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Evelynn Build Guide by biryarg

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author biryarg

AP Evelynn - Diamond 3

biryarg Last updated on October 28, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Evelynn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Amumu Always ll start on gromp, so you know where he ll start, and he dont have anything to counter you in early; easy gank at level 2
Ekko He lost a lot of HP in jungle, dont have a cc ability, easy counter jungle
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Hello Guys, I´m Guillermo from Argentina, and this is my first guide in the site! and who better to start than my favorite Champ! The Widow Maker

I´m a Main jungler since Season 3, Maining Evelynn, actually Diamond 3 on LAS Server.

I´m an agressive jungler, i focus myself on farming and just ganking when its a fact that i ll get the kill; i´m not a support jungler that constantly helps the lines, i try to carry the game.

Evelynn with ingnite and without flash, can easily slain any champ in a 1v1.

I´ll leave some pics with another account of me with a +35 streak

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Pros / Cons

+ Invisible!
+ Able to use various gank routs to ambush her opponents
+ Full AP is overpower
+ Great to counter jungle
+ Can escape easily with Dark Frenzy
- Squishy early on
- Close Range
- Lack of CC
- No Health sustain in the jungle
- Easily countered by Stuns and similar effects

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This Build is for a Burst Damage Eve, not a tank one or a support one.
We start with 3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power this will be our main damage in the early game, for the jungle and the ganks.
For the Marks we use 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage; we put this and not magic penetration, because we are gonna gain it with the items, also is better to put damage and not ap, becauso the Ravage give us atack speed, so we are going to atack not only with Hate Spike also with Auto Atacks
In the Seal we´ll take 9 Greater Seal of Armor it´ll help us for clean the camps in the early game and give us some sustain.
As we said, our eve is gonna be a burst one, we don´t need MR, so we take 9 Greater Glyph of Ability Power

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21/9/0 is the best setup for a Burst AP jungler for its kill potential and clear speed. As Evelynn in particular, you don't want to just survive team fights since you have low utility; you want enough damage to be an early game threat and to be able to threaten the enemy backline in team fights.

Offensive masteries help you deal a lot of damage with a couple AP items to both, champions and monsters. While most of the defensive masteries scale better into late game, damage can net you a lot more potential gold in the early stages of the game. Evelynn is a strong ganker throughout this period, so offensive masteries will amplify those strengths.

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This spell is essential for jungling. Smite enables you to secure or steal objectives, clear your jungle camps more quickly, gain monster camp bonuses and buy Hunter's Machete and its upgrades. You need Smite to jungle.

Our Ability Sequence is for a Evelynn with ignite and without flash; this spell helps you to secure the kills in your ganks and in the counter jungling.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Hate Spike is our main skill, it will help us to clean the jungle faster and to constantly hit on our enemys. You can use it to consume spell shields like Spell Shield Spell Shield and Banshee's Veil Banshee's Veil. It also lets you use Dark Frenzy Dark Frenzy more often.
Ravage will make us slap our enemys with a huge damage! also it gives us atack speed; its perfect for start a hit and run when u don´t want to fight an enemy o for start a gank.
Dark Frenzy Our main escape skill, as we are not using flash, we have to give it more points, because its gives us more movement speed for 3 seconds (30%/40%/50%/60%/70%) You can use this ability to move faster around your jungle, but save its cd, if there is higher chance of an enemy to be ambushing you. It gives high percent move speed increase, which synergy well will other sources of flat bonus MS like boots. When engaging and in fights, dont hurry using it, first make sure the enemy dont have slow effects you need to counter, Its cooldown gets reset if you earn a kill or assist, so turn it on if an enemy is close to die. If you use it wisely, you can counter every slow with it and keep it through out entire battle.
Agony's Embrace our ulti, one of the most perfect ones, it slow our enemys, deal them an amount of their health as magic damage, and also give us a shield for each enemy hit. Its a perfect ability to start in team fights, or to start a gank in the game. Dont blow it early on every engage. Its cd is huge, use it smart

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This Item provides AP and CD to Evelynn, Besides, it's passive is real good on her because she will land the Hate Spike constantly so it's passive will proc a lot of times. Also when you smite on a champ you steal 20% of their movement speed for 2 seconds, if you use it with Dark Frenzy you can chase your enemys really easily.

In our runes we don´t have magic penetration, so this item is essential for it; giving us more power for our ganks, and obvliously more movement speed. The Homeguard is also essential, after finish Haunting Guise you should finish the homeguard, because it ll give you a lot mobility, and will help you to clean the jungle faster and be in the action right on time

This item gives a nice chunck of AP, health and magic penetration. It's passive, combined with Rylai's Crystal Scepter passive, will wipe opponents life quickly; it´s like and constantly red buff on you, and if you also have Rylai's Crystal Scepter you ll have the double of damage.

Provides a lot of health and AP, also with the passive, you slow your enemys, making the chase easily for you. Works perfectly with Liandry's Torment

It´s provides Armor, AP and a wonderful active wich turns you invulnerable to dmg for 2 seconds. This item is essential on team fights, to keep with the hit and run, an try to avoid abilities from your enemys.

This item will push your AP dramatically, making your enemys dissapear.

Gives you magic resist, AP and magic penetration for you and your teammates. If you have an AP fed teammate you should buy this item because it provides magic penetration for you and your teammates. The 50 Magic resist is really necessary if the enemy team has a fed mage

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Best Team Composition

If you play with a friend in duo, there is a couple of combination that would make eve unstoppable.

Top Lane

He can engage with his Shadow Dash; after this would be an easy gank; but the main reason of this good composition is his ulti Stand United. With this you can save Evelynn from a lot of dangerous situation, you can dive enemys in their towers; and, because evelynn is invisible, you can turn a 1v1 into a 3v1 immediatly, and also a 2v2 into a 4v2.

Other good options in the top line are champions with CC and burst damage; Would work really nice.
Mid Lane

Champions with CC and a lot of damage will help you a lot! And TF will work really nice with you, for the same reason than Shen, if you can have a team with this 3 guys, you have a lot of map control!
Bot Lane

The same, as we know Evelynn has lack of CC, so the champs with it will work perfectly with Eve.

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Jungle Routes

Blue Side

I play evelynn on an agressive way, so when i start the game, i tell my teamates to invade the enemy´s blue buff; If you can get a quick kill great, if you don´t just ward the enemy´s gromp.

We start on golems, if we see that the enemy jungler started on the gromp, we dont use the smite on the golems; and after finish it, we go to their blue buff; we wait for him, and when the buff its under 300hp, we smite it and try to kill the enemy jungler; ingite will helps us a lot here.

Usually i get the kill and the buff, or they use the flash and also i steal the buff.

After this, we just try to farm, trying to core the Stalker's Blade - Runeglaive, we just gank if we see an easy kill.

Red Side

Similar to the Blue side, but we are going to invade the red buff, and warding the enemy´s golems; After finishing our gromp without smite we go to the enemy red buff, and try to do the same.

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Ganking Tips

With our Runes, Masteries and Items we are going to have a LOT of DAMAGE!

As you can read in the Jungle Routes, our main goal its core the Stalker's Blade - Runeglaive with this item, and if we are level 6, we can easily gank any line.

I usually try to gank from the line, because the other team will have pinks in the river; if your enemys are full hp, start with Agony's Embrace it ll slow them, hit them a lot of damage, and also ll give you a shield, after this, use Dark Frenzy to chase them; Ravage to have more atack speed and hit a lot of damage, and of course constantly using Hate Spike

Remember, if you kill or assist an enemy, Dark Frenzy cooldown will refresh; you can use it to chase another enemy, or to escape.

It´s really easy to gank with evelynn because of her passive, and if you have ignite and ulti, you ll secure the kill.

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Team Fights

As an Evelynn, you can always do something in the team fights, remember you are an assasin, so you have to focus on their carrys; usually i start with a hit and run, you have to enter with Dark Frenzy; hit Ravage to the front line, and escape constantly using Hate Spike; always if you know that you can escape; when someone is with low hp, you can enter with Agony's Embrace; constantly hitting your enemys; and at this point you ll have ur Zhonya's Hourglass helping you a lot to avoid damage.