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Shaco Build Guide by Noytron

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noytron

AP Shaco The Unbeatable Joke

Noytron Last updated on September 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Are you the kind of person who everybody fears in the crystal scar? or would you like to become the guy who everyone fears in the crystal scar? Then this build might be for you. how would you feel about defending against 3 people and comming out on top or if you feel like taking down their ad carry in 2-3 hits maybe you just want to be number 1 in every game well feel free to try my build.

As many other players then i wanted to try just about any champion in dominion and after a few good and bad champions i thought why not try shaco so the first games didn't go well i lost everything was number 1 every time though never the less. Since my AD shaco didn't work then i thought let's try ap so i went ap and got some aggresive runes to start out with and i have been killing everyone with this build.

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For the Offensive: i like to go for the offensive masteries to make sure my damage stay on top since mana won't be a big problem in dominion due to all the health / mana buffs laying around.

Cripple is a need in my opinion. If you take a point in something else then you lose the entire point in taking exhaust Because even though exhaust is very powerful without this then cripple makes sure that your damage will be as high as possible and even lower the oppenents damage to nothing.

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The runes:Since dominion is so fast paced then i like to go for heavy ap in my runes i have considered to go for something more like per lvl because that would give quite an advantage later on mostly because you lvl so quick anyway.

But for the time being i'm stuck with the Potency runes to make sure my early damage will give me a good start.
A good start is essentiel to shaco when you use this build because Deathfire grasp makes the world of a difference and getting it early means that you deal atleast 200 damage more without having anymore spells available.

Obviously deathfire can't keep you going alone and some quick boots will give you an edge to confuse your oppenent and deal tons of damage in a few seconds.

So the 31 ap without items at lvl 3 is very useful to get you going towards your goal

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- Fiendish Codex: I start out with this one to get the cooldown reduction and ability power because this allows me to deal alot of damage and a very importent key item for the Deathfire grasp.

- Sorcerer's Shoes: I preffer the magic pentretion over movement speed because i'm a very defensive player as ap shaco. I'll explain why and how furture down = )

- Lich Bane: Lich Bane gives you a fifth (5) attack you start out with your spells and deathfire grasp and now in adition to that you make your normal hits deal the amount of ability power you have with normal hits so that's about 200-400 in the first 10 min which is a great deal to shaco because it makes his combo even more deadly.

- Rabadon's deathcap: I could choose to get rabadon sooner but i find Lich Bane and Deathfire grasp more useful early on. That being said ... you could go for rabadon before Lich Bane but that is a matter of opinion.

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter: This is Only if the game last for so long i haven't tried it yet but i have been close.
The reason why this would be a great bonus to the combo is the slow. Your Two-shiv poisen size 25 Two-Siv poisen is already slowing but that doesn't mean your Jack in the box will slow.

There will be times where you have to leave your boxes to deal with whatever comes while you buy or help somewhere else.

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My playstyle

Playing Like a boss

I'm a very defensive player which means that i just stand around the most risky point we have captured and makes it a lethal trap for anyone who tries to capture it.
This means that i'm not depending on a lot of movement speed all i need is to stand around the same point and deal loads of damage to everyone trying to capture it.

You see, i just make the quest objective defence full of "Jack in the box" or the windmill (top) full of jack in the box so the rest of the team can concentrate on capturing points while i defend against 1-5 players.

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Skill Sequence

Deceive: Is not the greatest ability shaco have ever as AP shaco but it is still a very important tool to escape. Now i'm not taking it at lvl 1-3 because you hit lvl 4 a little before you manage to get top so it should be rdy by then.

Jack in the box: Key ability to defending any place in the map.
I'm not putting much effort into jack in the box untill Two-Shiv Poisen has been maxed but i have tried to go forth and back between aiming for jack in the box instead of Two-Shiv Poisen but agian it depends on how you are going to play i'm just saying that jack in the box can be much more lethal if used correct.

Two-shiv Poison: Very Powerful attack but not only because it deal crazy damage when you play shaco as ap but also due to the slow and miss chance for the oppenent getting it up to lvl 5 quick would make it able to deal atleast 25% hp away on almost any target depending on your ap and their magic resist and health ofcourse.

I primarely use it to boost the damage i deal when an oppenent comes near more or to harash them to get near me. It's all about luring them towards your Boxes.

Hallucinate: Hallucinate is a very powerful ultimate espeacialy after they made it seem more real in one of the latest patches.

Making it interrupt someone who is busy taking an area is very useful and can mean the difference between life and death for your oppenent.
If the oppenent decide to follow the Hallucination then you can lure them to your Jack in the box and completly rape them in a few seconds. In case you are low on health and you don't feel like entering close combat then you can just let your copy die and then harash the oppenent with two-shiv after and if Deathfire grasp is ready then by all means use it to finish of the oppenent.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: I pick Ghost because it is abselutely amazing in Dominion and it can be used to do anything from hunting to fast capture but is also very useful to get away since there arn't many walls to jump across in dominion where it will give a huge advantage anyway.

Exhaust: Exhaust is great in the way that it can be used to do many different things where someone would pick ignite to do what exactly ? deal a little bit of damage and reduce healing ? come on this is dominion how many healers do we see and this is shaco for god sake he is power he could use it but exhaust is just much better to utilize speed, lowered damage and more damage taken why would anyone take ignite over exhaust in Dominion ?

I'm sure there is other options like:

But 1. ignite is well talked over that one is out
2. Garrison could come in handy but it has a crazy cooldown compared to exhaust
And 3. Mana realy won't be a problem with all the buffs laying around as i mentioned earlier.

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Tips and Tricks

The first capture: After capturing the first point then place a jack in the box at the edge of the point just in case the oppenents decide to go straight for it while you are busy taking the windmill (top) this will slow them down and give you much more time to react.

Defending a point: The way i play it is to place a few jack in the box behind the point so the minions won't trigger them this allows me to kite other players straight into a trap which they won't survive wether they use flash + heal or whatever. now placing a few at the side can be useful too in case they are more than 2 because the trap will mostly likely kill 1-2 after that you need a backup which has to be more than your ultimate so placing a few at the side and making sure to grab the heal whenever it's there helps a lot.

Attacking a point: When you are about to attack a point which is defended by someone then place a jack in the box in front of the point and let your Hallucination go in first to take the hit and deal the hit.
If your oppenent backs away then send the Hallucination after him while you take the point for your team. If your oppenent charges you then back away to get the advantage of not being inside the "towers" range and lure them into the Jack in the box.

Provoking the enemy:

Placing boxes around a "tower" is ofcourse not all you can do there is also the option to place some at the health / mana buffs to make sure the next person who needs health ends up dead instead closeing path ways with boxes like at the movement buff can also help you out a lot.

Using Deathfire Grasp
A lot of people already know about the hotkeys for items but to those of you who haven't realized it yet = ) the buttom 1-6 right above q,w,e and so on will make you use your item.

Deathfire Grasp can be used to finish off a combo or it can be used to deal an ekstra amount of damage to the enemies it's like a second Two-Shiv Poisen just stronger in the end = )

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Unique Skills

- Able to kite very well
- Able to trick your oppenent
- Able to escape easily
- Able to Deal a lot of damage if played right

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So what have we learned?:
Shaco can be very lethal to other players if he takes control of the map with his boxes and there is a great opportunity for him to kill anyone in a 1v1 fight.

Now if you follow this guide then you should be able to Defend, Attack and have a lot of fun because shaco is just amazing = )

"The Jokes on you" If you decline trying this build :D
Plz Leave comments below and rate it up or down depending on what you think and GL HF