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Nunu Build Guide by Jroc213

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jroc213

AP Solo Mid

Jroc213 Last updated on January 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is all about how an underestimated laner can dominate Mid. Nunu, generally being considered an ADC is never really used as Mid. However with the right items and the proper build, he can hold out in lane indefinitely.

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The build I listed is reccomended, however you generally want to focus on Mana, Mana Regen, AP and health. Guardian Angel is on the list as the first item because inevitably your first time solo mid with Nunu you will die...repeatedly. Mercury's treads are on the list as well with the Homeguard enchantment for the simple fact that as a Yeti, you can never have enough speed boosts.

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Pros / Cons


    Consume allows for an almost indefinite sustain
    Extremely powerful Ultimate; not only crowd control, but potential multiple kills
    Visionary, when combined with Blood Boil and Consume allows for amazing farming
    Ice Blast is great for landing the final blow on any champion

    Ultimate is interruptable by crowd control effects
    Lack of mana can be an issue if skills are used improperly
    Improperly timed Ultimate will result in a WASTED Ultimate

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Team Work

Nunu, although a great solo mid, truly shines as part of a team. Whether it is jumping in and unleashing his Ultimate, or firing the Ice Blast so that an injured teammate can retreat to safety. Be warned that Ice Blast has a charge up and a KS is a possibility in a team fight. Most players dont mind, they are just happy that they didn't die, but some get offended. With that in mind, try to fire Ice Blast sooner rather than later, unless you want the kill.

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Mid Strategy

Ok, so here is the meat of this article, and why you came here in the first place. As shown in the Abilities Sequence, Ice Blast is your first choice. This allows you to harass the champion you are facing 1v1. With an abundance of minions available retaining Visionary is no problem, however the cooldown on Ice Blast may force you to retreat behind your minions at times. Consume is the second ability you want to get and level 2 should be pretty quick to obtain so it's almost as if you started with 2 levels. Between Ice Blast and Consume, remaining in lane becomes indefinite. Blood Boil doesn't become important until level 5, right before you are given the option of taking your Ultimate (referred to as Ult). Blood Boil is useful when a teammate shows up for that final push on a turret or you are ganked because your opponent feels you are to big a threat to handle alone. Destroying the first turret is a bit tricky, but the best way is to either kill your opponent or reduce their health to the point of recall and than push using Consume and Ice Blast on minions so that your minions are able to take the fire from the turret. Once the first turret is destroyed if you don't have your Ult yet, you should and from there harassment becomes even easier. Luring your opponents closer to the middle of the lane is encouraged because they have to go farther to get to the safety of a turret. This allows for an easier Ult kill or an Ult - Ice Blast combo. Once that first turret is destroyed, or if you reach level 7 or 8, be on the look out for ganks and surprise attacks from other lanes. This is where communication is key. If your team communicates MIA's than you have ample warning that someone is coming for you. However, this door swings both ways. Your opponent may feel that a turret sacrifice is worth getting the kill in another lane so let your teammates know when your opponent disappears. If you play correctly and strategically it is possible to have a minimum 2 level advantage over your opponent, especially ranged opponents. With poor planning or playing, you may end up with a minimum 2 level disadvantage with your opponent, because they prevented you from using Consume and harassing them with Ice Blast. If/when a 2 level advantage is secured turret killing becomes quite easy, because you obliterate minions and champions alike, with proper strategy. An effective Nunu Mid has the potential to demolish the lane by about the 20 minute mark. The fastest that I personally have ever seen was the Mid inhibitor destroyed at 15 minutes. This varies, but as long as you maintain proper strategy and play style, a Mid destruction is inevitable, with little to no help on the outside. Pro Tip: DO NOT be afraid to call for help. If your opponent is just out of reach, or you cant quite get that last push in to destroy the turret, just ask. Most players will jump at the chance to destroy a turret or kill an enemy champion. So just remember; play smart, don't be afraid to ask for help and Mid lane is as good as yours.

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I hope you found this guide useful, I wish there had been one available when I started using Nunu as a solo Mid. If you enjoy it, leave some videos of your games, win or loss doesn't matter, its your ability to effectively use Nunu as a Middle Laner. I hope you all have as much fun using this guide as I did writing it, Good Luck and Have Fun!