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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Miss Fortune Build Guide by tripsobedo

AD Carry basic sarah fortune guide (post-update)

AD Carry basic sarah fortune guide (post-update)

Updated on September 6, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tripsobedo Build Guide By tripsobedo 6,080 Views 0 Comments
6,080 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tripsobedo Miss Fortune Build Guide By tripsobedo Updated on September 6, 2015
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this is my ad miss fortune guide for bottom lane after her rework/update, i hope you enjoy. (not so detailed, its a basic guide)
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After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage, Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 Movement Speed. This bonus increases by 8 each second up to a maximum bonus of 70.

this ability can help you to get in laneand objetives faster also try to kite skillshots in lane, but remember that it can be broken easy with just a aa on mf.


Double Up
Cost: 43/46/49/52/55 Mana
Range: 650
Miss Fortune fires a bullet at an enemy, damaging them and a target behind them. If the first target is killed, the second hit will deal 150% damage instead.

this is your main ability, with this you can be a lane bully that have a very nice poke (stronger if the first target is killed) also try to attack enemy champion with the second shot instead of the first. (if you apply impure shots to a enemy champion this ability will priorize him/her) just use the first shot if there is a 100% chance of killing the anemy. spam this ability as much you can to win lane phase. remember that it will reset your aa


Impure Shots
Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 Mana
Range: Self
Miss Fortune passively increases damage dealt to a target with each strike. This ability can be activated to increase Miss Fortune's Attack Speed and grant her Strut.

this ability is usefull cause it passively gives 6% to 30% (36%/42%/48% with her ultimate) like magic damage that make difficult to build against miss fortune and if you use double up it applies impure shots passive too and mf ultimate applies too! also the active can help ypu for re-activate your passive and destroy objetives faster like dragon, baron and turrets or to follow and kill enemy champions.

Make It Rain
Cost: 80 Mana
Range: 800
Miss Fortune unleashes a flurry of bullets at a location, dealing waves of damage to opponents and slowing them also it gives vision in the AOE

this abillity is pretty **** but it can help you to escape (not so much) and reveal a bush that can be someone hidding, use it before your ult to slow enemies and prevent them from avoiding your ult. remember to not spam this ability cause it consumes a lot of mana

Bullet Time
Cost: 100 Mana
Range: 400
Miss Fortune channels a flurry of bullets into a cone in front of her, dealing large amounts of damage to enemies. and applying stacks of impure shots to enemies it hits.

mf's ultimate is one of the best adc ults (focusing on the teamfights) dealing a maximum of 400 / 600 / 1000 damage to all enemies applying impure shots stack and scaling with a maximum of 160% AP scaling. that can clear a wave of minions pretty easily, use it to start a teamfight but be aware of the enemies that have cc, cause that can cancel your ult
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items (standart)

start with a doran blade a heal pot. and a trinket try to buy B.F. sword and boots in your first recall or if you cant, buy another doran blade and the boots then your first final item can be a infinity edge or bloodthirtster if you are playing defensive continue with a avarice blade for more gold, then if you buy a bloodthirtster first, buy a infinity edge and if you buy a infinity edge first, buy the bloodthirtster. upgrade avarice sword to a statikk or a phantom dancer. if the enemy team has a lot of cc buy a scimitar if not you can buy the black cleaver first than the scimitar
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items (optional)

-if the enemy team is very tanky you can buy a botrk or a final whisper.

-you can buy a trinity force if you want, but i prefer the black cleaver.

-you can buy a phantom dancer instead of the statikk (but that depends of your opinion)

-and buy a banshee if you want too be more defensive.
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morgana: morgana has a lot of cc and a cc shield that can help miss fortune a lot cause if miss fortune got cc she will probably die, also morgana's ultimate works well with mf's ultimate winning a teamfight pretty easy.

leona: leona has a lot of cc (more than morgana does) and she can be the miss fortune frontline while mf is attacking from behind and killing the enemy team whitou getting damaged

tresh: tresh can help miss fortune whit his lantern and do a nice teamfight whit his combo and miss fortune's ultimate.
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lane phase

remember that your Q resets your aa. poke your enemy and try to la**** minions whit your Q to deal more damage to an enemy behind it. when your enemy is at low health follow him with your W and E until you kill him/her or he/she escape of you. then continue farming and poking aswell when he backs to lane and just battle face to face when you know that you can win that fight.
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mid/late game

avoid enemy's skillshot and stun as well you can and then use your e and ult combo, inflict how many damage as you can and then start to aa and use your q and your w to kill enemies. run to objetives with your passive and destroy them faster with your W
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- very good poke in lane
- nice temfight with aoe abilities
- pretty nice speed with passive to kite skillshots and get to objetives earlier


-very squishy
-no escape
-weak in face to face trades
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that was my miss fortune basic guide and I hope you like, its very simple to understand if your took your time

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tripsobedo
tripsobedo Miss Fortune Guide
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basic sarah fortune guide (post-update)

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