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Sion Build Guide by salmjak

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author salmjak


salmjak Last updated on February 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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"Why the **** would I wanna play Sion as a Tank when he owns with AD??? Omg, quit writing builds noob"

This is probably what you're all thinking, true AD Sion is awesome, I myself prefer AP sion tough.
But then I looked at Sions Passive and started thinking: "Why doesn't anybody go Tank with Sion, his passive fits so well" and that was the start to this build.

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Pros / Cons


Good CC
Decent damage
Good farming abilities
Can take a lot of damage


Might not do as much damage as pure AD or AP Sion
Expensive items

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Philosopher's stonekage's lucky pick: You will want the early gold per 10 second to be able to rush expensive items, philosophers also grants good sustainability in lane and makes sure you don't go Out of Mana. Kage's Lucky Pick will grant you a bit of an AP boost and you will upgrade it later.

: Early cooldown reduction, you will want to be able to spam that of yours.
Option to these boots would be:

: This item will be a good asset to you AND your team since it gives quite a lot of armor and magic resist. I rush this because I often don't really need more AP after kage's lucky pick (keep in mind that I use full AP runes though.)

: Finally some AP!!! That health <3 Rod of Ages is such a good item, just keep in mind that you will have to rush it so that it can start stacking early.
"Why do you use two of these?" Well, because I can. With two (fully stacked) Rod of Ages you will get about 1260 HP, 160 AP and 1450 MP. Those are some stats I consider quite awesome.
Since Sions skills stack with 90% of his AP, 160 AP will give his skills an 144 point damage boost.
In total with this build you will have ~240 AP, an 216 point damage boost in total. That means your skills will do about ~500 magic damage each (before damage reduction)

: If you're not happy about the damage above this fine little item will be the extra touch. With items from this build this item will deal 37% of their current HP in magic damage. As if that isn't enough you get some really nice cooldown reduction.

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The Sixth Item

This item is very optional, but some of my suggestions are:

: Feel like you do too little damage? Buy this little baby and boost your AP to ~495. (Recommended)

: Feel like you do enough damage but don't wanna die as quickly against that AD heavy team? Guardian Angel is your item.

: Are those pesky stuns and other Crowd Controls standing in your way? Banshee's veil will neglect the **** out of them.

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I do not use the runes picked above myself, but I would if I could :P
Personally (since I don't own any defensive runes yet) I use a full AP rune page, it also works good and will grant you extra damage in early game.

If you can, do go with the Defensive runes, after you "won't need" any more armor or magic resist.

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You might ask why I choose AP masteries when I focus so hard on defensive items... Well, to put it simply, I have to get the damage from somewhere and I do consider offensive masteries better than defensive since Sion AP stack ratio is so high.

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Skill Sequence

--> --> -->

This is all you ever do. Activate your shield from before going in, then you stun them with . Now you run to them and activate the explosion from .

If things look ugly, or you're in an 1 vs 1 use your ultimate and keep auto-attacking while stunning them.

: Be careful about this skill since it Costs HP, toggle it on when last-hitting. Later in game you will be able to keep it on all the time. Also, use it together with your ultimate to do some good damage.

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Team Work

As Sion you will be a huge part of every kill, your will be the key to all those kills. Get someone stunned and they will be downed in a matter of seconds.

"Who am I supposed to stun?"
You should always stun the one that makes a larger threat to your team. These are often the AD carries or a Champion with CC skills.
Examples of these are: or
Simply: Either choose the one that does the most damage, the most squishy one/support or the most CC heavy.