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Sion Build Guide by SpitFyre

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpitFyre

Ap Sion 'Im Dead Serious'

SpitFyre Last updated on January 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow Mobafire users and welcome to my Ap Sion guide. I have played Sion since i started this game and have played most of my games with him. I wouldnt say this is an in depth guide because it is nowhere near, i assume some knowledge of general game play and of Sion in general. Please leave any criticism in the comments section and i shall try to make the guide better. Thank you for taking the time to read My Guide

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For marks i choose Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, i find these give me the penetration early game to deal consistent damage. pretty standard for casters.

For seals i choose Greater Seal of Armor, i find these helpful against annoying ad champions early game. these can be switched out for mana per 5 seals if you prefer.

for glyphs i choose Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction, these help late game allowing my cool downs to be fairly low and allow me to dish the damage out in team fights consistently.

for quintessence's i choose Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, i find these give me allot of early game burst, if you prefer swap them out for Greater Quintessence of Health.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i usually go Clarity, Flash, since the update i find clarity extremely useful, it makes you viable with this build even with a mana hungry jungler. With energy or cool down junglers you can switch this out for ignite as you should constantly be grabbing blue. flash i chose for obvious reasons, its so useful for escaping and using to flash close and stun.

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Skill Sequence and Teamfights


Cryptic Gaze: This is your initiation skill, it does fairly poor damage early game but becomes quite powerful late game. The stun is 1.5 seconds regardless of level. the cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds at max level and does a fantastic 300(+ 0.9 per point of ability power) damage.

Deaths Caress: This skill is your main damage and farming skill at around level 4 and onwards this should be constantly one hitting entire minion waves. make sure to manually cast again after 3 seconds to burst before the timer runs out. If the shield is burst before you explode it yourself it can negate a lot of your damage, at late game this isn't that much of a problem because your shield can protect for around 1000 damage.

Enrage: This is not really important to you as you are not making an ad Sion. I get one point in it at level four so my health gains after every last hit, the nice thing about this skill is your health increases even with the last hits from your shield burst. Max this last.

Cannibalism: Again not that important to you as you are not Ad however it is useful for a bit of health regen in a team fight or to regen your heath from low to full by nipping into the jungle between waves.
Skill Sequence

Pretty simple skill sequence this should kill them or knock them down below 25% health, if you have ignite instead of clarity ignite to secure the kill if they are not dead. to surprise the enemy mid laner charge your shield and walk to the middle or the minion wave as if your farming usually then flash close stun and proceed with combo.
Team Fights

In team fights i tend to stay hidden until the team has engaged and then i run in with the shield and burst on as many as possible. Hopefully getting the Lich Bane proc off from the shield, then i stun the Ad or Ap carry and finish them off. After that is done i activate my Cannibalism and try to keep my team alive until my cool downs are back (if they are back before the fight is ended).
I find this strategy works for most fights. the reason i don't initiate is because if you get focused while your shield is on and it gets destroyed you have lost a huge amount of potential damage.

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Early Game

Your target early game is to get your Boots of Speed and your 3 Doran's Rings. You should reach this point after around ten min if you are good with your farming. I chose to stack Doran's Rings because the bonuses are fantastic, with 3 Doran's Rings you will have 300 health, 45 Ap and 15 mana regen. These bonuses help a lot in early game and after selling the cost of stacking them is around 690.

Mid Game

you should reach this point at around 25 min, after this the core of your build is finished and the other items are purely personal choice though i have put suggested items up top. I chose Boots of Mobility because these give me fantastic chasing potential and the ability to gank other lanes quickly. you may change these to Sorcerer's Shoes if you prefer but i encourage you to try them out.

With the Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane you should be able to burst down pretty much any squishy champ with the stun, lich proc and shield burst. Some people hate Lich Bane on sion because he can only reliably get one proc from his stun but i find it is perfect considering its a guaranteed hit if you get the stun.

Late Game

These are my prefferred items for late game. The Zhonya's Hourglass gives a fantastic amount of Ap and armor and gives you a nice active that can help you get your cool downs back in a difficult 1v1 or save you until your tea mates can get there.
The Void Staff should only be grabbed if the enemy has over 100 magic resist otherwise chose the Abyssal Mask. The last item is your choice completely i usually get the guardian angel but sometimes switch out for will of the ancients.
A note on ROA or AA staff

I prefer not to pick Rod of Ages or Archangel's Staff because i find they slow down my entire game as i don't have the burst to get the kills early and mid game. with your three Doran's Rings you should have enough mana regen to be fine. early and mid game. I realize not taking these items requires me to either have blue constantly or to take Clarity but i find the swapping of Ignite for Clarity allows me to be a lot more aggressive and have better burst.

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Matches using this Build

unfortunately the only match i have in history at the moment i have been experimenting with a lot of different champs recently. hopefully i will be able to post some more of my games and possibly some of yours if you post them for me :D

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Thank you for reading my guide on how i play Ap Sion i hope it has given you some inspiration on a new way of playing. Please give the guide a go if you have a good game please send it to me and i will put it into the guide. constructive criticism would be fantastic. See you all soon and i hope i don't meet any of you using my build against me, i may have to cry.

many thanks to jhoijhoi for his fantastic Making A Guide