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Shen Build Guide by SanguarianGod

Ap mid shen

Ap mid shen

Updated on March 31, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SanguarianGod Build Guide By SanguarianGod 38,175 Views 0 Comments
38,175 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SanguarianGod Shen Build Guide By SanguarianGod Updated on March 31, 2014
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Shen is an insane duelist as tank, but as ap Shen you become a poke god with damage equal to that of a cougar tearing your wiener off.
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Just pick up some standard ap mid runes, scaling quins for more late game dominance and larger shields on your ult.
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Skill Sequence

Nothing to special here, just basic Shen stat distribution. Pick up q early for poke and sustain damage.
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Pretty basic, all you need is some ap from the offense tree, then take a bite out of the tank tree.
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Pros / Cons

The pros of ap Shen:
Much shields
Lots damage
such wow!
The cons of ap Shen:
Sacrifices some dueling potential.
Many people will assume you are the tank in champion select.
Your kill potential is non existent without ignite or jungle pressure.
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Farming with ap Shen is simple: If you are against a pokey mid loner with a *****, you need to stand back and sacrifice some cs. Farm with your q, don't save it for trades, save your shield for the poke.
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Team Work

If you don't have map awareness, DO NOT PLAY SHEN!
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Ranked Play

Ap Shen is just an all out god of ranked play. I do not recommend trying this build in ranked first though, go for a normal or a custom game with a friend.
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Ap Shen is an asset to the team. If you can make it past the toxic ********s and children, you will carry your team to victory 75% of the time.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SanguarianGod
SanguarianGod Shen Guide
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Ap mid shen

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