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Not Updated For Current Season

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Evelynn Build Guide by rickyrascal

AP Carry AP Eve Mid and Jungle

AP Carry AP Eve Mid and Jungle

Updated on October 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rickyrascal Build Guide By rickyrascal 15,880 Views 12 Comments
15,880 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author rickyrascal Evelynn Build Guide By rickyrascal Updated on October 13, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Eve is a stealthed assasin champion. She can be played in a number of ways including AP/Hybrid/AD. This build will focus on AP eve as I have had great sucsess playing her this way.
I strongly feel that she has amazing mid lane potential and Im yet to find anyone who can beat her mid. (Bold statment) but I have not lost a single ranked or Draft game that I play eve mid.
She has a ton of burst , great ability to dodge skill shots and with some smart play can out harras most champions.

This build will focus on Eve mid , and AP eve jungle. AP Jungle eve in my opinion is harder to play than AD jungle eve due to lack of life steal and basic attack damage. However the ganks from AP eve are far superior than that of an AD build.
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Pros and Cons to AP eve


    Great burst damage
    Spamable Q spell while chasing or running away
    Ultimate does a ton of damage and gives you a sheild - Great for turret dives
    W spell will help you avade most ganks against you
    Stealth great for scouting
    Easy to backdoor as eve
    Farm like a boss with your Q spell
    Can dodge skill shots easily and close the gap on champs like gragas / morgana


    Very squishy early game
    A bad start can leave you unable to catch up
    Pink wards can be a nightmare for you
    Heavy CC champions can cause alot of problems
    Lee Sin can really piss you off
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Runes for eve are pretty basic.

My Personal Choice:





These are my first choice of runes , I build eve to deal enough damage to get kills and lay down insane burst in team fights. However I do like a bit of survivability.
These are some other optional runes for people who wish to be a bit more of a glass cannon.



Greater Seal of Vitality



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Eves Masteries are pretty basic.
I take 21-9-0Picking up the basic caster choices in the offencive tree. In the defence tree I put more priority on and as this helps against the AP casters you often face in mid.

If I am playing AP eve in the Jungle I only take 1 point in and put the full 3 points on to help survive the minion camps and also give me a bit more defence against the enemy AD carry when ganking bot.
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Summoner Spells

Here I will break down my choices for summon spells and a little bit of info on why I take them.

My Pick:

I take this spell becuase combined with my ultimate + DFG + Ignite most champions are a free kill. This works so well with Eves burst I always pick this when playing AP eve

Great to initiate or escape a fight , combined with your W spell you pretty much have a free escape from most fights , or the ability to tower dive with your ultimate even better.

Other Choices:

Works really well on eve , can slow a determined champion like singed. Or help you chase someone down. I find this works better on AD eve where AP eve has enough burst to kill people asoon as they see you apear. Good choice for people wanting a bit more saftey and can really help when running after someone spamming your Hate Spike.

This could mean the diffrence between winning a 1v1 and loosing it. However I feel that if you have droped all your burst as AP eve and they are still standing you are pretty much dead anyways. I personaly dont reccomend this on eve. However an Eve rolling Heal + Exhaust could be pretty dam hard to kill.

I have seen eve players use this , I understand why as Eve is very mana hungry expeshally when jungleing. However the fact she regains 1% of her mana per second while stealthed makes this a waste of a summoner spell. If your low on mana just run around stealthed for a bit and you will soon have enough for that next gank.
I would rather put a phillo stone on eve than use this spell.

This spell is actually pretty good. I would consider this on Hybrid eve but on a pure AP eve build I dont find it that usefull. Works very well with your spell so this is a maybe from me.
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AP Mid Items

Here I will list the builds I use for Eve and why.

AP Eve Mid

Start Items

and 3X
This start will let you avoid skillshots from the enemy mid , help you avade an early gank and give you the mobility to quickly rush top or bot lane once you push your mid lane to the turret.

Starting with a Doran's will give you more health , a bit more burst and some mana regen. A good starting item but this will cost you the ability to gank top/bot early and could stop you avoiding an early mid gank. I would only recomend taking this if you really feel you cant push your mid lane from level 1.

First Recall

On your first recall if youve just been pushing your lane and have not been able to gank you should be coming back to lane with Kage's Lucky Pick.
If you have had some sucsessfull ganks and got that extra gold come back to lane with Kage's Lucky Pick and

Mid Game

When playing eve Mid I dont wait for my Kage to stack too much gold. I upgrade it into a as soon as possible. This item will be a massive addition to your burst potential with your Ultimate + Ignite
If you are easily winning then come back to lane with
and start building your

If you are sturgleing and not gaining gold too fast then come back with.
& &
This will give you more health and also more busrt damage. Ontop of this you will have increased mana regen and able to hold your lane longer.

Late Game:

My Final build looks like this:
Sorcere's Shoes Guardian's Angel
This gives me a ton of burst damage. Loads of Magic Pen , decent magic resist and armour and if I do for some reason fail to escape a team fight , my GA could keep me from giving them a kill.
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AP Jungle Items

Eve Jungle Build and Why

AP Eve Jungle

Start Items

and 3x
This will give you early mobility for a fast gank on top lane.

First Recall

If you have managed to secure some kills from ganks upgrade your boots to either
If you want more burst damage. Or if you want to be able to move around the map and gank faster. I personaly take Sorcerers shoes as I have mobility quints and my W spell helps me navigate the map fast enough. Also becuase I dont always take when jungleing this gives me the extra magic penatration needed when ganking.


You want to be ready for the big team fights that are about to take place. Idealy you want to have atleast your boots + &
This will give you a big jump in burst damage and the sheen works well with your spell. Anything more than this is a bonus!

Late Game

You should atleast have the following: & & This will give you a ton of burst , the ability to 1v1 most people and the extra slow from the Gunblade to help you chase down enemys.

Final Items

If the game gets that far you can pick up any of the following final items.
Guardian's Angel For extra survivability
If you really need more damage , you shouldnt need it ! but why not aye ?
Why not lower the enemys magic resist if you took sorcerers shoes. Or if you took mobility boots pick up a void staff for more magic pen.
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Jungle Tactics

Ok so AP eve cant clear the jungle quite as fast as AD eve does. However the ganking power makes up for this massivly. This is the jungle route I use when playing AP jungle.

    Blue Buff [Get a strong pull as this will help loads]
    Early Gank Oppertunity on top lane / mid
    Double Golloms
    Gank Bot
After this just keep clearing your jungle but play agressive. Remember you can literaly walk into the enemy lane and stand behind them without them gaining vision of you.
Use this to get behind your enemy before ganking.
Always make sure your lane knows your coming to gank.

Once you have your first item buy an early Oracle's Elixer and start to deward. This will keep map control for your team , stopping the enemy support warding drake is a great way to make the enemy bottom lane fear your constant ganks.

Pink wards are evil ! make sure you deward them or your stealth will be useless.

I will add more to this section later , however the key to playing a good jungle eve is being agressive and ganking every time the enemy lane pushes and over extends

REMEMBER : Green wards are useless against you , walk right over them and they still wont know you are coming. Making ganks easier early game.
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The Results

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Ok so im pretty new to making guides. Still trying to master changing the sizes of icons ect. Any feedback would be appreciated and I will be working hard to update this guide. Please if you find this guide helpfull give it a thumbs up to help motivate me to keep making guides :D yay!
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