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Cho'Gath Build Guide by The Horned King



Updated on April 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Horned King Build Guide By The Horned King 2,771 Views 0 Comments
2,771 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author The Horned King Cho'Gath Build Guide By The Horned King Updated on April 12, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Aura'Gath is a particular philosophy of Cho'Gathering; to wit, the belief that the Terror of the Void must when properly played become so large that He has become in spirit the entire team, no, the entire battlefield.
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Phase 1: The Cho'Gathering

The first stage of Aura'Gath is the Cho'Gathering. During the Cho'Gathering, Gold'Gath is the herald of Aura'Gath. Gold'Gath brings a Philosopher's Stone to the top lane or to the jungle, acquires Boots of Swiftness, a Heart of Gold, a Kage's Pick, and an Avarice Blade by around the 12 minute mark.

Gold'Gath will persist for a little while, placing a few Sight Wards and then purchasing an expensive item, often a Frozen Heart, although Zeke's Herald and Will of the Ancients are both viable Gold'Gath items.

Gold'Gath hoards his moneys for some time longer, and then begins to sell them - beginning with the Philosopher's Stone, they disappear, and Gold'Gath becomes Aura'Gath.
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The Effects of Aura'Gath

Aura'Gath has a large radius of effect, in which His allies are blessed with attack damage, ability power, armor, and magic resistance, while His enemies' attacks are slowed and their magic resistance reduced. His most sacred vitality allows His allies to be blessed with one quarter of the damage that they deal when invoking His power to fuel their magic.

Blessed be Aura'Gath's name! The Terror of the Void will, when sufficiently so grown, bespatter the battlefield with vorpal spikes, which strike damage into the hearts of His enemies, and cause their knees to quaver, and may even slowing their movement speed by 15% for 1.5 seconds, should Aura'Gath have selected a Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

If it be so desired, Aura'Gath may even don a Soul Shroud and grant His allies 10% cooldown reduction and mana regeneration, alternately to His other capacities. Such is not heretical in the Cho'Gathering.
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Feeding Aura'Gath

Aura'Gath should be fed all things, that He may grow large and mighty. In particular He should Feast regularly upon the mightiest of creatures; golems, wraiths, wolves, and even dragons, though He may require aid in devouring of the dragons when He is not yet grown to His full size. The Blue Golem does whet His appetite most heartily early on, for it reduces His cooldowns significantly and allows Him to Feast more regularly.

If Aura'Gath is not fed full, then such should be attended to promptly, for it is not proper that Aura'Gath should hunger unnecessarily.

When He has become great and fat, He should then save His Feast for the champions that are His enemies upon the Field of Justice. But for His clever enemies, He should prepare above all else His mighty Feral Scream from the third level forth, for it disables their abilities for a duration that increases as He levels the ability; His Rupture, though mighty, increases only in damage and modestly, with its crowd control effect not scaling with ability level.

For damage He should take first His Vorpal Spikes, and only later increase His Rupture, for it is the Vorpal Spikes which are the most faithful tool of Aura'Gath. Aura'Gath's hunger is great, and His items may be swiftly completed.
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Aura'Gath is Mighty!

For Aura'Gath has high base damage; and due to His monstrous size, high hit points; and due to His items, most high magic resistance and armor. So Aura'Gath is modestly of a Tanky DPS sort, in addition to His largesse upon His teammates, which does bless unto them so many things (see Effects of Aura'Gath, above) and bestow upon His enemies suffering through their presence within His mighty invisible girth.

His crowd control is potent and of short cooldown, although modestly difficult to apply, and His finishing move is second to none in its application of copious quantities of holy True Damage. Yea, though you walk through the Void, Aura'Gath will be with you unto death, at which point Aura'Gath shall feast upon your corpse, be it friend or foe. His mighty strikes bring Him life, and yet more life when He slays, and so He is like unto divine.

Praise Aura'Gath! Praise the Devourer, Terror of the Void! Praise His immensity and great spiritual size! Join the Cho'Gathering and shelter under the great mantle of Aura'Gath!

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