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Rengar Build Guide by RengarNBush

Jungle Assassin/One-shot Rengar jg Guide (IN-DEPTH).

Jungle Assassin/One-shot Rengar jg Guide (IN-DEPTH).

Updated on October 8, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RengarNBush Build Guide By RengarNBush 22 0 24,502 Views 2 Comments
22 0 24,502 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RengarNBush Rengar Build Guide By RengarNBush Updated on October 8, 2022
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Runes: Easy Snowball

1 2 3
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Assassin/One-shot Rengar jg Guide (IN-DEPTH).

By RengarNBush
A bit about me
Hi! I am Rengar N Bush. I am a Rengar jungle OTP that managed to hit GM on NA this season. I have a collective 1.5m mastery points on Rengar. I have played rengar since season 7 and played him the most in season 12. I have a really good grasp of what the champ does and hope I can help everyone who wants to learn about this champ by making this guide.
Jungle Clear

First which I use the most(safest and can't go wrong):

Red -> Krugs (Smite) -> Raptors -> Wolves -> Blue + Gromp (Smite)


-Enemy jg can gank everysingle lane while you are clearing, so you get outjungled.


-Safest clear
-Time efficient
-Gurantees being at scuttle to fight/take
-Guranteed Dirk if you don't get pots after scuttle

Second Clear(will give biggest lead if successful):

Red -> Krugs (Smite) -> Raptors -> Gank Mid (full ferocity) -> Scuttle -> Blue + Gromp (Smite) -> Wolves


-You can get invaded because of downtime on clearing
-it is not a guranteed kill if the enemy has escapes/isn't pushing mid


-Will blow summoners if you do it correctly
-Can give you a kill without sacrificing alot of time if done correctly
-very unexpected

Third Clear (2 iterations + most risky): This is a full quadrant clear, meaning it is

Red -> Raptors -> Krugs -> Gank


Blue -> Wolves -> Gromp -> Gank

Rules for the 3rd Clear:

-You clear the same side that leashed you and you gank that side, so if top leashes then you gank top, if bot leashes then you gank bot.
-Do it when your laners are already pushing and you can get into the bushes to gurantee a countergank.
-There needs to be heavy trading between the opposing laners or your laners have a good amount of cc (think nautilus/morgana/sejuani).


-EXTREMELY HIGH RISK (you can lose your whole jg).
-Can lose you jungle.


-You get free kills and a fast base
-Can catch enemy jg inside your jg if you are fast/he is slow in reacting

Fourth clear (Triple camp):

Red -> Raptors -> Gromp -> Gank/invade/counter gank/Blue


-You will be down 1 or 2 camps while the enemy jg completes a full clear + takes scuttle.


-Gives you the fastest possible level 3.
-You can get an unexpected gank / counter gank, since the default on rengar is a full clear and a gank by 3:40-ish.

Fifth Clear:

The reverse full-clear, it is kinda the same as the fast level 3 but a bit safer + want to do this if you want to full clear and afraid that your other buff might be stolen.

Red -> Krugs -> Raptors -> Blue + Gromp -> Wolves


-You lose a bit of time and might lose scuttle prio


-Offers flexibility while having a greatly reduced risk of being invaded
Abilities Tips and Tricks
Q - Always auto reset when farming, meaning you have to auto then quickly q right after your auto hits. This gives you the highest damage output. Do this when you are not sure you have enough damage to kill the enemy champion.

Q - Emp Q gives you more damage and an insane attack speed steroid, use it when you want maximum damage and when farming single target camps(Red/Blue/Gromp).

W - Rengar's W is one of the strongest abilities in the game when used correctly, try to time this ability for when the enemy uses their burst damage. (Tristana E, lux E + R, zed's triple Q, etc.) you can judge based on the grey health on your health bar, that is how much you will heal.

W - Rengar's emp W heals for the same 50% the normal one does, when used after each other you heal for 100% of the damage you took in the last 1.5s and also cleanses you of CC (exactly like gangplanks W). It is a great tool when clearing multi target camps (Krugs /Wolves/Raptors).

E - Use this ability mid - jump since it is almost guranteed to land. As the game goes on its damage can make/break a oneshot.

E - The emp E roots the target for 1.75s. Never use this while farming, instead use it when you want to gank, combined with flash it is a really great way to catch the enemy off guard. Can also be used while jumping from R if you have full fero or when you want to root an enemy after you jump on them for your team to finish them off.

R - Ah...a great ultimate for an "assassin" you press R and after 2 seconds you can jump, the closest person to you has a mark on top of their head basically saying "Rengar is coming for you" which is just a screaming siren, kinda the opposite of what an assassin is supposed to be (Silent, deadly, unexpected). In all seriousness, your ult is really good, it reveales players in a certain range, your mark doesn't show up instantly, take the range as double your jump range that should help you time when it shows. This is important because when the mark shows that is exactly when your enemies will turn tail and head to the opposite direction probably, but what if you were flanking them! They would start running towards you the rengar, who they think is in front of them, but actually is behind.

Extra R tips:

-You can do mindgames with your R. Some of these are hugging a wall and standing still while the enemies move around and the mark alternates between one enemy and the other thus giving you an opportunity to jump on weak prey.

-Randomly pressing R in enemy territory, this can help you find enemies when you don't know where anyone is.

-Scouting objectives, you can press R when running to baron or drake, this will allow your team to see all the enemies who are out vision and pass safely to the objectives.

-Catching up to retreating enemies, this is called cleaning up, you just pick up kills on weak enemies after a fight.

-Ganking, playing sidelane vs rengar is a nightmare, use this in laning phase and after laning phase to pick up free kills.
How to Snowball and Game plan

Simple Game plan:

The gameplan as rengar is basically get a snowball. Try to get as ahead as possible and keep your lead. Things I tend to do alot include sacrificing the first 2 drakes(an exception to this is the mountain drake, if the enemies take it they become much tankier so do not give this one, the gold you get is countered very hard by this drake so make taking it a priority). They take too much time to do and you usually don't have your core items to fight so try not to start these drakes even after you kill the enemies, prioritize taking the enemy jg and taking turrets. Taking rift and using it on towers pre-14 minutes also helps a lot as you can get a massive gold lead on the enemy. Another time when you can split is when the enemy is pushing midlane, rengar is bad at fighting midlane since there are no bushes. Split pushing is encouraged since you get a good trade-off compared to the enemy. Let's get back to some of the early game, you obviously don't want to be perma farming and ignoring all team play to split push, any skirmishes that happen in the river can be taken advantage of, you are stronger in most scenarios.

Early game(0-13mins):

-It is okay to die when getting kills/ganking (yes it might be bad for your laners but you can carry, so it is fine! Unless you run it down which isn't...)

-Getting kills > Cs to an extent. If you lose cs but are the same level as the enemy jg then you are in the clear, otherwise something is wrong.

-Try not to camp a lane, you waste your time, ganking the whole map is a play as well, what I mean is going from top -> mid -> bot/river (Take scuttles on the way). The reason why is so you can get your Relentless Hunter Stacks, Eyeball, and most importantly your passive ad (Bonetooth Necklace).

Mid game(14-23mins):

-Avoid dying unless for objectives, turrets, drakes, rifts, barons. A death can destroy your snowball(bounties and downtime when you need to be on the map)

-For the first half of the mid game try to split/be on sidelanes to soak xp and gold.

-Split -> Turrets, many don't expect the rengar jungle to split and take half of their base.

-Base 1 minute before drake make sure you are the strongest you can be, and try to be in the area 40s before and in position in your river bushes, here fights that start to decide the fate of the game start happening so being there is crucial.

-Look for picks, you can do this right before drake starts if you position well and know how the enemy carries would move, you can go into enemy territory and here is where rengar's high risk/ high reward playstyle kicks in. If you are fed and take the risks, you can get great value out of your positioning as an assassin.

Late Game(25mins+):

-DO NOT DIE. Your death might cause the end of the game(via Nash). Do risky plays only when you have flash.

-Getting a pick might take more than 1 R. but do not jump into 5 people, be patient the oppertunity will show itself.

-A pick in enemy territory without R can win you the game. You can use your ult to run away.

-If playing around objectives is too hard due to the state of the game splitting is your only option. You can open inhibs at this point of the game and are a great splitpuch threat, you shred turrets like a hot knife through butter.

-Your dmg will probably look way less compared to what it was once the enemies hit high levels (lvl 15 and above) walk around with full ferocity and always ult with full ferocity if you get the chance to stack it, but do not prioritize ferocity over getting to crucial fights in time.


To one shot somebody you want to leap, so be in a bush or in your R. What you press should be Q right before jumping, and when you are almost on top of the enemy champ BUT STILL IN YOUR LEAP, press E-W. If you are fed enough you can kill some squishies immediately with just Q-E-W. The most common case would be using your ferocity Q to finish off the 40% ish hp enemy, So the combo would be: Q-E-W-Q(Emp). That is your bread and butter for rengar, the most simple way to oneshot someone with good consistency. I will summarize all the combos and also the ultimate rengar oneshot combo, which requires a bit of set up and some practise to use(also some greater damage iterations of it).

Combo #1 (Jump and hold ferocity):

Q -> E -> W -> W / E

Usage: This is not a kill combo, it kills when you are extremely fed. Use this when you want to poke a front liner while they are out of position or unsure on what empowered ability to use (only E or W not Q because you don't want to chase people). Having your full ferocity leaves you relatively safe if you jump on 1 person, mastering this requires a lot of experience, so you might not understand what I mean, but basically a combo for playing front to back/hit and run.

Combo #2 (Usual 1 shot combo):

Q -> E -> W -> Q

-(use this when you don't have the time to auto or the enemy is 80% hp)

Q -> E -> W -> Auto -> Q

-(100% hp target you think you can kill)

Usage: I use mostly the 2nd iteration of this because the auto makes it more possible to 100-0 squishies when you aren't that fed and it is much safer, that is important because the speed of the oneshot isn't everything, your job is to kill that 1 person and this makes sure you get the job done. Use this when you want to kill someone who isn't tanky or has little resistance or hp(use 2nd iteration for ppl with zonyha, shieldbow, tabis, etc.).

Combo #3 (The Triple Q):

R (full fero) -> Q -> E -> W -> Q -> Q

Usage: I use this a lot since I always have full ferocity after leaving the jungle and can keep it at 100% for a long time, this requires Fercoity Management which I will explain later. Anyways, you have full ferocity, but you need to make sure all your abilities off cd or close to that. You would then press R and head to where most likely think someone is or know they are there. You do your usual combo, before you jump press Q (this time it gives you movement speed since it is empowered!) and then you press E and W mid air. Then you spam your Q on your keyboard, this will make sure you cast it as fast as possible and with no delay. This combo is needed at later stages of the game where everyone is naturally tanky. This can also be used to kill some tanks after LDR spike and if you sneak in some autos like in Combo#2. The triple Q is also needed if you are even in the game or behind, that is why it is really important for rengar to be snowballing to play the game. Your normal combos won't do much if you aren't fed so you need his maximum damage combo, the triple Q.


Rengar is a versatile champ, the combos I listed are the most useful/most used when 1 shotting (combos #2, #3, in rare cases combo#1) and teamfighting combos. When ganking and fighting certain champs you would want to hold your W for their burst, or sometimes auto reset a bunch of times. Basically don't stop yourself from trying new things and don't limit yourself to only these combos(e.g there is a triple E combo and a triple W combo try to find out how for yourself).
Ferocity management
Whats on my mind thinking this - Proceed with caution or skip to tips
This is a really important part of rengar, which is basically about managing his resource bar which is ferocity! When running around the map, be sure when given the option to ofc, to have 4/4 ferocity stacks. Doing this makes sure you are as strong as possible and it makes a HUGE difference between rengar players. For example, say you are moving to your red buff after clearing your raptors(you are pathing Raptors -> Red -> Krugs -> gank top) and when you go to your buff you find a 90% hp lee sin right in front of you, the lee sin knows they can beat you 1v1 because lee sin is an insane deulist and you are an assassin rengar with no bushes, he kills you and goes on with his day after stealing your red. That is the scenario only when rengar doesn't have full ferocity. Say you were full ferocity you would of probably been able to win that since you get a free ability (preferably use Q to start in 1v1s vs duelists/skirmishers) in addition to a free ability don't forget! having full ferocity + R or a bush = a Triple Q! There is a catch however you need to leave your raptors with full ferocity and wait for your ability cooldowns or atleast have your W on a 5s cd then you go in if you were suspecting an invade on your 2nd redbuff. There are infinitely many more scenarios and changing variables that affect the situations, but rengar is 100% a stronger champion with full ferocity (Except for one situation in a triple Q scenario which involves you getting ccd while using your 2nd Q and dying because you don't have your cleanse). Anyways back to the main point, here are the tips to make sure you are at full ferocity most of the time playing rengar.


1) Always leave camps with full ferocity.

Ex: When leaving Red/Krugs/Raptors/Blue+Gromp in clear 1, and very important to leave with full ferocity after raptors to look for a gank mid via root(clear #2)

2) HIT PLANTS for Keeping ferocity/getting it without hitting camps.

Ex: You are at a plant next to a bush, you step out of the bush a little and auto it but you cancel your auto, that should give you the jump stack (purple on your resource bar) then you press E-W, now you have 3 stacks, then right before your passive ends you auto the plant, whenever your e is off cooldown use it while your passive timer is moving (10s, 9s, 8s,...) and make sure to auto the plant when you are at 4 stacks at the last second for maximum time with full ferocity and triple Q ready.

3) Use wards to keep you in combat while having ferocity, you can also use them to GET ferocity using your Q and E and don't destroy it immediately, stay in the bush and use it to extend your ferocity to a maximum of 30s, 10s for each auto
FUN FACT: control ward would give you infinite ferocity since after autoing it once and waiting for your ferocity to run out it will start regening health).

Ex: you use sweeper right before a fight.

4) Anything that can be hit can give you ferocity!
Ex: Use your imagination, pets, kalista w, etc.

5) Being hit keeps you in combat. So you keep your ferocity.
Ex: Sometimes letting turret hit you, leave 1 small raptor or krug hitting you(Use this while clearing by dragging camps in between).
Ganking with Rengar without R is very different from typical junglers, most junglers would walk to lane and gank with CC (like Jarvan IV / Nunu / Amumu / Zac) or they have some gap closers and high damage (Graves / Lee Sin / Kha'Zix / Nidalee). Rengar does not have these tools readily available. Rengar on the other hand excels in lane ganking, why lane gank? Because of Bushes. By this nature ganking top and bot is more favorable than ganking mid. All wil be explained in this part of the guide.

Lane Ganks:

-Strongest ganks

-Your lane has to be pushing enough so you can sneak into the bushes.

-Make sure to use your sweeper as soon as you leave your camp.

-Drag your camps (Krugs/Gromp) and use them to get full fero.

-Try to walk into the middle bush from the first without being spotted.

-Enemy will expect you to be in the bush closest to them so don't walk into it because it might be warded.

-Being in the 2nd bush it the best position as it gives you the most time and good range to get your gank off.

-Be trigger patient and don't jump as soon as the enemy is within your range, let them use abilities and let your teammates bait.

-Ping where you want to go or where you want the enemies to be so your team knows when and where you can jump.

-Try to anticipate the enemy jg since you are in an advantagous situation. Go for the 2-0 or 3-0!

Blast Cone Ganks:

-You will have 1 lane that you can use a Blast cone to gank(Top if you are Blue side and Bot if you are Red side).

-Drag your camps and make sure to get full ferocity.

-Now start your sweeper as you approach the blast cone.

-Auto the blast cone when the enemy overextends or when you see that the time is right for a gank.

-If you see that the river bush is warded with your sweeper continue with your gank if it is possible, if it isn't then auto the wards to keep your ferocity.

-Walk to the enemy laner(s) and try to root them or use your empowered Q to get into the bushes and jump on them if they try to kite towards the bushes.

R Ganks:

-Make sure to get full ferocity

-You can gank from 3 places (River/Tri-Bush/Lane). Make sure to make the most use of that by trying to anticipate the enemy laners path of escape.

-Jump on the enemy and use the most effective empowered ability (Q if they have no escapes or E if they have flash or an escape or if you don't have enough damage and need your team's help)

River Ganks:

-Weakest gank

-Only works vs a very overextended enemy

-Preferably use R to pull this off

Mid Ganks:

-Requires the most experience to pull off.

-You need to be very patient

-The wave needs to be close to a bush

-Jump on a minion to gap close to the enemy

-The jump indicator might be distorted because of river elevation.

-You can jump on the enemy if they are hugging the walls close to the bush

-Best use of the bushes is to countergank, if the enemy jg is approaching from the left, ping your laner to go to the right of the lane and you should try to go to that bush and counter gank.
Objective Fights
Teamfighting is one of rengar's weaknesses. In this chapter of the guide we will be exploring ways to work around this and be able to optimize bushes around dragon fights and what to avoid.

Dragon and Baron Fights:

-Be sure to get control of river, by that I mean get the scuttle and get your team to place wards and clear enemy wards by placing control wards and using sweeper.

- Position well, try to get next to the pixel bush which is alone in the middle of the river. I say next because you don't want to be in the first bush closest to the enemy, use the same thinking as when ganking, don't stand in the bush closest to the enemy because it will be warded and you will be exposed and lose on a surprise attack. Especially if they have long range cc like hooks then you might end up losing the objective because of dying due to misposition.

-STAY ALIVE!!! this is really important because you are the jungler in this case, and without your smite your team won't be able to secure the objective which is the main point of the fight.

-The enemy jungle is the highest priority and you are as well. Killing the jungler most of the times secures the objective so play around that.

-When doing Dragon make sure to drag it closer to the pixel bush so you can jump on it and get ferocity.

-When doing Baron try not to tank it. The champion Baron is hitting gets a debuff that makes them do 50% reduced damage to Baron. So it would be preferable if an ally champion tanks it instead of Rengar since Rengar can take it extremely fast due to his high dps nature.

-When you are about to end Dragon or Baron make sure to Q + Smite, you do this in order to have the greatest amount of damage to finish the objective and prevent a steal by the enemy.

-After ending Dragon or Baron you can press R and look for enemies (they are most likely in the area). Do not over commit however and make sure what you are doing doesn't throw the game if it goes wrong, consider the worst outcome.
League of Legends Build Guide Author RengarNBush
RengarNBush Rengar Guide
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Assassin/One-shot Rengar jg Guide (IN-DEPTH).

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