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League of Legends Build Guide Author ravager

ashe cold blooded killer

ravager Last updated on September 22, 2010
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Passive: Crit % increase while not attacking. First of all, this is awesome. Do not forget about it. Right off the bat when you go to solo middle (because that's what you SHOULD be doing), do not waste this shot on a critter. Hold off hitting the critters and go aggressive with this first crit at your opponent. This paired with a volley at the same time should drop their health right off the bat. This is Ashe's money shot so don't waste it trying to get 24 gold. After you drop their health, believe me when I say it's going to be easy to keep them off the creeps. They will know you mean business and do not intend to let them solo well.

Volley: This is not PRIMARILY a farming tool. Far too often, I see Ashes against me wasting their volley on the creeps while I hold mine against them like a gun to their head causing them to back up. It should be a constant threat for them. Walk around the creeps a bit and make sure you hit them with this. Once you get your first level of frost shot, this will add frost to every arrow in the volley, so you can hit them with the volley, walk up, hit them once or twice, back off a bit and see how they react. You will notice they start tower hugging quite a bit. Continue to pepper them whenever they leave their tower range, you own the lane and make them respect you.

Frost Shot: Slows, use your q only when someone is going to run or you have lots of mana that you don't mind wasting. It is more important that you hit your volley as it does both damage and the frost.

Plentiful Bounty: Pretty much useless. It helps for extra gold in late game to really pile on your items, but in general, bleh.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Awesome. Nuff Said. Make sure you lead people. And if you have been playing the volley properly, you should be able to finish off a kill at level 6 almost immediately. I would say about 70% of my games I get a kill as soon as I hit level 6. This also does a bit of aoe damage, but try not to fire it into a crowd. I know it's tempting, but it's more useful if you can pick someone off who comes a bit too far from their teammates. It's also a really useful counter to many Heroes like Yi, Nunu, Fiddle, etc. Use it as a tool in the team fights, not as damage.

early game
like said above dont waste your first crit at a creep but combine it with volly and hit a champion so hard they'll never see it coming. for the rest just farm creeps and stay close to your turret

mid game
now you can push a bit and last hit champions but its pretty much a hit and run time since you aren't at full strengt jet and you also dont have to much hp so keep safe distance from turrethuggers.

at this time you can kill enemies pretty easie and you can push with your team try to deal a fatal fnishing blow and dont give them a chance to recover.