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Azir Build Guide by william01424

AP Carry ARISE! to VICTORY - Season 4 Azir full guide

AP Carry ARISE! to VICTORY - Season 4 Azir full guide

Updated on September 19, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author william01424 Build Guide By william01424 156,403 Views 21 Comments
156,403 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author william01424 Azir Build Guide By william01424 Updated on September 19, 2014
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Hiya guys, another build for you today.

Azir has just been released and I saw that no builds have been posted as of yet, so I thought I'd get one out there for you all.

My experience with Azir is good, I have played with him during the PBE a lot, getting use to his skills and combo's etc. However when it comes to match-ups I haven't faced a lot of different mid-laners so i'm going to leave that part of the build blank for now and update it when I gain a little more knowledge of how Azir fairs against most laning opponents.

Please check out my you tube channel, I will be posting some ranked play and guides for you guys, so please check it out, it helps a lot.
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The Magic Penetration is a must, especially if you buy lucidity boots over the classic Sorcerer's shoes, otherwise you opponent will just stack MR and wont take any of you harass.
The Scaling Health seals offer more survivability at level 18 (216 health is much better than 9 armor) plus you will be letting your sand soldiers kill all the minions anyway.
Flat AP glyph's will boosts early game damage allowing you to make higher damage trades, you can take flat MR glyph's if you feel you cant get away from the opponents poke e.g. Xerath
Flat AP boosts early game damage to give nice trades.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

By maxing your Q first it allows you to poke for a load of damage and you can re position your soldiers at a much faster rate with a maxed Q.

Max your W second to increase the base damage of your soldiers, which translates to more damage during trades.

Maxing your E last, due to the fact that the damage is somewhat unnecessary because you hardly ever hit champions with it in lane, and you use you Q for more efficient wave clear.

Obviously maxing your ult when you can adds damage to the ult.
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21 Points in offense: Add damage to your kit and increase your AP by a lot. Spell weaving does NOT activate off the soldiers basic attacks. So I feel that those 2 points are not necessary.

This setup gives adds to your total damage and the CDR on the masteries is essential when following the build in order to get 40% CDR. The mana regeneration and movement speed is really useful when getting around and keeping your mana bar full (this build doesn't have a 'mana item'). The biscuits give added sustain in lane.
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Pros / Cons


Great Range for farming in lane

High Damage Late game

Low cooldowns


Makes his own towers


Squishy Early Game

Hard to master combo's

Hard to Position in a team fight

Item Reliant

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Why these items:

: This item adds 20% to your cool down reduction and attack speed and base AP for drastically increased soldier damage. It also allows you to reach 40% CDR, while adding as much damage as possible to your early game.

: This allows you to get 40% CDR in the shortest time possible, (the cheapest way). Also adds a little movement speed so you can get around quicker.

: Adds loads of damage and increases you total sum AP by 30%.

: Adds AP, increases your survivability and adds a slowing effect to your spells which allows you to kite more easily.

Adds a huge amount of damage, and counters 35% of their magic resist.

Further increases your magic penetration, health and AP. Plus the burning effect activates off of the soldiers basic attacks as well as all your other spells - further increasing harass capabilities.

Adds even more AP to your kit as well as armor further adding to your armor. Not to mention the active effect which gives you 2.5 seconds of invulnerability in case you get into a sticky situation.

The other options I mention are all dependent on your individual games. The items above should cover everything you need with Azir.
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Skill Sequence

Ok so lets talk Combo's:

Most of the combo's all revolve around you getting behind an enemy and ulting them towards your team. The way you get behind them can depend on the situation, you can W-->Q-->E at this point you would have brought up a soldier, commanded it forward and jumped to it. It you hit the enemy with your E you can simply walk behind them and ult and if you don't you should be behind them anyway so you can just ult them back as per normal. If you didn't quite make the distance you can flash the remaining space and ult them back, thus splitting a member of their team from protection and having you safely walk back through your own wall, and keeping the enemy team out.

The Full Gameplay video has been delayed due to Azir's bugs.

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So, Azir is great at this, as you can make your sand soldiers do all of the work without taking any damage at all.

In this video clip I talk you through the teamfight and most importantly your positioning.


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Farming with Azir is really simple, as you don't have to wait for the minions to get super low before you basic them with 48 AD, which is a bloody nightmare. All you need to to is pop a sand soldier in there (1 on the melee minions) and just basic them down until death.

Think of the soldiers basic attack as a small targeted ability, it hits multiple targets for equal damage in a line. Use this to your advantage when clearing waves. You can place 1 soldier to the side of the mage minions, when they are still, and just hit straight through them all for great clear time. Plus if you get ganked you have your W--->E Combo + Flash to get out of these should you need to.

Remember you can push there tower really REALLY fast, with your W so take it down quick and move your lane forward, then when you get ganked, which is inevitable, place your tower and soldiers and kite around it. It is a normal tower but players think they can just dive you willynilly, they cannot, punish them for it. You will probably get a double kill.
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Thanks for reading if you got this far down. Still trying to get used to BB coding so please, not to much hate for the lack of pictures. I try to make up for my lack of explanation with videos, so please check out my channel (AOE BUILDS) it helps a load. I only started the channel about a month ago, so we a are low on subscribers at the moment, so if you like the content of 1 of the videos, show me that you do :)

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League of Legends Build Guide Author william01424
william01424 Azir Guide
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ARISE! to VICTORY - Season 4 Azir full guide

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