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League of Legends Build Guide Author tankyT

Bandaging Up The Jungle -Season 4-

tankyT Last updated on December 17, 2013
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Hi all, tankyladybird here, my first guid using mobifire so it might be a little simple. I have started to play a lot of Amumu jungle, one of the most banned junglers at the moment(for a good reason). In my opinion Amumu is one of the strongest junglers at the moment. He is really strong through out the game, but is best with a full build. Amumu is an easy jungler, but a skill shot ganker so your skill with bandage toss will decide how good you are as Amumu.

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My choice is gold per 10 quintessences and seals. Armor marks and glyphs.

Armor is really good for jungling it helps with tankieness and makes up for Amumu having no sustain apart from pots. I really like gold per ten runes, especially because I don't buy any jungle/or season 4 gold items.


Greater Quintessence of Gold

Greater Glyph of Armor

Greater Seal of Gold

Greater Mark of Armor

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20 defense and 10 utility.

Tough skin works well with his E, taking even more reduced physical damage from creeps, Block does the same thing just against champions. Points in defense are nice, Veterans scars, Juggernaut and Hardiness are really good and help amumu tank everything.

Amumu is mana hungry if you want a really quick clear so three points in meditation helps with mana regen when blue is down. Summoners insight works well as a jungler it means that smite is up more often and vampirism just gives him a nice big of sustain.

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Beginning the rampage.
Hunter's Machete + 5x Health Potions are the standard opening items on a jungler as they give you better clear.
Better clear and 750 health.
For ganks and speed!
Sunfire Cape works reaaally well with amumu's W the dubble constant damage makes clearing an ease and ganking gets alot easier.
Rylai's Crystal Sceptergiveshealth and AP work well and the slow is gives means that Amumu gets a constant slow with his W.
Liandry's Tormenthealth and AP and magic pen are really nice, but the damage over time is SIIIIIIIICK with Amumu's W i mean it is a match made in heaven, both do damage depending on max health meaning mumu can kill ANYTHING.
Late game: Warmog's Armor
Warmog's Armormakes diving the enemy and surviving almost 100% certain (if your team can carry, even a little bit).

Final item:
This item is situational, take what u want, go tanky or go full damage with Lich bane (is better than u think)

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Skill Sequence

Max E for clear and tankieness, then max W for extra fast clear but put one point in Q early for to gank with, with Amumu being mana hungry if blue is down even clearing wraiths will take 50% of your mana so gank like heck when blue is down, its all you can do. But when blue is up, grab some quick gold and XP from the jungle.

Amumu's jungle is DEPENDENT on a level one blue so a reaaaaally good way to counter Amumu is to take his lvl 1 blue, and then go for you own.

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Flash and smite usual jungle stuff

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Pros / Cons


+ Amumu has a great teamfight changer
+ Amumu has good clear
+ Amumu has good ganks
+ Amumu scales well late game

- If blue is stolen he gets really behind
- ganks are based around skill shots
- easily kited if he doesn't land a Q

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Abilities Explained

Cursed Touch, Amumu's passive reduces his targets magic resist by 15 for 8 secs.
Bandage Toss, Amumu tosses a bandage attaching him to the target, which stuns them and pulls him to them.
DespairDeals constant magic damage in small area + damage equal to a percentage to the targets max health
Curse of the Sad MummyEntangles all enemies near Amumu for a short while, making them unable to attack or move for 2 seconds

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Creeping / Jungling

Amumu has really good clear and can solo drag after lvl 9-ish. BUT is dependent on blue for best clear.

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Team Work

Teamwork OP, Amumu is a beast in teamfights, just bandage toss in there ult, activate W and then spam E so hard your keyboard brakes.

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Amumu can clear waves like no tomorrow, minions auto attack, meaning that his E get off cool-down every second almost and with his AOE damage nothing can survive.


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