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Fizz Build Guide by AppleBomb

Ap Fizz wrecking you from the water(perfecting it)

Ap Fizz wrecking you from the water(perfecting it)

Updated on June 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AppleBomb Build Guide By AppleBomb 7,667 Views 8 Comments
7,667 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AppleBomb Fizz Build Guide By AppleBomb Updated on June 6, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my first build featuring....
FIZZ The Tidal Trickster Fizz
Ive played fizz for a while and studied him Forever. He is one of those really hard to learn but when you learn him he is amazing. He is at the moment my favorite hero. The following build is my build that I use.
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I think the Mark Of Insight is the best rune for an ap character. It gives magic pen and is very helpful late game when all of the enemy team has a mass amount of magic resist. So I suggest not changing it but if you would I would get a Greater Mark of Alacrity to get more attack speed to utilize your Seastone Trident more.

Here is where it gets a bit funky. I chose Greater Seal of VitalityGreater Seal of Vitality. I chose that because early game you are VERY squishy. If you die alot early game it is guaranteed you wont have a great game. Late game people try to single you out so it helps alot there to mid-game it isn't utilized too much at least that's what I've noticed. If i were to change these i would get Greater Seal of Focus because your hero is a Burst Ap so you need all your abilities to be up all the time.

I chose Greater Glyph of Focus . It helps with cooldowns because what i've noticed is you end up getting almost away but then you die from a .2 seconds left on a cooldown. I dont like it when that happens so i decided to fix it. I dont see any other viable Glyphs besides that one so just comment with what you think.

This is the one im going to get trolled about... I chose Greater Quint of Insight . Most of you are about at this time screaming at your computer calling me a braindead. But let me tell you! It helps because stacked with a Void Staff and Greater Mark of Insight it means they basically dont have any magic resist. Your abilities will deal max damage and i like that :). Quints you can go any way so just comment with all your many and various ideas for what quints i should tell you about.
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Nothing to report here sarge... Just average masteries for an ap character. I did although take Durability instead of vigor . I chose that because if you can regen 100 hp but have 1000 hp against lets say Veigar you will die very easy. But say you have 2000 hp and youll be ok and be able to get out of his way and kill him.
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Seems kinda normal. I will be working on this build more so i will put down some situational and such. 3 Doran's might be a bit funky to some of you but it helps with the mana problems early game and such. Also mercury treadsMercury Treads don't really help on him I strongly urge you not to get them. Your E helps way more then anything those Treads can do. As you can see i chose not to take Nashor's tooth reasons being i didn't want to get rid of the void staff or the Archangel's . I did that because if you can get your damage through it doesnt matter if you can attack really fast if u cant get through. Archangel's + Rabadon's = you fight me? Have fun with your 100 second respawn timer.
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Your main combo
W -Q -Eplayful/trickster-R spam it alot. Apply your W on them as much as possible and keep hitting until they are dead. If find that your R is as much a finishing move as a chasing ability use it whatever way you think it works.

Running combo
Avoid Q at low life. They get like an instant auto attack and it hurts like heck. I made that mistake alot and got about 2 deaths my first game. Your Eplayful/trickster can be used to jump over walls like the golems and any ledges like mid lane brush. R is a massive helper it scares the **** out of the because a huge shark and it slows them and knocks them back. It helps alot.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite and flash are what I chose. Warning Text Heavy

Exhaust Maybe... lets break it down. It gives them a slow. Your Eplayful/trickster gives them a slow the first jump. It doesnt make sense to get that part of it because it wont help you except a bit early game so i would suggest no unless you know you are facing a HEAVY ad team in which case thats what bumps it up to a maybe. So lets just brush that one to the side.

Ghost Thats on the verge of saying yes. Because Flash got nerfed to heck it means that ghost should take the show by storm. Phreak (the riot gamer) played ghost and did ok with it. But I feel half of ghost is lost from Fizz's Passive Nimble Fighter . It seems like flash would help more because you can flash onto a ledge or something to escape. The movespeed on ghost is ok... But it doesnt really make to huge of a difference if you are about to die... You can take it if you'd like but I really dont see why.

Surge This one is one I say yes to if you dont like flash or ignite . It helps fizz because it gives attack speed and it give AP so that means you can hit faster and it kicks butt with your W because you get more damage per second. :) It helps but if your having a bad game and get a bit too squishy because your not fed enough surge becomes kinda useless because you cant run in there without getting killed.

Thats just me. Just choose which one you like.
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You want to farm alot. Harass alot also. Just just turn on your W then hit them with your Q and just bash a bit to get your W on them then Eplayful/trickster out. Farming is what you really want to do. What you need to do is use your Eplayful/trickster on the mage minions and if you have enough ap u can 1 shot them and sometimes 1 shot the fighter minions. You should be level 18 first on your team(unless someone else gets fed). You need blue buff alot because your mana is always a bit to low. Ask before taking though to not cause any "team fights". Remeber though you are squishy! Don't take any unnecessary risks. If you dont have a jungler remember to jungle when your creeps are attacking the tower.
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Fizz is a great Hero. He is one of my alltime favorites. As always please comment before voting I will answer any questions you may have to the best of my knowledge, constructive criticism is ok also. Dont forget to vote :).

Thanks for reading.
League of Legends Build Guide Author AppleBomb
AppleBomb Fizz Guide
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Ap Fizz wrecking you from the water(perfecting it)

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