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Ashe Build Guide by Robinetski

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Robinetski

Ashe - She 'll freeze your ***he !

Robinetski Last updated on December 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone and thanks for looking at my build, before I start with the actual build, I would like to inform you: english is not my main language, so mistakes can (and will) be made. It 's also my first guide (ever!), so the chance is, it 's far from perfect, but I try to make it worthwile :).

Like all LoL-players, I learned the game by the tutorial, and thus by playing Ashe. I kept playing her, and by reading many guides here found, I eventually adapted my own playing style, wich I will try to write down in this guide.

There are many guides about Ashe, I highly recommend "Ashe to Ashe's", it 's a really great and complete build, with many tips and tricks on how to play her. It goes in depth on many playing styles, so I will not, it would just be copy-pasting.

I will only inform you about my playing style, and I am sure it 's not perfect (such as any other build). Many times you will need to adapt depeding on the enemy team's choices, so don 't follow my build without taking knowledge to what your enemies are doing. Again, for adapting options: many are explained in Ashe to Ashe's.

GL & HF !

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The runes I use are quite standard.

Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Armor penetration is really a must on every AD carry, just because it really let's you hit your full potential. Early in the game, you will immediately do good damage, so you can harras easier, also, it makes farming easier. There is really no argument against armor penetration marks and quintessences.

Greater Seal of Armor

Ashe is squishy, let no one tell you different. So we need to make her last in her lane and let her take that few hits. If you refuse armor on her, enemies will harras her so easily early game, you won 't be able to farm properly, wich is very, very important! Enemies will also underestimate you quite often, so it gives you that slight edge endurance wise.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction(optional)

For glyphs you have options. I opt mana regen, because your mana will drain quite fast late-game (because of your frost shot). I also see a lot cooldown reduction used, but I find this less effective, since at lvl 18 the CD of volley is only 4 sec.

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Again, like with the runes, quite standard.


For pro last-hitters, you don 't need any points in butcher, put it all in brute force. If you are not a good last-hitter, put 2 points in butcher and only one in brute force. Last-hitting is more important then that few extra AD, since good farming is faster building then your enemies, and therefore winning the game. Next there are no options left (in my opinion at least): attack speed, armor penetration, life steal,.. all fantastic stuff on AD carries. There is really no reason to choose anything else, since you don 't do magic damage.


Again, we need that protection, so it 's the right decision to take that armor and magic resist. It makes you more durable, and we can focus on doing damage in our item build.


Flash cd-reduction and time-spent-dead-reduction, all great stuff !

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This is where the fun begins, and frankly, the part of the build that makes it different from other builds. Why? I rush The Black Cleaver. Say again? Yes, The Black Cleaver. Even before boots?? Yes, in most cases, even before boots. O.o?? (more on this fact later)

I 'll explain. Most builds will tell you to buy dorans blade first, for the health, damage and life steal, wich all give you sustainability in lane. They are all correct. You need that sustain to farm properly. Next, rush into B.F. Sword, it will give you lots of punch, so you can finally hurt your opposing champ in lane. All standard and great stuff, look it up, it's true ! :D

Next, many will tell you to continue you build into Infinity Edge, after buying Berserker's Greaves first. Infinity Edge is a great item on Ashe, no doubt, but it has it's cost. It 's expensive, even it's parts. And when you get it, you will have lost lots of time, and you still need attack speed before you become a dangerous force in the game. Is there a solution you ask? Yes ! The Black Cleaver !

First, it 's cheaper, so you get it faster, great for surprising your enemies with so much damage and speed early on. Second, it gives you good attack damage, AND attack speed in one piece! Last, but not least: armor penetration, and lots of it ! It stacks up to 45 after 3 hits. Including your armor penetration runes, this goes up to 62! You can consider this as 45 extra attack damage, wich makes it 100 ad (this theory only goes up early game, since killing of 62 armor of say, 70 is a lot, but doing this to someone who has 150 armor, is quite different. It 's all about the early surprise), that 's a lot better then IE ! And you get attack speed as well ! It will make farming a blast but most of all, your enemies will not expect this (hopefully, not every Ashe player will start playing like this, because there will not be a surprise :p). More on how to use this surprise later on.

Then there is the rest of a standard build (see Ashe to Ashe's to see why this is the way of Ashe), go for Phantom Dancer, Vampiric Scepter for some life steal, Infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster. If you are owning the game, opt for a second one, but mostly, go for a Banshee's Veil, it will give you much needed health and mana + a spell protection.

The sequence in wich this must happen is dependent of the game, getting harrased to much, first go for Banshee's Veil, got lot's of money to spend, go for Infinity Edge. This is another argument to always keep notice of what your enemies are doing, if they are magic damage heavy, get Negatron Cloak early (it builds into Banshee's Veil, so no money is lost) and tell your teammates to stack some magic resist as well.

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Summoner Spells

Of course, Flash, no doubt. Since Ashe has no natural escape, this is a must. Also great for getting those enemies who flash away from you when they are about to die a freezing death. If Flash is on cooldown, always play a bit more defensive, don 't push too much, just farm away. If you got no jungler, and you don 't want to cross the river alone to farm creeps (wich you should never do, would be an easy gank), go farm jungle creeps, with the recent update it's easier and good fast money.

Next, I use Exhaust a lot, for killing just that bit faster and easier, also an escape tool in 1v1 cases, since there is a slow included too.


If you are not yet to custom with Ashe's vulnerability, Ghost is a good choice, an extra escape mechanism, never bad. I don 't use it anymore, since I know (through experience and lots of play time) when to push, when to defend, so you don 't get ganked. Always have an eye on your minimap, for a look at the position of the enemies. Let people call ss, and have them ward (but ask nicely ! :p being constructive to your team is very important, making them mad will crush you, since you need their defence in team fights)

Heal can be used, but late game it's pretty useless, so try not to pick it, you gotta learn some time to play without the heal back up, it will teach you not to push alone, and keep an eye on your enemies.

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Skill Sequence

At lvl 6, you should have all skills, with Volley at max. Frost Shot once, so your Volley has it applied, and Hawkshot for the money boost. Next, I like to skill Hawkshot a few times more, even if Frost Shot is not at its max, why? Money is very, very important for Ashe, if you get it at lvl 3, then every 7 minions, you get an extra minion, really nice. You don 't need Frost Shot at max immediately, since you got Exhaust for the extra slow to get the kill. Of course, always skill your ulti if you can. More on what to do with your skills later on.

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Gameplay (Early Game)

Normally, you go bottom lane with a support who doesn 't farm. However, most of the time, support players are rarely found on summonner lvls < 30, it is just a fact. Also, most readers of this guide will be an element in that group, since ranked players already know most of what is to know :). Therefore, I suggest them to ask their team if they could go mid lane.

In mid lane, you only have to worry about a few things: The enemy, farming, ganks.


Mostly this is an AP carry (as it should be). You should try to hit him with your first attack (it will be critical because of your Focus) and a Volley immediately after. This will hurt him, a lot. Always save your Volley to harras the enemy, not to hit the minions. If the enemy has a stun or a pull, be very carefull, you have a bit boosted armor and magic resit because of your runes and masteries, but you are not a tank ;) You only use Flash to save yourself or to get a guaranteed kill.

You mostly stay behind your minions, and only come out to cast a Volley to harras. Otherwise, stay safe. It 's very important to not feed your enemy (this will rage your teammates, and that's never good)

While you are only last hitting minions (as mush as humanly possible!), your opponent maybe not, if he is pushing the lane a lot, you can hit the minions some more, because otherwise, your turret will kill the creeps, and leave no money for you.


You should really commit to only deal the last hit to a minion, it requires training, and maybe some mastery points in Butcher , but it 's very important. The better you get at this, the faster you get your items, the better the surprise of The Black Cleaver. Farming is more important then harrasing or trying to kill your enemy! If you notice that you get hurt a lot by trying to harras, don 't harras. You need to stay alive! Don 't hesitate to fall back if necessary, their damage output will not be enough to kill the tower in the early game. You should save all your money until you can buy B. F. Sword, because then last hitting becomes a blast!


Ask your team to ward the bushes if possible (you don 't, you need your money elsewhere). If they won 't, can 't, whatever.., play safe. You can 't make money when you are dead. Try not to cross the river. You don 't need to kill that tower, you need to make money and experience. Late game you will crush towers.
Always have a look at the minimap for enemy locations (third I said this :p), beware of teammates saying ss. If they do, fall back behind all your minions, only to go up a bit to kill an enemy creep. If your enemy is missing, say ss as well, good for the team spirit.


Stay alive, farm farm farm and communicate with your team. If you harras your enemy down to low health, ask for a gank.

In top or bottom lane, things are quite alike.
The difference is your teammate, hopefully a support who doesn 't farm, because then the game becomes the same as mid lane, otherwise, still farm away, but have a good communication with your ally, if he rushes in and you don 't follow, he 's mad. If it 's the other way around, he 's mad, and I will be too, you need to farm early game, not kill. Try to tell your ally this, play defensive. Don 't get killed = Team happy, otherwise, team = mad. Of course, if the opportunity is there, kill those enemies, but do not engage, let them make the mistake.

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Gameplay (Mid Game)


I said earlier, I go The Black Cleaver before boots. Why? Well, mid lane you don 't need to chase much, and second, you get the kill fast.

  • You let him push the lane, so you have time to kill him, before he reaches his tower.
  • You hit him with your big mighty Enchanted Crystal Arrow so he 's stunned. Volley and auto-attack.
  • When stun is (almost) over, Exhaust him + auto-attack. At this point, the The Black Cleaver will have crushed his armor, since he normally is an AP carry, and at this stage has little armor (if you farmed well, and got to The Black Cleaver fast of course).
  • Now he sees his life fading away, so he flashes away, you Flash behind him and auto-attack to get the kill.
While having Frost Shot toggled on during the fight, he doesn 't do much running: a stun, Exhaust + slow, Flash. That 's why I get The Black Cleaver before boots. To kill that AP carry, fast. Next, you get those fancy Berserker's Greaves.

When the enemy comes back, repeat the proces. Your boots will now take the place of your Exhaust wich is on cooldown, also your Frost Shot should be at an higher lvl, so he is slowed more.


Your money problems aren 't over. Keep last hitting those creeps, and still leave that tower alone, because you killed your enemy (or at least hurt him enough so he has to fall back), other champions will probably go mid to defend, if you are pushing, he 'll probably gank you. Farm all enemy creeps, let your creeps create vision, and you go kill the closest jungle camp. More money = good carry.


Go for Zeal for more attack speed, crit chance and movement speed. Get Vampiric Scepter for some lifesteal. Now, if you are farming well, try to rush Infinity Edge before Phantom Dancer, or get Negatron Cloak if the enemy team is AP heavy.

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Build in under construction, more info will follow. Just couldn 't wait to share :D.