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Janna Build Guide by PKFire813

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PKFire813

AP Janna: Making it Rain

PKFire813 Last updated on December 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Janna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri Same story as every other v. Ahri matchup! Fancy feet the charm and its smooth sailing. Remember, your tornado will interrupt one cast of Ahri's dashes, so use it smartly.
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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my first guide! As you have (hopefully) already figured out, this guide will be more focused around the mid lane and the untapped potential of Janna as an AP Carry. Buckle yourselves in!

"Janna AP Carry? Doesn't sound safe."
Well I can tell you this, confused summoner! AP Janna is not for giant amounts of kills. Janna thrives under small skirmishes and major teamfights alike, where her kit led me to consider as the second OP Lulu Mid. One has their main damage skill, a VERY powerful shield, a strong utility skill, and a massive teamfight-changing and potentially game-winning ultimate. If you can rack up assists galore then you are in for some good times.

Like I've stated, this is my first guide. I would love any constructive criticism and help any one of you summoners could provide! Any upvote that you believe I deserve is spectacular! Thanks!

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Increases nearby champions's movement speed.
any champion nearby to Janna recieves a 5% increase in their move speed. Very simple passive

Howling Gale
Janna summons a tornado, which knocks up and damages enemies in a line.
This tornado is your bread and butter when it comes to Janna. Interrupt your enemies with a quick-reflex tornado and they are essentially rendered useless.

Launches an elemental at the selected target, dealing a slow and magic damage. Also increases movement speed and ignores unit collision when off cooldown
This is your underestimated artillery. It brings surefire damage to the opposition

Eye Of The Storm
Shields allied champions/turrets and raises their attack damage.
For 5 seconds this shield will absorb a ridiculous amount of damage. Use it on yourself in trades within lane and use it on your AD Carries in skirmishes and fights.

Knocks back enemy champions within a radius, and then heals allied champions in said radius
This skill can turn the tides of a game. Use it to keep your team alive and create a massive AP heal party with all your allies gathered around you. One of the best skills in the game.

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Pros / Cons


+ Nearly Impossible to Gank
+ Lots of utility
+ AOE Heal ultimate
+ CC for Days
+ Great Early Trading Potential
The greatness about Janna is that you can keep your team alive and running with your massive set of high AP-Ratio Skills. It is outstandingly easy to rack up kills/assists with Janna if played smartly.

- Hard to play against assassins w/ gap closers
- More utility, less raw damage
- You might get some rage.
- Squishy when spells are on CD.
AP Janna is the epitome of squishy. Giant assassins such as LeBlanc or Fizz won't have a hard time finishing her off if you give them the chance. Don't worry about what others say when it comes to your champion select and in game. Prove them wrong. Also, when you are playing in lane, use your spells efficently because it wont be pretty if a Hecarim comes barreling down mid lane and you have nothing to stop him with.

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There are several different ways to take this AP Janna build. In this particular build, I prefer to take defensive glyphs and seals just because this whole build is about playing reactively. No doubt if you are in a lane with an AD opponent such as Talon or Zed feel free to ditch the MR Glyphs and go for CDR or MPEN. It's just the personal preference that I would like to use these in particular.

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Gameplay 101

Laning Phase

Laning Phase is all about playing smart. When you are head to head against the enemy champion in trades, show them how business is done by winning trades. How might you win trades? Easy. Eye Of The Storm yourself to block their damage and whack your opponent out of the lane with some empowered autoattacks. Then, once they understand your power, bully them out of farm by using Zephyr and its high AP ratio. Personally, I prefer to keep my Howling Gale for enemy ganks, but it can definitely be used to push out those extra backline minions. Don't use your Howling Gale for taking out entire minion waves yet, that comes later.


As hard as it may seem, this is where an AP Janna with this build shines. Whether it is a gank on your or your enemy's team, or a roam down to bot lane, this is where conserving your skills and playing it smart really matters. In aggressive situations, use Zephyr to slow your enemies and deal considerable damage while charging up Howling Gale for the follow-up 1-2-punch. It's important that you know your limitations: you don't need to be the hero all the time in order for you to grab the W. In retreats and more "run away!" type situations, you have one job. Disrupt. Whether it's a Hecarim or a J4, if you can stop their advances to you with your Howling Gale, you are free to go. Then again you have the luxuries of having a giant knockback at your disposal if you sincerely need it. This part of Janna's gameplay is the most core and the most important to her success.


Here, it isn't just your tornadoes that dictate the fight. It is your whole kit. The greatness about AP Janna is her healing potential with Monsoon. With enough AP you can skyrocket everyone's health from near death to Snowball City. Nonetheless, you will want to keep your carry(ies) alive and keep hitting people with Zephyr. Usually it is best to shield the ADC for the boosted attack damage your Eye Of The Storm brings. With smart peel and teamfight know-how, AP Janna should be a breeze in these situations (hehe).

Flashy Plays

The main thing that I believe people associate with Janna (especially non-Janna mains) is the assumption that all good Jannas are Flash-Ultimate experts, and that every ultimate they use is going to set up a perfect initiation with the knockback that Monsoon provides. This just isn't true. When it comes to a flash-ultimate play with Monsoon, you have to understand that you have to hit it perfectly. I find myself using this only in dire situations in-lane, where there aren't 4 other members of my team that I have to make sure I am keeping track of.

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As with all out of meta picks, you will want to try and get yourself a lot of farm, although with Janna's low attack speed and damage without an Eye Of The Storm it might be difficult. Use your Zephyr right after an autoattack if you need to secure a minion kill. Your Howling Gale, in a farming aspect, is used to lower the HP of the wave so you can take them out with an auto or two, as well as fast pushing the lane to your enemy's turret.
Don't expect to be a master in regards to her farming. As a former AD main, I had to take some time to get used to the reduced damage that Janna offered.

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Ranked Play

In ranked, once you have gotten the gist of how Janna operates, try her out in a ranked queue. In champion select you just have to clearly state that you are playing an out of meta pick and that she works well (for extra style points link this guide :D). Disregard any skeptics and prove them wrong.