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League of Legends Build Guide Author Knife615

Ashenine Shenanigans

Knife615 Last updated on May 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey guys, I'm usually not good at writing intro's but here goes nothing. Ashe was the first character that I purchased and I liked her, later I started playing other champions, but eventually I came back to Ashe and remembered how fun she was (while picking up a pentakill and a handful of quadra kills). One person told me I should write a build and I thought it would be fun so here goes nothing... Wait did I leave something out? Oh yeah, If you can't tell who this guide is about you may have brain damage but to make it more obvious it's about Ashe so read on.


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Now for Runes you may be like "OMFG WTF BBQ? THAT'S ALOT OF RUNES AT TOP HOW DO I DOES THAT??!!" Well, you don't use all of those runes of course, those are just ones depending on your preference as it would be borinmg writing a guide that only applies to one type of playing style blah, blah, blah. Don't worry there's explanations for all of them:
Greater Mark of Desolation : The rune out of the reds that I love the most, without any armor penetration you do -3 damage against tanks and usually quite a bit less damage vs other champs, remember with those marks you cna force your opponent into negative armor.
Greater Mark Of Alacricity: Better attack speed= more dps because that means more attacks per second, but I still much prefer the desolation runes, because it seems they give you more damage, yet alacricity is still viable.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration: Ashe has huge mana problems early game and a bit of mid game, this fixes it, 'nuff said.
Greater Seal of Evasion : These always save my life and are my favourite of the yellow runes, having 6% chance to dodge an attack can save you 900 damage crits from trynd and prevents him from getting mroe bloodlust, only works vs AD as casters can't miss with spells.
Greater Seal of Critical Damage: Has great synergy with her passive and general type of character, gives you more Damage but less survival and mana regen (staying in lane while being able to cast spells). These are viable because of how much you will be doing critical hits late game.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction: My favourite of the blues for Ashe, they make her ultimate pop up faster and your hawkshot also pop up faster which if you're laning 1v1 in mid (which you should be, you're Ashe.) will save you from ganks if you're ona team that doesn't like to call Mia/Miss/whatever you want to call it. Also makes your volley come up faster, which means more AOE Damage (Yay!)
Greater Glyph of Critical Damage: Same as for the yellow furor, only to be used if you don't care for Cooldown Reduction or Attack speed.
Greater Glyph of Alacricity: More attack speed 'Nuff said.

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Meh the masteries are pretty standard and don't require much to say, but there is a mastery tree I've been tweaking that is based off of Defense instead of offense for more survivability, if you're that type of player. Sometimes strengthing a character's weakness is as good as strengthening their strength's (currently contains the word strength the most times in a sentence based off of strength including the strength's in these brackets of +9999 strength.)Anyway, on to the next section.
Notes on Utility masteries: In the comments somebody said that I should be using Good Hands instead of Perservereance, even if it is a better choice I much prefer Perservereance. The reason you ask? Once again Ashe has mana problems, and is squishy, Perservereance seems to help remedy those problems without getting clarity seals.

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Ok so I guess I've got some 'splaining to do (explaining).
The first trip: Try to get the middle 1v1 lane as you're great for it. Pick up a dagger, yes a dagger. "What, a dagger why would you buy that?" Well a dagger builds into the item you will get next trip back and you don't lose 200+ gold for selling a Doran's blade back, and the dagger should give comparable damage. If you're fast with your items you can run into the bottom side bush and wait for your passive to get alot of crit chance for you. If they run in, they will die because you will have an instant crit (for quite a bit), a volley ignite and ghost if needed. If they Don't just wait and taake a free critical shot on them which will do over 100 damage (a bar of health).
Next Trip: After you're back at base you should at least have enough money for your level 2 boots, the berserker's greaves. Once again, "Why would you get that and not boots of swiftness?" There are a couple reasons. 1. You have a slow after 1 volley/shot you will be able to chase them down. 2. You will have enough movespeed from you other item(s). 3. Imo on ashe 25% attack speed> 1 extra movespeed stage.
Trip Numero 3: By this point I would hope you have a kill or two at the minimum as those help you alot.You want to pick up either a pickaxe or B.F. Sword (If you're like 200 gold away from the B.F. Sword just go back to lane save up for it then teleport back to base.
Trip Number 4, 5, or 6. By now hopefully you will be getting close to, or already have the infinity edge, (OR get a black cleaver instead, if they're VERY tanky.) the infinity edge has great synergy with your passive and type of character and it's just an amazing item. Once you have the Infinity Edge you will see a significant amount of damage increase.
Later In The Game: You want to get a Phantom Dancer as it gives you extra Movement Speed, Crit, Etc. Youmuu's also gives you movespeed with it's passive and attack speed yay, although you can get better things than youmuu's like a bloodthrister or another phantom Dancer.
If you're enemy is a bit tanky, Get Madred's Bloodrazors, if they have alot of dodge (maybe Jax?) A Sword Of The Divine is viable. That wraps up this part.

Note: You may want to change this build order alot. if for some reason you don't feel you have enough movespeed after getting berserker's Greaves, get a zeal right after it.

Note 2: Someone said that getting a Doran's blade is needed to start. No, a dagger with a health potion will give you enough survivability in lane, and essentially save you 200+ gold mid-late game because you wil lnot be selling it back.

Note 3: After getting your core items if you find you're getting focused, or don't have enough survivability, get a banshee's veil or some defensive item. (I have actually been testing Force Of Nature and it works quite well, giving extra movespeed and health regen+the magic resist.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty straight forward in later updates of the guide I will go much more In-Depth.
Passive: Focus: Ashe gains more crit chance the longer she doesn't attack, (volley will not reset it) It satrts out at 3% crit chance every 3 seconds, but grows to larger amounts of crit chance every 3 seconds depending on level.

Frost Shot (Q): Just an aura that makes your opponent move slower every time you hit them with an attack the slow % grows per rank, this skill allows you to: Secure your team Kills, allows you to be a great chaser, and allows you to be a great assasin.

Volley (W): Your AOE farming skill, and a great damage dealer that has a range slightly larger than your auto attack. But, wait! There's more! It also applies the slow of Frost Shot.
Scales 1 for 1 with AD.
Hawkshot(E): Passive: Gives you more gold per last hit (increases by 1 per rank) The reason I get this at level 2 is to increase gold revenue. The Active gives youa free short ward with a huge range, saving you from ganks, etc.

Ultimate: Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R): You fire an arrow the size of a tree until it either goes out of the map or hits a champion, when it hits a champion it inflicts a lot of damage and stuns them, enemies near the champion hit will take less damage and be slowed. This skill allows you to do great ganks and save a teammate from across the map, it can also earn you a kil lthat was thought to be lost, and/or initiate a gank/ team fight. Scalles 1for1 off of AP.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: Gives you alot of movespeed, great for chasing and finishing off enemies. (10/10)
Ignite: Does true damage, helps secure kills. (9/10)
Flash: an escape mechanism thats instant but will get you less distance than ghost unless you go through a wall. (9/10)
Teleport: Allows you to lane easier, backdoor easier, and perhaps save allies, meh. (7/10)
Exhasut: Drops the DPS of AD champions, slows enemies, works sort of like a counter ghost that drops damage. (7/10)
Smite: You don't Jungle (0/10)
Heal: Really unnecassary (VERY) you should be fine without it much better things can be used (4/10)
Rally: You wil lbe chasing unless an opponent is stunned not worth it (2/10)
Clairvoyance: Allows you to save yourself from ganks and keep tabs on their jungler. But, you're Ashe Hawkshot is a free clairvoyance (2/10)
Clarity: Ashe does have mana problems but you should be fine even without clarity runes. (4/10)
Revive: Seriously... You're not a suicide bomber. (0.5/10)
Cleanse: There's an item that does the same thing, and you shouldn't really need it (that badly) (1.25/10)
Fortify: Leave it to junglers/tanks/supports, you're an assasin. (0.5/10)

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Pros / Cons

Great Assasin
Tons of damage
Great support
Has a good stun (can be used across the map)
Has a good AOE
great farmer
Can initiate/chase/secure team kills easily
Good utility skills

Squishy (very)
2 Skills do nothing for fighting
Can be countered with any teleport skills (jax's leap strike, xin zhao's charge, etc.)
Can't escape from a gank without great control

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Ashe is a great Farmer with fast and strong auto attacks and volley, a great AOE farming skill. Plus her Plentiful Bounty (Hawkshot) can give you up to 200 extra gold if you only get one rank in it at level 2, which is why i get it. The early you get a skill like that, the more it helps, because it snow-balls over time. Plus if played correctly she can harass enemy champions quite easily.

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I'm happy that I've wrote this guide, there will be more tweaks made every patch and probably more often than that. I hope that the guide helps, any questions or comments? Write a comment, I'll read them. :P So, until next time "-For Ionia"

d-.-b \m/ -Let's meet up again some time!

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Defensive Items

Your core Items Will be: Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer, and The Black cleaver. During mid game you need to see who is damaging you the most and how on the death recaap. If they have mages, get a banshee's veil