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Tristana Build Guide by wheele

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wheele

AP Tristana, the exploding gunner [solo top]

wheele Last updated on July 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Well this is my guide for Ability power Tristana as a solo top champ, both in Twisted Treeline and also Summoners rift.

I will try to explain as much as possible, but my english is not the best so if there is some wrong grammar and stuff you now know why :)

If you have any suggestions or tips feel free to post a comment. btw this is my first guide so dont be too harsh at me, but i would like to know what you think.

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I prefer magic pen quints as they give a small amount of magic pen, which increases your damage against your top lane, as many top lanes get armor and not that much magic resist, you can actually penetrate a huge % of their total Magic resist.

For seals i take armor as most solo top champs are Attack damage bruiser champs (not always but mostly) so the armor really helps when they are initiating on you, but also helps when you jump into the enemy with your Rocket Jump

For glyphs i take flat ap as your Explosive Shot actually have a nice ap ratio (1.0) but it also have a start dmg of 110 dmg without ap, so you will have a spell that starts with about 150-160 dmg and reduces healing done to the enemy by 50% for 5 seconds. so it got double the dmg of Ignite but also has a lower cooldown.

For quints i take flat ap for the same reason as glyphs :)

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Masteries i go 22/0/8

Going for a full offensive mastery page with all the dmg i can get from it, but still getting some utility.

This really helps when you're going to nuke your opponent, you can't have enough dmg.

going 21/9/0 is also a good mastery page but i really prefer to get the extra movement speed and mana from the utility spec.

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Well as a solo top lane it's important to have mobility so starting off with boots and 3 pots is a good idea, combined with your Rocket Jump you have a great chance to prevent successful ganks from the enemy team, and you can easily keep up if the enemy uses flash or ghost.

getting Kage's Lucky Pick as soon as possible is another great idea as the gp10 is useful when wanting your sorc boots and dfg, it doesn't give much gold and therefore you should get it early to really get as much gold as possible out of it.

finish your sorc boots and then Deathfire Grasp, and now you might ask "omg why start with dfg if you got no ap".. well let me explain: Deathfire Grasp got a dmg og 25% of your opponents CURRENT health, which means it deals more dmg the more hp your opponent has right now, so getting dfg early still atleast 25% of the targets hp, synergized with your Rocket Jump And Explosive Shot and then last but not least your Buster Shot you have a huge nuke as early as level 6 and if the enemy dont die from the burst your Ignite and Explosive Shot will most likely finish off the enemy without you having to be near.

Then go for a deathcap for the HUGE.. really huge.. AP boost. this will make your dmg explode.

After the deathcap you would like a nice Lichbane as it goes well for the nuke, let's say you have 500 ap at this point, your auto attacks will do 500+ dmg and you can use Rapid Fire to trigger the lichbane effect.

Now your enemies will notice how dangerous you are and they will start building magic resist, so getting a void staff is the right choice.

My last item is really dependent on the enemy team and my own team.. if i get focused a lot i would get a Guardian Angel but playing ap trist means you assassinate your enemy's carry and get out of there, so getting some extra nuke like Abyssal Mask is a better choice imo

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Skill Sequence


well maxing your e first as it's your main dmg source right after your Ultimate (and Deathfire) and it also works very well for harass and farming, but i will explain the farming later.

maxing your w second as it's your second skill with an ap ratio and it actually deals a great amount of damage.

Picking a point for your ultimate at 6, 11 and 16 is a must as your ultimate is really what makes ap Tristana so awesome to play.

And maxing your q last as it's only really useful to trigger your lichbane and to take down turrets late game.

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Summoner Spells

Well Summoner spells is really a lot about your playstyle Flash and Ignite is really aggresive playstyle but still having a chance to get away. i really dont use other summoner spells for Tristana

Exhaust This is a good spell overall also with the armor and magic resist reduction but i think ignite is a better choice

Ghost is also a good choice as your Rocket Jump could be used as a flash with shorter cooldown but ap Tristana is about nuking and getting away, and not about chasing (which i think ghost is great for)

Heal I don't see why.

Revive Don't even think about it.

Smite you're not the jungler.

Teleport could be really useful if you want to be at your lane at all times or even be at 2 lanes at the same time, but again, summoner spells depends on your playstyle.

Cleanse well.. the enemy team can't cc you when they are dead, so not the best choice.

Surge no.


Clarity again a question about playstyle but in my opinion, clarity gets useless lategame

Clairvoyance well.. no.

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Pros / Cons


    High Mobility
    huge nuke
    great early mid and lategame
    easy farm
    easy harass
    can jump over walls
    nice range on every ability
    can jump multiple times if getting kill or assist
    Pretty ***** if getting focused or against hard cc.
    Dependant on early game
    1 nuke and she has to retreat

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Well farming is a very important part of playing Tristana but her Explosive Shot passive and Rocket Jump makes this an easy deal.

try last hit minions as if you were ad bot, and you can easily dmg enemy champs without attacking them because of Explosive Shot passive + it makes you get those groups of lasthits that could be triggy without aoe.

if your lane is pushed to your turret, jump the biggest part of the wave with your Rocket Jump and shoot the minions with less hp and they will explode and grant you the whole wave.

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So let's see.. now you got a deadly ap solo top Tristana that can really nuke the **** out of the enemy and with some practice you can dominate every solo top you're against.

Just remember that the enemy team can be stronger than your team and you have to play a bit defensive and wait for their mistakes, but if you follow this guide you will see Tristana as a great solo top champ

Please leave a comment of what you think and tell me if i could improve anything, as i said this is my first guide ever and just thought it could be fun to create a guide as people often ask me to create a guide when i play ap tristana.

And once again, i'm sorry about my bad english but i'm from Denmark :)