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Taric Build Guide by blargster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blargster

AP taric?/supp

blargster Last updated on November 8, 2013
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seeing as this is my first guide i have made i dont really know how to do all the items and what not in the different chapters so ill just explain everything. you ask why AP taric? let me tell you. As i was playing one day with a friend of mine we were going me support him ADC bottom. So he says to me "why dont you try AP taric?" im like WTF AP taric? So well i tried it and well it rapes! In this guide i will tell you how to play him how to build him item order to buy to be the most effective AP taric you can be!

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Pros / Cons

Pros: MASSIVE burst damg
MASSIVE healing
once you get good,,,,, people be like,,,,, OMG OP TARIC AP!!

Cons: squishy
cant get gold very fast
sometimes will get targeted
also may have mana problems throughout the game

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Now with the rune page we go scaling glyphs for a few reasons 1: you wont be able to get too much gold since you will be support. 2: it will kinda keep help you keep up when you can buy as many AP items. 3: why not?!
But as you know with a full AP rune page you will be mmmmmmm somewhat squishy but ill get into the problem later.

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Now the mastery page. As i was coming up with what kind of EVERYTHING i should do with him i figured why try to get a little few gold per 5 in there try to help out when you dont have much gold anyway since you should be letting you ADC get CS. so i came up with this mastery page which so far has worked rather well for me.

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The order you get your items matters a lot with AP taric. once you get your deathfire's grasp you can now help quite a bit when killing someone and usually will be able to burst down the other teams ADC if needed. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TRY TO KILL ANYONE UNTIL YOU HAVE THIS OR MORE ITEMS IT WILL NOT WORK! After deathfire i usually get my boots which is magic pen boots. after that once you get you rabadons its pretty much walk up burst dead. after that you can get which ever of the last two items you want next. also i usually dont go void staff but if the other team is heavy MR then get it and go in like a wrecking ball and DESTROY! LAST it HAS to be Deathfire's THEN Rabadons. THOSE TWO ARE A MUST GET FIRST ITEMS!

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Playing as AP taric

People that have played taric you know his Cooldowns are pretty long. So to save yourself and hurt others(other team that is) you should run in burst run out. the key is to at least kill one person with each combination of skills and also survive the rest of the fight!

1st killing combo! Dazzle>Deathfire's>Radiance>Shatter and if not dead they will be very close just hit them a few times! this first combo you stun first to actually get close enough to kill them.

2nd usually when hiding in a bush and will be close enough
Deathfire's>Dazzle>Radiance>Shatter after that since you will be close when you Dazzle you will do full damage will usually kill them in the combo really fast

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Lastly i want to tell you what you should be doing during the lane phase! first off YOU ARE THE SUPPORT! you act like a support you heal when need you stun when needed you give ADC ALL creeps unless he/she goes back to base and you can get a few take them! you should be able to get enough assists after a while you really start your build. if you want to harass stun walk up shatter walk away. but BEWARE do not get caught! only harass when you know you will make it out afterward! play safe if you know you can win a fight start one if not DO NOT START AND LET YOU ADC FARM! ALSO another this if you start a fight and get the kill at the end its not really a big deal because you will be doing a ton of damage faster the more gold you get faster! the main thing as support scary AP taric is to act like a support. most of the time the other team didnt know that i was AP until i burst down a few of their teammates and most the time when you do that they are like WTF AP ive never seen that before thats OP! when that happens thats when you know you are doing a great job as AP TARIC!

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thanks for checking out my guide once again this is my first one ever so if you have any pointers on how to do it all and make it better please let me know and i will update it when i can!

Thanks again!