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League of Legends Build Guide Author rickyrascal

Ashe super support zomg!

rickyrascal Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Chapter 1

Ashe support build by RickyRascal

Initial comments
This is my first build , Im fairly new to Lol and have played a few champions. Ashe is currently the one im playing the most. I thought id upload my build for the public to judge. Imput would be great to help me improve this build. Please vote and leave feedback.

Summoner Spells
Flash in my opinion is a must , Ashe is very squishy and flash can and will be a life saver. Its also a great tool to jump in and get the final shot using your volly spell. Great to escape and good for chasing people down.

Teliport is my second choice , I dont bother with heal as if you play ash well your always be out of reach or fast enough to escape. if your not , then its unlikely that heal will actually save you anyways. Teliport is great for changing lanes fast to save a tower , if your solo in the middle lane its a good tool to use when buying your boots/malady. Letting you recall to base , buy your item then teliport back to middle lane. Ensuring the minions dont push too far towards your tower.

Rune Build
Ok my rune build focuses on attack speed and armor penatration. I used to use a crit strike / dodge setup but found that this new rune setup gives you far more dps and life steal oppertunity. Using your armor penitration to scare the tanks away , mana regen to counter the fact your be spamming volly all day long , and attack speed to help when you have your life steal items. Attack speed is also key to keep your slow constantly on your target. You could change this for critical hit damage or chance but i personaly perfer attack speed.

Ashe Skills
Passive: Focus
Increases your critical hit chance why out of combat
This skill is very usefull , alot of people will overlook this but this can make the first attack of the game tilt to your advantage.
Alot of people playing ashe will run the the middle , start farming minions. No! your first shot should be on the enemy champion. Followed up by a volly. The passive skill will give you a nice bonus to critical hit chance and potentially cause some good damage if your attack/volly hits. Thus pushing them back and the lane is yours.

Frost Shot
Slows your targets movement speed with every shot
This skill is very important , expeshaly mid/late game. You can use this to permantly slow a target why your team finish them off. Or to keep a fleeing enemy in your sights why your volly cools down.Great support skill

This skill fires a volly of arrows out from your bow.
Great for farming minions. Very important early game as you can keep frostshot/volly on the oponents and push them from your lane. Resulting in you getting a lane to farm and them being starved of minions.

Active:Sends an owe to scout the area for you
Passive: Gives you extra gold per kill
Good for revealing ganks hiding in bushes and checking if people are jungleing. However i wouldnt invest in this apart from 1 level early game. The passive gold gains pretty much pointless. The skill points should be invested in volly then frostshot before considering anything past level 2 on this skill.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Fires a crystal arrow that travels in a straight line until hitting an ememy champion
One of the best support skills around. Can be used to freeze enemys why your team jump them. great to escape a gank stunning the enemy why you flee.
Use this skill in pair with teliport for a great kill. Fire it from your fountain and then teliport to were it will impact. The further you fire it from the longer the stun on its target.

Item Build
First items i get when game starts are boots of speed , 2 health potions and a mana potion. This lets me stay in lane long enough to upgrade my boots and start working on my starks

I then move onto upgrading my boots of speed. I personaly get the boots of swiftness on most occasions as i like to be able to chase down / evade everyone else. However id suggest the Berserkers Greaves for this build as the attack speed is a nice bonus.

After the boots and starks I work on a bloodthirster , the lifesteal and the bonuses are awesome for ashe who should keep out of range and not die (meaning you dont loose the bloodthirster bonuses)

Phantoms Dancer + Blood thirster combination is great for ashe , giving you nice life steal and awesome attack speed.

Starks Fervor. This item is usefull for the attack speed but the aura it gives to your team are very usefull. Increasing thier life steal and regeneration. they will appreciate it and if your playing support its a nice move.

The Bloodthirster.
This is basactly to give you an attack damage boost, also increases your life steal and the stacking ability is very usefull.

Infinity Edge.
I notice the games normaly over before i get this , however if you can grab one then go for it . it will give a nice attack boost but the increased critical damage is what your really after with this item.

Last item : Black Cleaver / blood thirster / phantoms dancer
I normaly get another Bloodthirster at this point , however Phantom Dancers also a great choice. If your getting a ton of assists and not many kills then go for the bloodthirster for the extra damage. If your finding yourself getting hurt alot maybe take the phantom dancer for the increased attack speed to heal with your lifesteal , and the extra dodge/movement speed.
If theres tanks causing you problems . Pick up a black cleaver and rip them apart.

Early Game Tactics
Early game take middle lane , buy your items fast and run straight to thier tower area. Stand there and asoon as the champion is in range fire your bow and hopefully get the critical hit from the passive. Then follow this up with a volly.
Move back to your tower and farm minions why thye go back to heal as youve probably left a decent dent in thier health.
Alternitivly you could do this from the bushes at the side.
Farm minions by last hitting them. Dont waste your vollys on them unless your sure you can spare them. Use your vollys on the enemy champion to keep him back and starve him from minions. Last hit your minions instead of constantly attacking them. Focus more on keeping the champion from your lane. Get enough for your boots of swiftness/berserker greaves. Recall back , buy your items. Teliport back to tower and contine to farm.

If your playing in a lane with someone else , a tank is a good choice. You can use your volly to keep champions at range and this will let your tank get up close and farm.
Asoon as you have frostshot you can slow champions why your tank destroys them.

Turret diving:Ashe is squishy , i dont advice it but i admit i do it alot. Ofen your find you opnent has got to the turret with 1 hit left , your tanks had to bail. Here i would put frostfire on , flash to turret. Fire a volly then RUN as fast as you can.

Middle Game Tactics
Ok so youve got your starks and the games mixing up a bit. stick with a tank and use your slow to ***it him in getting kills. Fire your volly every now and then to get some last hit kills.
If you find yourself getting low on health just farm the minions. Youve got some lifesteal and should be ok.
Once you have your starks your now also ready to go for the mana buff. I love the mana buff with ashe as it gives you a 2second cooldown on volly and means you can fire vollys with frostfire constantly without worrying about running out of mana. If your teams doing ok and you can go farm some jungle minions real fast for gold. But remember your assisting your tanks and dps players. Freeze targets and slow them as much as you can.

Late Game Tactics:

This is were it gets harder for me with this build. Your still squishy and everyones got alot more dps. The trick is to thank your boots/flash/freeze/slow and keep out of range. Harrass people using volly , slow them if they flee and your follow them constantly hitting until they are dead.
If they are pushing and things are not looking good , use your ultimate to freeze them why you run. or flash away to saftey, turn and fire a volly with slow on it and escape.
Also dont forget to use your ultimate from fountain when you can , using it this way means you can teliport to the impact point and finish the stuned target of.
the further away you fire the ultimate , the longer the stun.

Final Comments

I play ashe more as a support champion than dps. Ive tried crit/dodge builds and find ashe to be too squishy. I perfer the lifesteal/attack speed as i can end alot of games with no deaths.
I do admit this is more of a support build than a solo killing build and i end most games with a fair ammount of kills , few deaths but a ton of assists. An average game could be something like 9-2-25.
Please leave feedback and rate my build. Remember im a new player and learning the game still so please no "ZOMG YOU NOOB WTF YOU USE THAT ITEM FOR". Constructive critisism is appreciated. Rate and comment.