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Sivir Build Guide by Fruros

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fruros

Battle Mistress carries you!

Fruros Last updated on September 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi everyone, this is my first guide on mobafire and i appreciate you are viewing this. I main marksmen and i've been playing Sivir a lot recently.I noticed her strong pressure on map and lane so im doing a guide about Sivir. Sorry if i make english mistakes and let me know your opinions even if it is bad :)

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About Sivir

Sivir is a fun to play champion that is really good at map pressure and teamfights. She is not a hyper-carry like Vayne, Twitch, she doesn't have mechanics that can make huge outplays but she wins a lot of games with her map pressure and strength in teamfights.

She is one of the best pushers in the game. And may be the only marksman that can start teamfights.

She has 500 auto-attack range which is the shortest marksman range with Quinn (didn't count urgot as a marksman). Which makes Sivir vulnurable. But she has abilities that gives a lot of survivability.

We will talk about everything in this guide.

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Pros / Cons


+ Really good at pushing, so map pressure.
+ Spellshield is one of the best abilities that a marksman can have.
+ Huge speed buff to your team, that does great engage-disengage.
+ Able to start teamfights.
+ Deals huge amount of damage to whole enemy team if they are grouped.
+ Bruises lane with strong poke.
+ Passive makes kiting easier.


+ Low range.
+ No dashes.
+ Gets focused and killed very easily when spellshield down.
+ Mana hungry.
+ Spellshield is hard to master.

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Ability Explanations

Fleet Of Foot => If you learn how kite, this passive makes you kite even better. You will be attacking constantly when chasing and escaping.

Boomerang Blade => This is your main damage ability. Since its damage nerfed, it does low damage if it goes through minions early game. It hurts a lot mid game but falls down a little late game.
Do not forget that this ability is easy to dodge so try use it when they are not aware of you. Do not waste it if your enemy is good at dodging it. Costs a lot of mana.

Ricochet => Ricochet is what gives Sivir her great pushing power. It bounces to every target once and will be thrown 3 times. It kills the whole minion wave if you have Infinity Edge + Statikk Shiv.
Use it to poke your enemy from behind your minions, if you hit all 3 of them it will do %150 of your Attack Damage in total which is equal to Caitlyn's headshot damage.

Spell Shield => This ability is the reason Sivir has 500 auto-attack range.
If you master this ability; you will be able to turn around fights, bait, and sustain in the lane by gaining mana.
It isn't effective againist abilities like Katarina, Lucian, Miss Fortune ultimate. Mostly use it againist cc.

On The Hunt => On the hunt is an awesome teamfight ability.
It can save your whole team or crush whole enemy team, use it whenever you feel like it. It has low cooldown late game.

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Last Whisper "ignores" %35 armor but Black Cleaver "reduces" %25. Reducing makes your team do more damage to enemies.

If you can deliver Black Cleaver's armor reduction by 3 Ricochet shots + Boomerang Blade to 5 enemies you will reduce %25 armor of the whole enemy team. That gives you a huge teamfight advantage.

And Black Cleaver gives +10 more AD than Last Whisper, +10 armor penetration and +200 health. These stats fits Sivir more than Last Whisper does.


It is true that Phantom Dancer gives more crit chance and attack speed but Statikk Shiv's passive makes you push a lot faster. By Statikk's low price you will have an easier mid-game.

Statikk makes Sivir's strong pushing power even stronger. But replace it with Phantom Dancer when you are full build.


In order to use Sivir's abilities in full potential you will need a lot of flat AD. Blood Thirster(BT) gives this to you. Blade of the ruined king(BOTRK) is better for auto-attack based champions.

With BT's %20 life steal + BT's shield + Black Cleaver's 200 HP you will be able to survive in teamfights while dealing a lot of damage.

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Laning Phase

Sivir doesn't have the best laning phase but better than many marksman. She can bruise the lane if played correctly.

If you are againist passive-defensive champions like Tristana, Twitch, Kogmaw, maybe Vayne always push the lane in first wave. Push them under their tower and keep poking with your Ricochet + Boomerang Blade

This will make them miss a lot of farm but gets you open for ganks. Tell your support to ward river and tri-bush. Always keep an eye on the map. If other lanes doing good ask your jungler to gank from lane bush (ninja gank). If you master to use your Spellshield againist important cc skills like Blitzcrank, Tresh, Morgana this lane is %80 won.

Againist other lane bruising champions like Lucian, Draven, Corki you will still do nice as long as you keep poking and dodging-blocking important skills.

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Mid Game

After you get Infinity Edge + Boots + Statikk Shiv tell your team to push mid, then choose the lane with minions closer to enemy tower and go there with your support.

Tell him to ward jungle bushes. Never push without wards and always keep an eye on the map when pushing. If you see enemies coming, fight if you think you are fed enough, or leave immediately. It isn't worth dying and leaving your team 4v5 for a tower.

When they come to stop you they will leave mid open and probably lose that tower, if they choose to defend or fight in mid they will lose the tower you are pushing. This is called split-pushing.

There is times you can't always split-push. If you think your team is so behind that they can't even defend mid just geoup and push with them. Target global objectives and try to get ahead for late game.

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Late Game and Team Fighting

Late game is where, you kill people fast and get killed fast.

If you have tower and inhibitor lead, push lanes together and force them to team fight. If they are defending under an inhibitor tower this situation called sieging.

NEVER dive if you dont have a tank that can deal with turret damage. Try to poke with your Ricochet and Boomerang Blade. But do not get caught! It can throw the whole game.

When you are sieging wait for enemy team to make a mistake. If you see an enemy carry a little close to your team and you sure he will not be able to escape press R and charge on him by your whole team (if you have a tank). Push them out of their tower and clean the
others with your ultimate's speed buff after killing the carry. If you don't have a tank keep harrasing and make them deny that tower.

-Most important thing when engaging: YOUR SAFETY.

-Second most important thing when engaging: KILLING ENEMY CARRY.

Never get too ahead when using your ultimate, do not forget that you can get bursted down in matter of seconds. Look for possible threats. Stay close to your support. Block important skills with spellshield. Do not forget to use your Ricochet and summoner skills.

All of these might sound hard but you will get better by just playing.

If you are getting sieged wait for them to dive or go for baron and jungle camps. If you are getting dived use your ultimate to get a better position with your team and if they get enough damage from tower fight back.

If they just go for a baron try to fight them when they are out of position.

Win teamfights and make your way to victory.

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- Do not waste mana by using a lot of Boomerang Blade if your opponent is good at dodging it.

- Learn and train kiting in a private game. It gives you a great advantage when fighting. Look it up in youtube, i can't explain it by writing. Also known as orb walking and stutter step.

- Stay close to your teammates before using your ultimate for element of surprise.

- Sivir isn't that strong in 1v1 situations. Try to avoid it.

- If enemy isn't aware of you, use Boomerang Blade at long distance to get second damage faster. If he is aware of you he will probably dodge it.

- Do not forget to use your Ricochet's attack speed buff that comes from ultimate's passive.

- Spellshield is great for baiting.

- Use your ultimate whenever you are in trouble.

Fun Fact: Well known EUW streamer SivHD's name comes from Sivir. Sivir was his favorite champion.

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Thank you for reading my guide about Sivir. I hope you learned something new. I will probably update it as the new patches come. Please let me know your opinions. I'm Fruros and this is the end of this guide.