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Team Guide by 3pthorror

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 3pthorror

Balance is OP

3pthorror Last updated on May 10, 2011
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solid ranked team

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Lanes, roles

Irelia top solo
Amumu jungle
Malzahar mid
Mf and Alistar bot

Amumu, alistar, and irelia are all very tanky, this is important because they need to be able to protect malz and MF as the poor out damage, the reason for these 3 are their great CC. not to mention Amumu is a great jungler, Irelia is a good solo, and alistar can support MF with his heal, he is also not very item dependent once he is lvl 6 so MF can have all the creep kills. This is your basic setup in a match, if u dont follow this u should because the balance will help a lot.

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I picked some runes that would work on these champs, but runes are whatever you want, if u tend to like to stay in lane mana regen runes would be good, if want to be offensive get offensive runes, its really whatever, so dont ask why i chose the specific runes i chose, thanks.

If u really would like to know good runes on the different champs I can answer that, just leave a comment.

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Alistar's role *The Catalyst*

Alistar's role is not only to support MF, but he should be roaming around the map, usually between bot and mid, ganking mid once and a while, and finding the enemy jungler. Once malzahar hits 6 its important that you communicate for a gank because with malzahar's ult and a flash pulverize it is basically a sure kill. Always be checking on MF tho, if she needs to b then cover for her, and such. U might be thinking alistar will never get any money. Well this is true and the build i put up is really only going to happen if the match lasts over an hour, or u steal a ton of kill(dont do this if ur the tank/support) Alistar doesnt need the items tho all u need to do is initiate with pulzerize headbutt someone and bait them to focus you, pop the ult and hit a few ppl, use pulverize and headbutt again and get outa there, but now the rest of ur team, or whoever is there should have done a significant amount of damage. It is also important that u and amumu communicate with who is initiating since amumu has a ridiculous ultimate and if u were to pulzerize the enemy at the same time Amumu ults, it ends up being a waisted ult/pulverize since they could have been spread out.

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Malzahar's Role *The Assassin*

Malzahar is your mage carry, this means he will be putting out a substantial amount of magic damage. Your job is to farm mid for a while, try and get a good 50-80 minion kills past the player your laning against. Once you hit level 6 immediately call for alistar, and if u think u need him amumu to gank mid, with your ultimate and 2 stuns u are surely going to get the kill. Be smart about extending, malzahar is very squishy. As long as u dont feed/ur team doesnt having more minion kills than the other team will put you in a very good situation for later in the game.

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Amumu's Role *The Cry Baby*

Amumu is your tank. I believe the tank is always the most important part of the team, he has to be able to initiate, and he is the commander of battle because he can dictate where the team goes. Amumu is great because of all his Aoe spells, especially his ultimate which I regard to be the best in the game. To see how to Jungle Amumu you can go to this Amumu Jungle Guide.

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Miss Fortune's Role *Damage ****ter*

Miss Fortune is your carry, This means you want her to get the most farm on the team, if your in lane with her as any other champion i highly recommend that you don't last hit and allow her to get all the last hits. As Miss Fortune you want to farm bot as long as possible with Alistar healing you constantly.

*IMPORTANT* I highly recommend that you stack 4 dorans blades boots, of swiftness, and a brutalizer. This makes you very deadly mid game and you will likely get fed out of your mind. After you have the money then sell a doran blade for a bf sword then build your first IE, and do the build from there, in whatever order you think you need the items.

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Irelia's Role *Lane Forever*

Basically with Irelia your goal is to out last hit the opposing solo or 2 champions, be ready to use your q and e when amumu ganks. And try your best not to die to ganks yourself. Irelia's passive HP regen on her auto attacks and heal on her ultimate allow her to lane a very long time and regain health fast, so dont be afraid to lay some hurt on the opponent, even if its 2v1, though I highly recommend on a 2v1 that you be cautious if they have a stun.

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Ranked Play

Okay so don't get mad at me when you start ranked premading with this team and you don't get all the champions, this is a pretty high tier team IMO so getting all of them is literally impossible.

Champions to replace the ones you do not get, but still have the same general role

For Alistar: Evelynn, with stealth she is deadly roaming
For Malzahar: Annie, Anivia, Ryze
For Amumu: Singed(not jungle), Rammus(jungle), Shen(not jungle), Nunu(jungle), Also Ailstar can play your main tank if eve is your roamer.
For Miss Fortune: Corki, Ashe.
For Irelia: Renekton,xin zhou Xin zhou, Jarvan

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These items are not good for all games, some games you must switch up the builds based on the other team's composition. But follow these builds if the other team is balanced. I highly recommend though that no matter what the other team looks like that you get:
- on Miss Fortune
- Tri Force on irelia
- Frozen heart on Alistar
- Aegis of the legion on Amumu

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The All Mighty Team Fight

I can't stress how much this could literally lose you games if your playing against kids on skype that are semi good. first things first, alistar face-checks all bushes when you are attempting to have a team fight and you believe they are in the jungle. If they are visable I prefer amumu bandage tossing into the fight to start, but he shouldnt ult right away, he should wait until attention is drawn to him, and once the other players begin attacking him he should use his ultimate. alistar should then find their carry whether amumu's ult got them or not, flash to them and knock them up with , then headbutt one either closer or away from your team depending on if they would eat your carries or your carries would eat them. Miss fortune should try and Ult right when amumu does. Irelia should dash to their carry with alistar, by distracting the carries they will be caught up with your tanky players. Malzahar can destroy their tank, people say not to focus the tank but with malzahar you can. His E does a percentage of health per second, so if he ults anyone in the E then they are very dead even tanks with 4k health drop very very fast. Malzahar can do this because the other teams carries/whole team are being CC by Amumu, Alistar and destroyed by Irelia. Once their tank is gone, well if your team farmed well and took advantage of 2 solo lanes and a semi solo lane bot then your carries should be fine in all fight, the only time someone dies is when amumu or alistar miss someone that can poop out damage like trynd who will eat your carry if not CC'd.

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Team Work

Once everyone has decent items( has , has , and has a good amount of ap, your team wants to stay together. Attempt to find the other team in their jungle, or yours with 's Clairvoince and gank them. If you can get 2 of them, then pushing a tower shouldnt be very hard, especially since you have 2 CC heavy tanks that can easily dive.

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So make sure all you new lvl 30's farm, THAT MEANS LAST HIT, and if you alistar and your in lane, unless Miss Fortune tells you to farm it up, then let her get the last hits, it will be good in the long run I promise.

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Creeping / Jungling

With the team you have you can either guard blue for amumu, or you can go gank their blue if they have a jungler, Make sure alistar is face checking all the bushes, since he can pop up their whole team at lvl 1. Amumu should use Clairvoince to find the other team.

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Support Champions to think about

If you have no one who can play a roaming role then champions like JANNA, TARIC, SORAKA, and SONA, would be good to use and lane bottom with Miss Fortune, or the dps ranged carry you pick.

The reason I dont have a support is that with the amount of CC in this team, and damage, teamfights are going to go fast and a support is for sustaining fights more, but they dont put out damage, they put out heals and CC, and with 2 CC heavy tanks then all you need is more damage to destroy the other team. If the roaming thing doesnt work tho i highly recommend one of the supports I named.

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This is very key to your success. Since Amumu can be countered as a jungler, your first ban should be eve, she is the best counter jungler in the game, and a counter jungle is exactly what you don't want. Other notable bans will be nocturne, for how good of a jungle he is, Shen since he is the best tank, and a support if you end up not getting one, since that is what could destroy you, so champions like janna or taric you might want to think about, I recommnend not banning rammus, though he is still a good tank, his nerfs I feel have not been accounted for In low ELO matches and he always gets banned, when I don't care if I see a rammus on the other team anymore, unless its a jungle rammus, but seldom players play him that way.

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I know countering this team can be done

Yes amumu is counterable, yes alistar roam might not be the best, yes malzahar is arguably not the best ap carry, and yes corki is a better carry than Miss Fortune. But with this team and their synergy with CC ultimates and damage output I guarantee many wins In normal matches, and also in ranked with this team or the replacements I posted above.


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