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Ashe Build Guide by xNoMatterWhat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xNoMatterWhat

Ashe ADC - Shockwave Arrows

xNoMatterWhat Last updated on September 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my build from Ashe, first of all Ashe is not my main channel so if you wanna
look at my recent games you not gonna see any games with Ashe.

Believe it or not you should normally get at least 10 kills if you not get countered
or someone think's he is funny and goes support with Kha'Zix.
And oh yeah, if you have an average of 30 deaths per game don't expect to get that 10 kills also.

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- Doran's Blade

I think you allready know the answer for this item, this item is the most used starting item for
adc's. It's giving you extra damage and that micro minuscule sort of lifesteal passive.

- Statikk Shiv

Maybe you think this a bad first item for Ashe but no I my opinion it's a really good
starting item for Ashe but ehmm... that's normal because I made this build whatever.
The main reason to buy this item is more for this Avarice Blade
this item gonna earn you more gold then you expect!

Then the other reason is for the passive of the Statikk Shiv the charges,
this allows you to farm a lot more then you enemy adc.
And when you start feeding but you got 100 more farm then your enemy adc,
there is hope for you and your team!

- Vampiric Scepter

Normally I shouldn't even explain this item it should be logic to buy this item, but again
whatever this item gives you the time to stay longer in your lane -> more farm -> more money.

Conclusion you can stay longer in your lane -> more money, this explain also why
you have to buy your Vampiric Scepter between your Statikk Shiv and B. F. Sword.

- Infinity Edge

This is the main source of ashe her damage if you don't use this item for ashe
the chance you will deal allot damage is very low.

Why does this item make's you do allot more damage? Really simple your passive Focus
gives you to allot more crits and if you read the unique passive from the Infinity Edge
it will explain the reason how you deal so much damage more.

- The Bloodthirster

This item gives you enough life steal for the game (15% with full stacks) it also gives you
allot more attack damage (100 with full stacks) more attack damage -> larger crits.

- Last Whisper

Look, this item isn't always recommend because when they have not that much armor you
don't really need that much armor penetration you should thinking to afford
a Mercurial Scimitar as example when they have a lot of magic damage mainly.

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- Frost Shot

This is a really handy ability, but you have to be very carefully with this ability
early game and even sometimes late game.
I prefer to use the Frost Shot only when you chasing somebody don't just waste your

- Volley

One of the best abilities of Ashe for me it's just my lawnmower for my minion friends, spray it over them let them eat the shockwave arrows troll your enemy adc + supp! This is just the
perfect ability for that!

- Hawkshot

I don't use this ability not so many what's a little bit bad of me because there's nothing
wrong with spraying this ability it only prevents junglers from ganking. It's also handy to check dragon, baron, blue and red ...

- Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Well done you meet your best ability! In my opinion the best thing of this ability is the stun
the damage is ok but you have to concentrate you on the stun for an example
you are fighting with your counter Ezreal (1v1) when you see that's he's winning the duel
just do your Enchanted Crystal Arrow ignite him spray him do whatever you can do to kill him
and you will eventually will win the duel.
With this method I won a 1( Ashe vs 2( Ezreal and Brand feed) ok they might be not
the best players but still ...

I also use the Enchanted Crystal Arrow for finishing kills, only the bad thing on this I said
the damage of the Enchanted Crystal Arrow is ok but eventually don't count on the damage of your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. So another example your in a teamfight and you see someone is low HP and you wanna shoot your Enchanted Crystal Arrow but your don't sure that you will get the kill, then I should keep your Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

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- Barrier

Recommend you using this because Ashe is very squishy and get very fast killed early- and even late game so when you have barrier you have the option to survive that 1 sec longer or even use that 1 sec to get away.

- Ignite

Handy spell early- and even late game to get that extra damage for getting a kill.
Some people forgot the use their ignite late game in 1v1 battle's.

Its your chose to use Barrier or Ignite recommend you to use Barrier!

- Flash

Ashe is a slow champion in my opinion and needs this spell in case of emergency!

TIP: If you can flash through walls just do it!

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- Blitzcrank

Yup, for him you are just his doll to f**k around. He can smack you in the air, grab you to
himself and electorate you with his ultimate.

- Ezreal

This is one of the main reasons why Ezreal is your biggest counter.

He can dodge your Enchanted Crystal Arrow and eventually all your abilities.
The other negative thing of Ezreal for you is that he can easily chase you
when you are trying to run.

- Bot Lane= Ezreal + Blitzcrank

Good luck with tower hugging!

You will need a babysitter in your lane and a good support that destroy all enemy wards and
the important thing you will need to be skilled!

- Vayne

Normally you should get Vayne on her knees begging to stop killing her because your annoying stun.

But on the moment that Vayne takes Cleanse you are f**ked.
(this counts also for other ADC's if they take Cleanse it might be more difficult in order to destroy them!)

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One of the perennial favorites of summoners in the League of Legends is the Freljordian beauty known as Ashe. She is a direct descendant of Avarosa - one of three legendary sisters who each claimed dominion over the scattered tribes dwelling in the icy tundra of northern Valoran. Ashe mirrors her ancestor's unparalleled mastery of the bow, earning her the title of ''The Frost Archer'' the way Avarosa did during her era. Ashe is a literal Princess amongst her people, though she prefers to be addressed by outsiders as her tribal title rather than any form of royal moniker. There are those in Freljord, however, that would prefer to address Ashe as the ''late'' Frost Archer; the other two tribes that are descendants from the Three Sisters are historically sworn enemies of Ashe and her people. Having survived more than one assassination attempt in her life, Ashe is always aware of her surroundings regardless of where she is.

Ashe originally came to the Institute of War in service of the League summoners, seeking enough influence and favor to finally bring peace to her realm - one that has endured civil strife since Avarosa and the Time of the Three Sisters. With countless victories under her belt, she has started to put the influence she has earned in the League to use. Rumors abound that Ashe has begun to associate herself with fellow champion Tryndamere outside of the Fields of Justice. While she denies such talk as frivolous, all eyes will remain on Ashe now that her success in the League may finally allow her to restore lasting peace to her people.

''It's a good idea to spread out. Ashe can hit five birds with one arrow.''

-- Tryndamere

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The runes are just standard ADC/AD runes with some handy armor penetration in it to wreck the enemies.

Mark of Armor Penetration

Quint of Armor Penetration

Seal of Armor

Glyph of Magic Resist

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This is very important you have to really concentrate you on this in order to win your game always try to out farm your enemy ADC.

e.g if your enemy ADC has 5 kills and 80 farm and you have 300 farm you are performing better actual. You also have perform good in teamfights but it's just an example how important farming is.

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So have fun,

and get them GG's !