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Ashe Build Guide by ipkforfun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ipkforfun

Ashe ultimate team player

ipkforfun Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone this is my first ever mobafire guild on one of my mains ashe. This is how I build ashe and not everyone has to build ashe this way but I find that this build works for being a support ashe or a carry ashe. Please give me some good feedback or constructive criticism so I can make changes or try out the new suggestions.

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Pros / Cons

strong damage early game and late game
Ult can be difference maker in team fights
moves that slow people every second
Passive allows amazing burst damage in ganks, while
hawkshot prevents enimies from performing sneeky ganks.

focused in team fights
mid game not most best damage output
long volley cooldown early game
blind ruins slow effects of frost shot

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Skill Sequence

Volley and Frost shot are Ashe's two main abilities while hawkshot is effective just for checking for ganks and getting gold. Volley is a great for initiating team fights early level because it does decent damage early game will slowing them allowing you to continue slowing people with frost shot. So I get volley first because at lvl one hitting someone with a volley hen criting from your passive lets you do 200 damage in about 1 second. Leveling up volley first allows you to deal more damage and slow them for longer which really helps in ganks. Always get your ult everytime you can because the stun and slow are super effective at long range or close range but most importantly in team fights slowing everyone.

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For runes I really like having armour penetration Greater Mark of Desolation because it really helps with hitting high crits and being able to be effective against tanks. The Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regenerationmana seals really help because ashe can burn mana really quick if all spells are used effectively. Greater Glyph of Attack Speed The glyphs help you in late game with super speed attacks while being able to hit massive damage instantly. For quintessences I chose Greater Quintessence of Desolation because of the the more armour pen just makes you hit the numbers you want to hit.

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Dorans blade is a must buy for Ashe early game because the 100 health is very important being how squishy Ashe is with some damage and lifesteal.

Once you get back into the base you should build right into a Phantom Dancerreally helps Ashe because of the critical strike, movement speed, and especially the attack speed which all really work well on Ashe. Phantom dancer is probably the most important thing on Ashe because all of the effects of it are exactlly what Ashe needs.Another good thing about getting a Phantom dancer and Boots of Swiftness is that it gives Ashe the speed to to catch up to people and get places faster which is very helpful because Ashe beginning of the game is so slow that you can die easily from not being fast enough to escape.

Next you should build into a infinity edge which completes ashe total rule over the enemy team the damage output now is unbelievable the attack speed from Phantom Dancer plus the critical strike percentage from Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer makes you hit 500 crits every hit. You find anyone by themself pushing a lane now instead of ten seconds to live it is about 8-10. Add in an arrow to a team fight plus 500 crits enemy teams damage dealers killed almost instantly.

After a Infinity Edge I like to build right into The Bloodthirster which gives ashe that damage output and lifesteal which she needs to be effective at teamfights and 1v1s because the lifesteal makes ashe's survivability shy rocket because of the damage abilities make her crits 700s. This is usually mid-late game which makes ashe take out all the enemy damage dealers in about 5 seconds.

Right after Infinity Edge building into a The Black Cleaveris the next thing I do for ashe because more armour penetraiton improves your ability to take out tanks and completely destroy squishies. Plus it gives you more attack speed which is good, but the damage really helps ashe change from support to the teams damage dealer and a strong carry.

Somehow if you are able to make it to the last item of this build i will be amazed with everything else you should be able to easily wun the game, but if you do finally have a chance to get another item get the Youmuu's Ghostbladeyoumuu's ghostblade. It combines everything from all the other weapons(crit strike, attack speed, damage,cooldown reduction, armour pen) but what makes it so good is its unique passive. Giving you 20% increased movement speed and 50% attack spped for 4 seconds. I hear someone saying pentsakill if you go into a teamfight with all these intems with a super buff. Youmuu's Ghostblade Just completely makes every oppenet fear you and not to even have you just auto attack them for 2 secs.

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Summoner Spells

For ashe the summoner spells I take are Ignite and Flash I choose these because ingnite allows you to counter people like warwick, tryndamere, or anyone with healing spells or lifesteal, while Flash helsp for quick escapes over walls, getting out of focus from enemy team or being able to finish someone of by Flash to them to hit them. Spells that you should not bring as ashe are Clairvoyance because Hawkshott is your own Clairvoyance, Clarity now clarity may sound effective but with mana regen runes you can just wait 20 seconds and you will have your mana back, Revive is just a no no nuff said, Rally might seem somewhat interesting but your damage output is fine overall, Cleanse is the final one I will discuss. If you are playing a ranked game and the other team has a lot of CC then yes Cleanse might be an option but in normal games or in ranked games having another spell may help you get more kills, assists, and less deaths.

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Team Work

For my final chapter of my guide i would like to talk about teamwork. Ashe is one of the best initiators in the game. at level 6 you are the junglers favorite lane to gank. All they have to do is wait until you shoot the enemy with your Enchanted Crystal Arrow arrow and bam the jungler can get there and do massive damage while you can run up and slow the enemy preventing escape. When the enemies charge you in Enchanted Crystal Arrow boom arrow all are slowed your team jumps in you are dealing damage slowing them all the enemy team is screwed. Laning with a high burst damage person like xin zhao, lee sin, akali, etc. really makes you get fed and especially makes your team mate happy when you just slow the enemy allowing him to hit them with all of his moves.

Here is a video of me playing with a jungler and how easy teamwork is

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Overall I find that this guild works for me when I play ashe because of all the effects of the items that really help ashe carry the team and destroy all who stand in front of her. But everything depends on who your playing with and against. Laning against certain people and with certain people also effect your game and how quickly you will be able to get items. Well hopefully this guild has helped you build ashe and become a great player with her, please remember to leave comments on things I could improve in this guild.

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Epic arrow shot

I made this chapter so that over time I will add more and more of my across map arrow shots here is the first one I have recorded. the arrow shot is at 10:05.