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Sion Build Guide by B2Banger

Support Bangers Sion Support Mastery Guide

Support Bangers Sion Support Mastery Guide

Updated on November 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author B2Banger Build Guide By B2Banger 6 0 5,256 Views 2 Comments
6 0 5,256 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author B2Banger Sion Build Guide By B2Banger Updated on November 26, 2021
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Champion Build Guide

Bangers Sion Support Mastery Guide

By B2Banger
Introduction: They hated him for he told the truth!
Once upon a time in an age prenerfs there was a young aspiring League of Legends player searching for the best Support character in the game. He tried out many different champions.

Lulu a champion squishy and versatile too hard for the noob just starting out.
Alister a cow with a headbutt combo not yet simplified by Riot and thus not understood.
There was Thresh a true mental challenge with lanterns sure to be ignored and finally on the sixth day there he was SION and the player knew that HE was good.

He told all his friends about the happy news and the reaction was as follows: "You ****ing SHIET mate? Sion Support? Might as well alt+f4!"
And thus a challenge arose to see how far one can push this piece of ****ing junk on the botlane as support.

Well...turned out up to DIA 5. E was bonkers back then the Hitbox was about as fat as the Nautilus Q now is so yeah even back then I could do it. What happened next? 4 Years of nerfing and I am still playing this champion on the botlane. Even after the nerfs I managed to hit the lowest Dia-tier multiple times with him but now no longer because he is gamebreakingly strong but because I achieved mastery over the champion with now a little bit under 1.8 Million mastery score.

What can I say… I am humble as ****. EZ number 1 humble.
Early Game: Welcome to the Playground!
What’s the first thing you do when entering the game? Correct you disable the team chat. This is for your own good... makes you keep your sanity.

The next thing obviously is to buy your **** and waddle over to the jungle to cover it. Don’t Skill your E yet maybe the enemy is invading, and you can secure a nice Penta by skilling Q first and knock them all up...well if any of your Teammates is actually covering the jungle as well.

Look out for invades and prepare to counter it with your Team especially if the enemy team has: Blitz, Pyke, Naut, Morg, Lux or any other good invade champs that come to mind.

Next after helping the jungler you walk to the lane demotivated since most likely you didn’t get a Penta and rdy up for one of the biggest challenges during the whole game for you.

Lvl 1: Sion Support is ****ing garbage. There is nothing more I can say to this. You and your carry will lose to almost any combo you can imagine if they play agro.
So wyd rage quit min 3? No! (..well maybe) Try to push the lane as hard as possible during the first 2 waves and rush lvl 2. Try to hit the enemy adc with your E. Make sure to keep at least 1 of your support Item procs for the 2nd minion wave. Ez enough? Well, if your opponents are not dense af they will try to do the same. Do your best and don’t overcommit.

Lvl2: Since you follow this guide you manage to reach lvl 2 before the other team every game your adc isn’t afk. Now what? Get Q as next skill! Try to hit your E on any enemy and go in if you hit the slow. This is the main idea of the champion during the whole game. Hit the slow GO IN. You NEVER engage if you don’t hit the slow. It’s just a bad idea for lining up the Q as well as hitting your Ult. Everything is easier with the slow on them.

Lvl 3-5: Standard early laning phase. Keep poking with your E and go in if you think you have kill pressure or chances on a good trade. Don’t be afraid to recall if you get low on health. If you don’t have kill pressure on every engage with Sion Support you are useless and you are no threat with a 1/3 of your health while the enemy team is full hp! Don’t worry about your adc... he is fine...will be... eventually...maybe.

Also make sure you start putting down pinks on the river... don’t get ****ed over by the enemy junlger man.... common...


That’s how easy it is.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot as soon as the Dragon spawns and your jungler moves away from him. You start spamming "?" pings since you are very confused and have many questions!
Mid Game : The Base Violence Necessary for Wins!
Like the God you are you dominated the botlane even with your worthless adc and you are now rdy for the Midgame.

Your focus now should be on ALL neutral objectives and enemy Towers. Put Vision wherever needed this can be very situational.

You have a banging toplaner 15:0 Jax well maybe make sure he can safely split push until the end of the game. Maybe you have a 0:9 Yasuo on the toplane soon reaching his powerspike .... well maybe your vision is needed elsewhere....

This is one of my general rules btw. You should support the players you believe in and don’t waste resources on players to lose less hard. This is obviously only my opinion and some people actually come back and show what they are made of later in the game.
It’s also champion specific... jokes aside the 0:9 Yasuo might be a moron but he still can be a lategame monster!

One last thing about Vision. The most important situation for good vision is a fight over Dragon or Baron. Make sure you fill up on pinks and normal wards and make it as easy as possible for your team to get that objective. In most cases a dragonsoul should win you the game. So, if you have any further questions about objective pressure redirect them to your jungler with a few "?" pings.


This is the time for you to shine. In midgame you go in. That’s all there is to it. Don’t be afraid to die! If you are a KDA player Sion is not for you. Try to hit as many knock-ups as possible and after Your R Q combo chase the enemy carries away from the teamfight...for as long as you are alive...and dead. While you are dead you hit like a truck, they can’t ignore you while you are in their face!

Your Team should be able to win many Teamfights this way and trade you for 3+enemys and a objective.

Ohhh.. one last thing. I know Sion R has a MEGA range, but your team can’t keep up with your speed crossmap. Make sure you don’t dive to deep.

Recap Midgame: Speed Violence and Momentum --> Ez wins
End Game: The Boy Savior!
Ahhh another day another 20 wins....Wait, what? We not done? Dafuq is an Endgame?
I know it, you know it even the enemy team knows in their heart that this game should have ended 10 min ago while you were crushing them. But for some stupid reason the game is still going on. I am looking at you 0:9 Yasuo!

I rly don’t like to admit it but somehow after 35 min the enemy team can actually get through Sions defense. So, what to do now. Is it finally time to accept the /ff vote that Yasuo keeps spamming since min 15? No! You played this for 35 min might as well try it another 5!

You should no longer engage the enemy team at all times... you can try… but it might lose you the game. Instead try to protect your carries with your life and group as much as possible.

As much as it saddens me, there is not much more you can do. From the moment the End Game starts you are part of the coinflip. Hopefully you managed to pick up the dragonsoul and catch an enemy champion of guard to turn the odds in your favor.

This is also only my view on the endgame. I guess some bonkers Grandmaster can tell a different story and will call me "****ing SHIET mate? Sion Support? Might aswell alt+f4!" Wait? Am I full circle?
Oh **** yoloQ popped! I am off! CYA!!!!!!!

GLHF with Sion Support
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