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Nidalee Build Guide by vkdead

Jungle Attrition Nidalee By A LVL 47 Player >:)

Jungle Attrition Nidalee By A LVL 47 Player >:)

Updated on January 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author vkdead Build Guide By vkdead 6,850 Views 0 Comments
6,850 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author vkdead Nidalee Build Guide By vkdead Updated on January 22, 2021
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Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


Main Spells for Jungling
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Attrition Nidalee By A LVL 47 Player >:)

By vkdead
Forget what to put here.

Check Near all Notes :)

My information Might be useless, or it might not >:)

Each Jungle Camp is 4 CS.

Every Jungler's Cs should be divisible by 4 unless the jungler took CS from Lane Minions.

General jungle clear,
Fast gank, Red>Blue>Gromp>Gank>Scuttle
Full Clear, Red>Krugs>Raptors>Wolves>Blue>Gromp>Scuttle

You can Check jungle monster's levels by left clicking them when they are visible, they level up every time they die so if they're level one then they've been ignored.
Engaging as Bruiser Nidalee
One, You want to poke as much as you can with your auto attacks before you go in to proc Conquerer, or before the Hunt Mark from a spear or trap Expires. As when it expires your Q Cougar Strike will deal less damage and your Cougar W Pounce can't let you LEAP towards them.

Conquerer will increase your total amound of AP and AD and Provides Healing 9% (Melee) or 6% (ranged) damage dealt when fully stacked.

You are playing to Poke, Bruise, Burst when Neccesary, and survive. This build is built for survival. Massive mana pool for **** ton of Q's and E's to Damage and Heal. Hence why Spirit Visage gives a Good boost to HP healed and good magic Resist (Although I miss the season 10 Spirit Visage where it gave ~50-60 MR).

Along side Nidalee's Extreme Mobility if you can kite well you might be near unstoppable with good mechanic's. As you can spear an ADC Pounce One shot, W Flash leave and escape. You shouldn't die immediately because of how tanky you are taking either ~49% both Ad and AP Resist, not including frozen heart's 80 armor. If taking towers either E buff the ADC or Yourself as they can deal a ton of damage to towers.

Clip of me when I did my First take on Brusier Nidalee (Build pathing was HORRID:()
Fast Clear

Starting Red either side, Q first. Hard to explain, but you want to Q red buff at near max range at around 1:29, right when it is spawning. Given the Spear takes a while to throw and move the Red Buff (Unless you threw it way too early) will spawn and immediately get speared. You then want to Cougar form then Q Cougar Strike the red buff. Along side a good leash you can kill it quickly and be on your way to blue buff.

Once you kill Red Buff Level up W to check Blue buff's bush for an invade form the enemy team. (Just in case) You can Q R W onto the sentinal to get to it faster and clear that, if you are low Smite blue buff or Gromp and clear them both and head for a gank. If it fails then either back or full clear and take scuttle.
Full Clear

Starting red you need to hit red buff with a Max ranged Q for maximum damage, this can be done by sitting near or quite a bit below the max range for Q and throw Q at Around 1 minute and 29 seconds. If you do it correctly you will hit it dead on and deal near max damage. Go into cougar and Q then revert to human and kite, if your leashers are ranged kite if they are melee you are then forced to suffer the might of the Red Buff as it will wail upon you (If you allow your teammate to take damage it will put them at a bit of a disadvantage).

Once Red Buff is Dead Level up W, Place a trap at the medium sized Krug and Spear the Ancient (Largest) Krug, After you land these Cougar form and Pounce onto the Largest Krug, Smite it then Q for more damage as Cougar Q scales with the %hp of the Enemy. Focus it down and clear Krugs. Don't forget to use your Refillable pots during the Krugs Camp.

After that you do Raptors, Place a trap infront of the small raptor, not on, nearest to the raptor bush then spear the Large raptor. Immediately you will pull Aggro and all the raptors will chase you. Switch to cougar form and W pounce onto the Marked Small Raptor. After you do this Q Cougar Strike, the Large raptor and jump onto it with all its little chicken babies, procing the burn jungle item passive, the item's healing and dealing AOE damage. Make sure when you jump to the large raptor that it is totally Alone and open to a spear, then get out of cougar and Q Spear throw the large raptor. This will reset your ultimite cool down and will let you Q Cougar Strike the Large raptor then W onto it when it has all the minions around it, as they try to get to you they surround the Large Raptor. Focus Down the Large raptor as it will Instantly Give you Level 3 Which will be spent on E level up. Then Immediately after killing E Cougar slash the rest of the minions and clear the rest. And head towards Wolves. AS you are going transform to human so you can.

Place a trap infront of the closest wolf and Q Spear the Largest wolf, Focus down the larger one, hit the two smaller wolves every now and then to burn them with the jungle item. Finish off the Camp

Q Spear throw Blue and immediately place a trap into the Blue Bush so Blue buff will take an additional burn damage from the trap and jungle item. Enter Cougar form and do the W Pounce on the hunted target as you will be able to get there faster, Q Cougar Strike, and E Cougar Slash. For maximum damage you need to W Pounce onto the hunted target, Auto Attack>Q Cougar Strike>Auto Attack>E Cougar Slash>Auto Attack>W Cougar Pounce.

You can, if you want to, do blue and gromp at the same time when blue is around 500-600 HP and start gromp, Usually to start gromp you want to spear it then place a trap underneath the Blue Buff so you can enter Cougar and pounce onto it and get a 3 second cool down instead of the normal 6 second pounce. You can then do a combo in Cougar form the AA>Q>AA>E>AA>W

Save Smite For a possible Scuttle fight, If your teammates dont come and help then RIP it's better to run if mid and top are missing and the junglers there fighting you for scuttle. You can take the risk of death if you Smite Challenge the enemy jungler for the Scuttle Crab. But if you do get it you have the possiblity of going to the other scuttle and taking it. And Usually if the enemy jungler is there he will be at least lvl 3 and not 2 unless the jungler is not good. At most LVL 5 (same as you as he did a full clear but starting from his Blue Buff to his Red Buff. If possible he could of done a full clear, taken his side scuttle crab if he started the same buff as you, and ganked mid gotten to level 5 from minion XP and if he gets the second Scuttle. At this point you are way behind and need to catch up.
Usually it is very risky to Invade as it is a dangerous task. If you get spotted by a laner and enemy jungler is nearby they can collapse onto you and get a free and easy kill, And then you'd get flamed for inting.

Invading can be improved and made more safe if you were to jungle track, which is to predict the movements of the enemy jungler before they even happen. This occurs naturally in higher elo's as you play many games upon games against other junglers you will eventually learn the champion's natural clear in the jungle, such as Warwick doing Red, wolves, Gromp, and blue.

However the pro's are immense if you are able to pull it off. You are able to deny the enemy jungler EXP and will set him behind unless he, sits in a bush in lane and gets EXP from it, Counter jungles you which would be a 200Iq play as he wouldn't be behind and if not, even ahead of you.

Don't forget, Denying EXP is really nice but it is not worth your death as your 300 Gold death is more valuable than the 100~280 gold camp.

Most of the time some junglers Ignore the first Krug camp and either go straight to raptors or wolves, from their Red Buff. Such as Warwick, it is uncommon for him to clear his krugs or raptors as it will be difficult and he will have a slow clear time compared to when the Scuttle Crab Comes out, at 3:15 exact. He usually goes Red, Wolves, Blue, Gromp then Scuttle. You can check this out by checking his raptors or krugs, if they are at lvl 1 then he ignored them the first clear and his CS number should be around 16-20 CS depending on if he did scuttle or not.
Additional Information
Jungle Tracking?!?

You can take a gander as to what camps a champion did by left clicking them when they are visible in lane, take a look at what Monster Buff they have had for the longest or closest to expire. If red buff is about to expire then the Jungler started red buff and if it is a champion that doesn't have good AOE damage then they most likely skipped raptors or krugs. Then of which you can Invade their jungle to deny possible Exp they could get and increase the total amount of EXP you can get.

Lets say a Jungler exits the jungle at Level 3 with Red buff near expiring, blue buff recently gained and has 16 CS, Leaving jungle at around 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the game. The Jungler does not have good AOE, such as Trundle, and only has 16 CS.


Answer: Trundle most likely did Red first, wolves, Blue, Gromp and is trying to gank.

(I know I say these a lot, skipping Krugs and raptors but they're often skipped to save time, HP and MP).
Don't forget.

Glhf's in your games :). A games not a game when you're not having fun and time doesn't fly.
League of Legends Build Guide Author vkdead
vkdead Nidalee Guide
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Attrition Nidalee By A LVL 47 Player >:)

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