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Bard Build Guide by RiddleMeThis

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RiddleMeThis

Bard Top, Kite Master

RiddleMeThis Last updated on March 13, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hi, uhm i don't really know what im supposed to say here, because its my first guide.
but i would like to ask you guys to post comments and improvements of my guide and further guides.

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Pros / Cons

+ strong early game, because of cc, meep damage and range
+ hard to gank, because of build in cc, a speed up and a phony's
+ incredible team fight ability, provided you use him right
+ great kiting champion
+ good sustain

- relatively squishy
- steep learning curve
- let can be messed up big time
- damage falls off lategame

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Combo Wombo's to get through your lane.

well bard's skills are fairly easy to understand. they are best used in of a couple of combo's.
combo 1 (harass combo 1): provided that you have sheen already, its q on a minion and the champion, then use a meep empowered basic attack in combination with the sheen proc.

combo 2 (harass combo 2) provided you have 2 meeps (1 is possible, but 2 does more damage, obviously) W-meep empowered AA(maybe sheen proc), use the slow and the speed up to get in position for a good stunning q, and of course after that a meep empowered AA with a sheen proc. (after 15 chimes bard can have up to 2 keeps following him)

combo 3 (escape combo 1) fairly simple, use your e, go through, and if the enemy follows up, use your q to stun him against the wall.

combo 4 (escape combo 4) requires you to have a w stacked up already to give you the movement speed boost. again very simple, provided you're in a minion wave or you're getting ganked, use your q to stun them both, or simply one and go over your w to get the movement speed. you can of course use your e as well.

combo 5 (juke combo) if you are chased, and you find yourself next to a flashable wall. use your e to get over it, naturally your opponent will follow. when you get out, directly flash back (or into a bush). viola, you're safe

combo 6 (offensive combo) in short: W-AA-Q-AA-R-wait-AA-Q-AA. this does require some good positioning to work. when you hit the R, run to the point where you can stun your opponent easily when he has a second after he goes out of stasis so you can still AA him before you hit your Q. this combo si of course a finisher.

combo 7 (offensive combo) when you're low, but your jungle is in the vicinity, bait the enemy into following you through your E, after which you stun him with your q and you finish him off with your jungler.

these are some basic combo's, if you know more please leave them in the comments, for all to see.

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Tips n Tricks

in the laning phase, make sure you stay at a safe distance from the enemy later. this should not be hard, considering your q and w. also make sure you have at least 2 W's around your turret to escape banks.
there is one thing i must emphasize severely. When your lane is pushed, DO NOT FORGET to pick up shrines if you do this every 3 minutes, you should be fine.

now when you have your level 6, you can roam with ease, so do it. bard isn't a champion that stays in lane and pushes is till he dies.
when you roam, make sure you end up behind the enemy later, as he probably stays behind his minions with leads up to an easy stun.

when in team fights, your ultimate is an absolute beast. try to hit the enemy frontline to get to the APC and ADC. your ult is also an awesome disengage, for the same reason.
his ultimate placement and positioning in team fights is somewhat difficult, so make sure you practice that, and know the cast time by heart.

chasing with bard is quite easy, because of his inbuilt gap closer, his build slow and his build in stun. the same reason makes him a great kiting champion.

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well this was my guide to play bard top, if you have any suggestions or you feel like you're missing information, feel free to leave e comment below so i can include it in my guide