main fight and your Shield to hit as many allies as possible, save your Q Light Binding for stunning any melee who jumps onto your carries and your lazer till you know you can hit others. At this point don't worry about auto attacking to using up your passive because it become extremely micro intensive. Once you have completed your Morello's Evil Tomb you can spam your lazer to deal damage before fights as its range is high and its cooldown is ridiculously low. Obviously try not to be caught in the middle of the fight and make sure you use your shield because it become very powerful particularly because it refreshes the shield. Hopefully this guide has explained how to play Lux early and late game. Good luck and happy Lazering. If you like this guide or have any questions please leave a comment.

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Quick Guide To Playing Lux

- Don't Spam your level 1 moves if you aren’t using Clarity
- Early game use Q Light Binding, E Lucent Singularity and auto attacks to harass and E and auto attacks to get creep kills.
- Use Lux’s range to harass effectively.
- Make sure your Passive is applied before lazering.
- you can lazer the other lanes by just moving a few steps use this to grab free kills.
- Late game don't bother to auto attack as it becomes to hard to pick targets.
- Use E and W into the main fight to deal damage and help team but save your Q to protect your Ad carry and your Lazer to clean up.
- DON'T face check E Lucent Singularity gives sight
- Late game Use lazers before fights as its cooldown is low.
- Remember to use your shield.

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Summoner Spell Choices

Here are the Summoner Spells that are actually useful.

Note: you can change your masteries to spec into whichever summoner spells are useful for you.

- Lux spells are easily spammable but this comes with the downfall of running out of mana very quickly. Clarity allows endless harassment but is not totally necessary if you own mana regen runes.

- What can I say flash is a useful spell on nearly every hero useful for escaping and getting closer.

- Another very useful escape spell but can also be used offensively.

- Good on Lux because of the extra damage it deals so it can secure kills but you should never really be in range to cast this.

- Could be considered but you shouldn't really need to back too much so it’s not a top priority.

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Why Not This Item...

- Now I’m not saying this is a bad Item for Lux but unless you are an extremely skilled League of Legends player you will probably not be able to mange choosing targets and auto attacking when it comes to massive team fights and if it comes down to a 1v1 you will probably be able to one shot any person who can kill you.

- This Item is for the most arrogant of players not only because you have to assume you won't die but also because you have to assume you get a lot of kills, another reason not to buy this item is to make itself worth the gold you need at least a constant 7-8 stacks which is hard to maintain.

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Item Order

The Item order Seen above can be changed and rearranged depending on your situation, Depending on when I first back I try to afford a Needlessly Large Rod As soon as possible if I’m more that 50 gold off I by Sorcerer's Shoes to start or a Blasting Wand. If you feel your getting focused you can skip some of the items and go straight to Zonya's Hourglass although you really should try to stay at the back of the group and use range to your advantage. In most circumstances you should be able to stick to the main build but if you feel a need to change you can. If you reach Very Late game Sell your Dorans Ring and buy an Rylai's Crystal Scepter. One thing I must stress though is make sure you get your Rabadon's Deathcap ASAP because it is the driving force behind Lux's early game success.

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Farming is a really important point on Lux Maxing your E first should give you easy farm using your E Lucent Singularity then auto attacking can almost always kill minions and if you get your Death cap early enough there will be a period when you can one-shot all minions. Another important point with Lux's E Lucent Singularity is YOU CAN HIT EVERY MINION! Try to aim it so you hit every minion but of course harassing with it is more important. Finally If you are backing because of low health make sure you use your Ulti to grab a few creep kills and damage your opponent because this will stop them pushing and will set you up for an easy kill when you get back.

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A Few Final Notes

- While playing as Lux pay particular attention to how much damage your Ulti deals at certain points in the game. Learn when you can and when you can't get kills with you lazer because most of the time you will only scare off easy kills if you ulti to early.

- Use all of Lux's abilities especially the shield I can't stress the number of times the shield has saved me from ganks, ignites, and Karthus' pesky ulti. It also shields for a great deal late game as your Ap will be insane.

- Remember there is a short charge time on the lazer, try to wait for your target to stand still but if he is moving remember to ulti a short distance ahead of him so you get the kill.

- Don't be afraid to guess when it comes to using your ulti, your ulti's cooldown is tiny
and there is no better feeling than getting a kill on someone you can't see with the lazer.

-If you Liked this guide or you have and concerns or questions please leave a comment and if this helped you remeber to thumbs me up.