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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fizz Build Guide by Skyrath

AP Carry AP Fizz ~ Watch For The Tidal Trickster

AP Carry AP Fizz ~ Watch For The Tidal Trickster

Updated on January 4, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skyrath Build Guide By Skyrath 2,318 Views 0 Comments
2,318 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Skyrath Fizz Build Guide By Skyrath Updated on January 4, 2013
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Hello everybody and welcome to my guide to AP Fizz, I dont know much of what to put here but I guess I can explain my build choices and Item build choice.
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Im sure this is pretty simple but I have picked these masteries because the ability power really helps with the build, cooldown is amazing for most assassins on league and the armor and magic resist are just to help protect from a lot of team fights.
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I usually get boots and potions first because dorans ring doesn't give much AP and early game the AP doesn't really help too much. I then usually wait until I can either afford blasting wand or needlessly large rod because the AP helps early gank, I then proceed to either buy rabadons deathcap or if I need a tiny bit of mana try and build the Sheen. After I build Rabadons and sheen I finish off my boots and build the rest of the Lich Bane. Then I build my Rod Of Ages and finish it off with even more AP by buying another Rabadons Deathcap.
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Skill Sequence

My choice with building "Playful/Trickster" First is because even if you do mess up and almost help them to get a kill you can make a quick easy escape, also it will be your main move later game that does tons of damage with AP. I then proceed to put a point into "Urchin Strike" just to get a quick dash to either get closer too them or to harass them a tiny bit (finish the harass by "Playful/Trickster"ing away. I build the next two points into the same too skills to get a tiny bit more damage, if i'm having a tiny bit of trouble I can put the point meant to go into "Urchin Strike" Into my "Seastone Trident" as this will be your main combo apart from Q towards them and E for the damage. Remember to ALWAYS put your point in the ultimate (R) WHENEVER you can. Then I usually just build "Playful/Trickster" and "Urchin Strike" as much as I can. By this time I usually have my rabadons and either Lich Bane or boots finished off. Then after finishing "Urchin Strike" and "Playful/Trickster" I Build "Seastone Trident" Last.
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The main combos you will want to use are.


W > Q (towards the enemy) > E with tons of AP all over them
E > Q (To chase them)


R > W > Q (towards the enemy) > E for the extra AP damage.
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End Of The Build

Thanks for actually reading this build (If you did).
Please leave feedback in the comments and If you want to try a match with me using this build I play on EU West ~ Summoner: SkyrathTheGreat

If you're interested on other champions that I use I love to play...
AP - Gragas, Fizz, Twisted Fate
AD - Lee Sin, Miss Fortune, Shaco (Can jungle shaco too)
Tanky - Volibear and Nautilus

Enjoy some pics with this build
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skyrath
Skyrath Fizz Guide
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AP Fizz ~ Watch For The Tidal Trickster

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